11 Secret Remodeling Tips to Enhance the Property Value

The appeal of the place says a lot about it. In fact, the home, where you live and working area, where you work mimic your personality. So, it must be attractive and exotic.

Either you decide to stay or invest in the real estate, landscaping is the essential factor to look after. The curb appeal of the area plays an important role. In fact, from the resale point of view of, the place exterior must be in optimal condition.

No doubt indoor area also has its relevance. But outside appearance leaves a long-term impression on the viewer. Most of the of prospective buyers think of home’s curb appeal at the time of making buying decisions.

Are you considering putting your property on the market? There is remodeling job that can attract the potential buyers.

Now you are thinking, will it be a good investment? Well, we can’t commit to other stones. But investing in natural stone is the best decision.

Benefits and functionality of nature’s building materials are not hidden from anyone. It has been the trend for ages. In ancient times, emperors use to build their palaces using limestone and sandstone. The same style is continuing in the present century as well.

Why is remodeling important?

With the changing trend, needs and demands also change. Like humans, buildings also need changes. Otherwise, it gets boring and dull with the passage of time.

Are you looking some sought of change in the endurance and appearance of the place? Home renovation is the ultimate solution.

Irrespective of how old your place is or how it looks like, there’s always a room for smart home remodel. Renovate the area using natural stone home renovation tips.

  • Increase livability
  • Improve the resale value
  • Upgrade the place functionality
  • Give trending look

Now the question arises what home improvements add the most value? Here are cost-effective ways to increase the home value that one should bring to the place. Check out the list below:

Exterior Remodeling Tips To Increase Home Value

The type of outdoor decor ideas that one choose to have a direct impact on the value of the property. The appeal of the entryway is essential to consider at the time of revamping.

The fact that how one best use your outdoor space attract the potential buyer. Landscaping improvement is all about making the area functional. Even you have a small space. Outdoor living spaces have become more desirable these days.

Let’s discuss the exterior improvement tips using the natural landscaping material:

  1. Pool Area – A Great Summer Remodeling Project Tip:

Adding a swimming pool either in the front yard or the backyard increases the value of the place. It provides a luxurious look to the area. Planning a pool will be an excellent addition to the landscape designing. Want to make the swimming pool area more fascinating? Follow these two building supplies:

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  • Bullnose/ Pool Coping:

As clear from the name, bullnose coping meant for pool decor. It is round in shape and provides safe edging to the pool sides. One can go in and come out if the pool has bullnose coping.

  • Pavers:

The Swimming pool is incomplete unless the deck decorated with the quality material. Pavers are the sawn cut pieces of quarried building stone. One can install loose paver or paver flooring patterns to enrich the surroundings.

Chairs, couches, an umbrella for shade are perfect for developing pool remodel ideas. Unlike wood flooring, nature’s stone stays with you for long.

  1. Garden/ Lawn:

Plan a garden or a lawn to occupy vacant outdoor space. For increasing the property value, natural stones garden supplies are the best investment. Create an exciting lawn passage ideas. Install stepping stone, available in heart, round, and other fascinating shapes.

Besides hardscaping components, soft scape elements are essential. Fresh green plants, bushes, exotic benches and planter boxes are enough. Pots and other artificial equipment give a finishing touch to the garden design.

Water features are another way to enrich the grace. Either go to a waterfall or a fountain. Regardless of too many additions, only one decorative piece can do wonders.

  1. Fire Pit:

If you are remodeling the place, then it’s the right time to construct an exotic and charm fire pit. Either built in the yard or patio, it gives a comfortable place to spend winter evenings. Size of the fire hole depends upon the availability of the site. A sizable deep hole look perfect in case you have ample of space. Likewise, a small but stylish fire table also gives the same feel.

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Accent the outdoor fireplace area by applying the natural stone product to it:

  • Cobbles:

Irrespective of driveways installation, cobbles can also apply to the fire pits. It is a new and unique concept that one can bring to the place to increase its value.

  • Ledgestone:

Ledge panels and corners are the perfect wall coverings to accent the outdoor fire pits. One can contrast by installing a different color border.

  • Wall Cap: Rectangular wall caps can also suitability placed on the top covering of fire holes.
  1. BBQ:

The outer cooking area is an essential part of landscaping design. Enjoy the beautiful aroma of cooked and grilled spices in the open air. It not only enhances the grace of your land but also serves as an entertaining area.

All you need is a grilling station, counter, quality slab to build a seamless barbeque. To add visual interest, fencing with plants or flowers will be excellent. Cabinet behind the countertop serves as useful storage. Dining table or some sought of light furniture gives the perfect sitting arrangement.

  1. Driveway:

Instead of parking the vehicles outside the home, people use to construct the drive path. It covers the significant part of the outdoor area. The size of the drive path depends upon the vacant exterior space.

Things worth noting while constructing a driveway is its material. What a drive path demands:

  • Durability:

High compressive and low bending strength makes it a perfect driveway material. Natural stones have both the physical features. SUI’s landscaping supply store offers cobblestones and driveway pavers.

  • Anti-Slippery:

A slip-resistant feature that makes a material perfect for installing a driveway apron. The rough texture of cobbles allows water to flow and make the surface anti-slippery.

Moreover, natural colors available in drive path product suits at any place.

  1. Patios/ Yards:

Patios or yards are the best suitable way to enrich the look of the land. Cover the vacant space by developing patio design ideas. These are the type of outdoor room where you can sit, organize gatherings or spend a good time.

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One can add fire pits, furniture, benches and other decorative landscaping rocks. In short, the yard is the best place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

The choice of a suitable and attractive flooring product is vital. Natural stone paver or rock face patterns can make the entire area graceful. Fusion of dark and light color patio paver installation can do wonders.

  1. Entryway:

The entryway of an area serves as a focal point. The more attractive your entrance is, the more you get the value of the place. So, welcome the guest in the best manner by adorning your door entrance with natural stone steps.

Side pillars along with some soft scape elements give a classic appeal to the entrance. Curb appeal helps in increasing the value of the residential or commercial property. The main gate, the color of steps, pillars, column are the essential elements of a curb appeal.

Top Remodeling Tips for Interior Decor

Exterior improvement is vital to enhance the value of the property. But one cannot ignore the importance of indoor redo. First of all, revamp the indoor surroundings for your comfort and pleasure. Then make it presentable for the viewers. Are you searching for interior decor stores near me? Contact Stone Universe Inc.

All you need to do is follow some simple tips for indoor revamping:

  1. Kitchen:

The kitchen is the place where homemakers spend a lot of time. They perform cooking and grilling functions. Some people attach religious value to the cooking area. “It is the place where goddess Annapurna lives.” Thus, it is an essential room of the entire indoor surroundings.

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How much does a kitchen remodel increase home value? Well, little changes in the kitchen can do a lot:

  • Slab: Workstation the centerpiece of the cooking area. Choosing the wrong type of slab can lower down the entire kitchen decor. The natural stone slab is a high-quality material designed for the cooking area. It gives the elegant finish.
  • Hood: Kitchen chimney is an essential element in a kitchen makeover. The cooking area needs proper ventilation. Kitchen hood removes the odor and keeps the place fresh. The thin veneer application gives an attractive look to the masonry chimney.
  • Storage: Kitchen should always be clean and organized. Placed utensils make it untidy in look. So, go for cabinets and storage ranks where you can put the silverware and other appliances. Mounted oven and fixed refrigerator are in trend nowadays.

Get inspired by the kitchen remodeling tips as mentioned above. Make your meal making more interesting!

  1. Bathroom:

Instead of having a simple bath space, adorn it with specific additions. Consider the bathroom remodeling tips while designing. A bathtub, vanity top, backsplash, surface covering, shower, closet and fixtures are enough.

Talking about natural stone, it looks appealing on the walls, vanity top, and floor. Slabs are best suitable for developing fascinating bathroom vanity top ideas. Whereas, ledge stone makes the walls & backsplash attractive.

While choosing a flooring material in the bath area, one must be very particular about the slip-resistant features. Thus, natural stone tiles are one of the best options for laying bathroom flooring. It gives high gripping and safe walk.

One can add bathroom fixtures to make it more functional. A corner vanity and built-in closet are the great tips for remodeling a small bathroom.

  1. Foyer:

When it comes to remodeling project, don’t forget foyer redo. It’s the centerpiece of the place and plays a significant role in enhancing the resale value. Your entryway defines the way how you welcome your guests. Especially in hotels and restaurants. The flooring tiles or Versailles pattern gives a seamless finish to the entire place. Moreover, beautiful lighting can make a great first impression!

  1. Room/ Hallways:

The rooms are the internal part of the property. But, still requires a makeover. Application of natural stone can develop interior decor ideas for a living room that transforms the entire surroundings. One can go for stacked rocks to create a wall and natural tiles for floor coverings.

Do you know: Window plays a significant role in adorning the entire room. These are the best way to provide light, warmth, and ventilation. If not taken care, they can also have an adverse impact on the outlook of the place. Thus, adding beautiful frames and stone window sill gives a protective cover.

Fireplace in the hallway acts as a cornerstone and grab everyone’s attention. Bring warmth to the modern touch to the area. One can add store units below the fire feature. Whereas wall mounted television above the fire hearth complete, it looks.

To add more, place cabinet having a stone slab on the corner of the room or hall. It serves the storage purpose as well.


Planning to live in your home for another year to come? Or Decided selling your home? Whatever be the situation, above remodeling tips for homeowners will be helpful. Above are the best home renovation tips to increase the value and visual interest of the place.

SUI dealers are always there to guide that how to add value to your home on a budget. We accept customized orders for the landscaping supplies as per the requirements.

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