Tile Flooring – Top in Today’s Trend

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Want to Design the entire home?

Or transforming a part of it.

Both could be a daunting task.

Everyone has ideas in mind, but what matters the most is quality.

Achieving the stone look that you want for the dream place depends on certain factors.

Searching for a material that garnishes both the indoor as well as an outdoor surface?

Well, the tiles are the one where you can end your search. Stone has been in the trend for centuries.

The bright white widely applied to the royal castles and kingdoms. Your home is not less than any royal palace.

So, give it a gift with the application of nature’s stone.

In the early days, people believe tiles can only accent the interior area. Its application was only limited to the bath area or kitchen.

There were only a few options available to pave the surface. But, now the scenario has changed.

Several technologies and methodologies came up. Especially nature’s stone.

There are a wide assortment and varied choices to choose from. Real stone flooring and wall tiles are beneficial for every part of the construction project.

If you get a chance to impart a natural essence to the home.

Isn’t it great!

When it’s about home decor, design consultation always plays a vital role.

There are plenty of ways to infuse elegance and design to the commercial spaces as well.

What a better display than the flooring surface.

Tile patterns are so beautiful, that grab everyone’s attention. Constructing a centerpiece on the floor make the area unique.

Tile installation not only makes the place mesmerizing but also admirable.

Take a peek at the exquisite and affordable 13 tile flooring trends 2018:

Garnish your dream home, office place or any commercial area with the gift of nature. All the below mentioned designs & ideas are latest.

Uplift the style statement by going for any of the following:


Cuisine covers the significant portion of the home interior. It is one of the purest places. It is the place where the goddess Annapurna lives.

How would one compromise with kitchen design idea?

While revamping the cooking area, consider the surface coverings first.

The kitchenette is the area which remains dirty most of the time. As meals are cooked at least thrice a day.

Who has the time to clean the surface now and then?

Thus, stone tile flooring is a kind of blessing for the grilling areas. One only needs to wipe out the dirt with a clean duster.

Stone sealers & cleaners are also available in the market.

There are immense flooring styles and textures available. One can choose the best that complement the surroundings.

kitchen floor tile ideas,kitchen floor tile design ideas pictures

A multi classic kitchen tile accent the cooking area. Combination of different color tone for wall design style goes well.

The square border along with the worktop lining creates a classic appeal.

Rest of the surface covered with the diagonal stone pieces. Recreate the kitchen into a magical element. Impart beautiful and inspiring floor tile design tip.


Bath area always demands high gripping. The material where one can walk freely, Without having a fear of falling.

But, which product that carries all these qualities?

Well, 100% real stone is the one. Unlike porcelain and ceramic tiles, it offers immense advantages. It creates a style statement.

In medieval times, the stone was chosen as a landscaping material only. Because of its high strength and durability, people opt it for interior designing as well.

Coming to the aesthetic value – it offers an attractive and appealing look. The best quality of the real stone is that it suits with a type of decor.

bathroom floor tile ideas, bathroom tiles designs

Indian autumn bathroom tile flooring gives a great touch all around. The same color tiles opt for the wall decor as well.

The natural stone look and fossil texture create an extraordinary ambiance.


What’s the focal point of the interior area?

The foyer is the answer.

As the first glimpse, the home foyer is the best place to make a long-lasting impression. Tile installation can set an elegant tone, providing the required quality.

There are a range of colors, and textures that can help in giving a warm welcome to the guests.

Get rid of old fashion hardwood or vinyl flooring. Take the visual appeal of the place to the next level with stone coverings.

Develop a floor tile design for the foyer that amazes every passer-through.

The foyer is an entryway contains lots of comings and goings. Thus, it’s vital to put an eye-catching element in it.

When a home has undergone a makeover, never avoid such an essential indoor part.

Let the interior entrance defines your personality. Either it’s a small entry or a grand one, stone tile garnish the both.


Living room – the area where you welcome your loved ones, guests, and friends. It must be presentable enough to create an attractive appeal.

Besides, wall tile decor, take care of the surface coating. A strong underfoot is the key to a functional and aesthetically living room.

Choose the right quality floor for the indoor living area. It serves as a focal point in determining the overall projection.

The tempting coverings will bring cheerfulness. Thus, one can get a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

What a room surface demands?

A soft, smooth and manageable material. The stone tiles have a creamy texture. These are easy to maintain and clean.

Although, the flooring should be durable and able to withstand the wear and tear. Only this can make the room functional.

Installation of nature’s stone tile design creates a contemporary look. Periodic resealing gives a dignified end.

flooring ideas for living room and kitchen, living room flooring tiles

Here is the best stone floor design idea for a room. Multi Classic tile exceptionally showcases the interior.

The combination of several poly chromatic colors gives a new way to the interior decor idea.


Hall area is the well-trodden path in the house. Irrespective of the fact, whether you have a small or a large entrance, the decor plays a vital role.

It is a type of separate room. The area where people come most of the time.

It is worthwhile considering the best flooring option. The hard wearing material can go well.

Coming to the choice of floor stone, consider a couple of thing – aesthetics and hardiness.

Interior designers prefer natural stone because of its versatility.

Hallway tiles give a seamless finish to the area wherever it applies.

Stone flooring with different finishes gives finite appeal. The textured, honed, tumbled and non-tumbled are there in the row.

Get a contemporary and modern look. The addition of light furniture will create a tremendous small foyer design idea.

The exciting tile patterns, a pendant ceiling light can make a great first impression.


The pool area is one of the most superior domestic luxuries. Sweltering summer noons demand for an entertainment zone. Installation of pool in the backyard will be a great idea.

It’s not the end of the task.

The concrete look will not look alluring. The way you design the swimming pool speaks. Thus, put your best in garnishing the pool surroundings.

Cover the deck with the natural stone tiled floor.

It will give a perfect finish, which is not a cup of tea for any manufactured stone. Have more fun with excellent pool designing. Real rock won’t fade or scratch.

pool deck ideas for inground pools, swimming pool deck surfaces

Here, California Gold is increasing the outlook of the area. An elegant color combination of poly chromatic shades looks excellent. The dim lights and waterfall justify the entire scene.


There’s no secret that the design of the lobby passage is one of the most significant factors when it comes to establishing the impression on the guests.

Lobbies are the most trafficked part of the commercial spaces. The grander and designed hotel lobby attracts more and more visitors.

Nothing can go well then a stone floor application. It can bear the traffic and pressure easily. Stone tile designs offer a hard-wearing surface that can be honed, sealed or tumbled.

As a visual statement, the lobby floor tile patterns establish the aesthetic of the entire project.

lobby floor design, tiles design for lobby wall


Are you blessed with a beautiful outdoor oasis?

Then why are you waiting?

It’s time for an outdoor makeover. Enrich the exterior part of the project by building a patio.

Patio in the front yard or backyard gives a great visual appeal. Moreover, a well-designed yard is a seamless addition to the home.

Talking about tile – It is a durable material. Therefore, stand up to abusive weather conditions including rain & snow.

Dress up the surface by putting sustainable, low-maintenance flooring.

Get yourself free from the work of cleaning all the time. Aside practical convenience, the variety of textures and finishes makes it most popular.

best tile for outdoor patio, outdoor stone tile for patio, outdoor tiles for porch

See the photo gallery behind. The finite range of classic multi-tiles arranged perfectly.

Dimensional pieces form an attractive pattern like structure on the front porch flooring. Same color product applied on the stairs as well.


If you have Already planned to install square or rectangular shape floor tile. Go for something unique.

A diagonal shape pattern is highly appealing. It gives a perfect projection of the surface coverings.

The best thing about diagonals is that it deludes the eyes. With this, the area seems to be more spacious than it is.

Earlier, diagonal tile found in the mansions. But, nowadays people widely opt it to spruce the indoor and outdoor area.

The SUI tile flooring collection includes square shapes of varied dimensions. The stone company has 12”x 12”, 12”x 24”, 16”x 16”, 24”x 24” in the range with thickness vary from 0.50”-0.75”.

Besides, the hexagon tile design layout also gives an attractive stone look.

diagonal tile pattern layout, diagonal floor tile vs straight


A well-maintained yard gives a framework for the construction project. A front yard provides an initial welcome.

Whereas, the backyard is the best way of arranging get-togethers.

Complement the landscaping by planning a fascinating yard design idea.

When designing for  the yard landscaping, calculate some significant factors first. The overall budget, style, and functionality.

Nature’ stone is a budget-friendly choice. It offers extensive functionality and beauty of the place.

What else?

A center dug fire pit with the application of ledge stone all around. A portable fire feature will be great in developing small backyard design ideas.


Black has been in the top-trending color since centuries. Whether it’s interior or an exterior area, this darkest color is best suitable.

Black also comes in different variants. The achromatic shades are an ideal material for imparting elegant touch.

black tiles bathroom, black floor tiles living room, black tile 12x24

Antique black is the blend of dark black and metallic grey. Black slate shows colors like bold black and Gainesboro.

Exotic midnite black also depicts blackish-grey color, with some textured surface.

A bright white bathtub and sink combined with black floor stone provide an electrified appeal.

Darkest color floor product application in the hall area looks bold and creative.

Explore new tiles design consultations for flooring in the PICTURE GALLERY.


Limestone is a sedimentary rock. Its formation takes place in the warm, shallow marine waters. It contains fossil fragments.

The presence of rich minerals gives birth to various colors.

One can use this stone type for interior and exterior coverings. Outdoor area requires more durability than an indoor surrounding.

Thus, limestone flooring is best for outdoor accent.

There are several shades of lights to the bright area. One can choose the darkest color antique black for outer surface.

On the other hand, achromatic color bluestone will go well with interior design styles.

tumbled limestone tiles, limestone tiles outdoor


Slate tile flooring is emerging choice of 2018. Slate is a grained foliated metamorphic rock.

Formed by compressing the rock under water and minerals found in the sea. Thus the process makes it rough and tough.

Natural stone extracts from the quarries. Later on, fabricated by a water-based process. Being non-porous and water-resistant, it is best suitable for a bathroom.

natural slate flooring, slate flooring cost, black slate floor tile, slate flooring pros and cons

Final words:

These 2018 tile flooring design ideas give a durable and stylish surface. It will stay in style for a lifetime. So Opt for tiled flooring today from SUI – The largest natural Stone supplier in the United States. No other stone can mimic elegance and grace.

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