Appealing & Budget Friendly Patio Design Ideas

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In this busy scenario, one hardly gets time to be in touch with the natural environment.

Do you know, spending time in the outdoor oasis is vital?

It is beneficial for the health and mind both.

Thus, one needs to pay attention to the exterior design as well.

What would be better than a patio? It is an outdoor living room, adjoining the interior and exterior.

Summers are ending up & winters are arriving or vise-versa. Whatever be the situation, the porch is the best place.

The area where one can spend quality time with loved ones. The area where one can do fun activities & get-togethers.

Does the garden is enough for all those activities?

Well, No!

There is always a need for the outer room. The place where you can relax without compromising the privacy factor. One can think of the garden patio.

No matter, if you have little space in front of the house. One can develop several attractive small patio design ideas.

Once sorted with the construction of porch outside the home. The next is to examine the yard.

Is your backyard or front yard requires some sought of revamping? Is that wow factor is missing? Then you’re connected to the right company.

SUI presents stone patio design collection. The limited range made from 100% real rock, containing natural minerals.

Pamper your sweet home with the 37 beautiful patio ideas to design a yard:


Patio open to air, light, and rain is in today’s emerging trend. Enjoy the bright sunlight and drops of rain by sitting on the front porch!

One can enjoy the beauty of nature to the fullest. An open yard is adjoining to the interior of the home, separated by a glass wall. The stylish outdoor furniture best complements it.


Covering the patio is one’s own choice. Coverage of the outdoor area depends upon the privacy factor. A half covered pergola provides natural light as well as shade.

Want an enclosed outdoor patio design?  Install large plants and wales overhead. Besides, colorful umbrellas also serve as a good option.


Are you Looking for summer entertainment?

Make your summers cool with the construction of the pool in the backyard. A poolside patio proves a great addition to the home improvement project.

It not only provides visual appeal but also enhances the property value. Whether you want to live or invest in the real estate, pool installation is beneficial.

Go natural by applying bullnose pool coping on the sides. It gives safe round edging.

Furthermore, floor pavers on the deck give a classic appeal. Adjustable outdoor pool furniture or side daybed looks fantastic.



Garden in the outdoor yard gives enough space to play and get in touch with nature. Nothing can beat the lovely aroma of wet grass and the fragrance of fresh flowers.

All you can get by building a garden patio design. Even if you have a small space outside, a tiny lawn will go great.

After all, good things come in small packages. Minimal additions like pots, garden lights give a dramatic effect. Don’t wait for more.

Explore SUI’s garden supplies and built affordable exterior designs.



What does an outdoor surface covering require? A durable, hard-wearing and solid landscaping stone. Instead of the brick patio, natural stone tiles are one of the best products.

It was the earlier time when tiles use to accent an interior only. But now, with the advancement in the technology, stone tiles maintain their place in outdoor adornment as well.

Tiles, with the thickness 0,50” to 0.75” are an ideal paving product.

Here, classic multi-tiles on the floor and steps give a dignified projection to the entire decor. The combination of multiple hue suits at every place.

Multiclassic _flooring_Indoor _Tile _ natural _ stone _decor


Pavers are the multidimensional pieces of natural quarried stone. One can make perfect patio paver design ideas using a wide variety of stone floor collection.

To make the surface coverings alluring, choose the single sized pavers for paving the entire area. It gives a symmetry and excellent projection to the exterior surroundings.



Besides pavers, one can opt for floor stone with the rock face, snapped or chiseled edges. Perfect patio flooring with rockface edges gives a traditional and rustic look.

The sides hammed with the help of a hammer to create the ancient look. Well, known for the durable and versatile nature.

Thus, a significant landscape supply for laying a porch.


Stone flooring is famous because of its large applications. Pattern flooring is in today’s top trend.

It is the combination of several pavers or rock face stones. The combination of stone dimensions laid on the surface to create an attractive layout.

Here, Brown Mist Rock Face Flooring accents the outer yard. Application of stone tread on the outdoor steps leading to entrance complements the yard.

On the other hand antique gold paver pattern flooring looks great.

brown mist pattern flooring, paver patterns,


Warmer months are all about sitting in the backyard and enjoy the rays of the sun. The sunshine makes the morning time shine.

But what about stormy nights?

Incorporation of an outdoor fireplace into the backyard patio design will be significant. You can spend more time in outdoor space in the cooler evenings.

It’s one’s own choice to choose a portable or built-in fire feature. A portable fireplace works well to develop small patio landscaping ideas.

Whereas, on another part, large patios demand the enormous built-in stone fire pit. A grilling station accompanies the best.

Stacked stone panels and corners are the perfect building material to garnish the backyard fireplace. The color range gives seamless appeal to the surroundings.

Antique scabos ledge , ledger stone, stacked stone


For many years, waterfalls or fountains serve a significant part of the open area. Either it’s a commercial street or a home garden, water features is the central piece of attraction.

There are significant elements that fascinate everyone.

One can opt for a big fountain enriching the grace of the backyard. On the other hand, a waterfall in the front yard plays the same role.

Wall cap application gives a beautiful flow to the water through its rock face edges. Installation of wall mounted water feature is an excellent addition to developing small patio decorating ideas.

Thus, the water feature is the excellent addition to the outdoor improvement.


Instead of placing plant containers here and there, opt for a planter box. It can be either made from plastic or cement.

The planter is a significant option to develop front porch decorating ideas. One can probably opt for two possibilities. In the case of a small yard, built a planter box in the border area.

Whereas, a planter in the middle has been the best choice for a big yard. Thus, develop patio planter ideas to grab the attention of onlookers.

cobblestone, setts


Cobbles are square or rectangular pieces, random in width and depth. The granite stone is hard-wearing and considered the best building material.

As seen in the picture, setts correctly install on the outdoor surface and planter box.

Natural stone is typical among the people because of its numerous qualities. Crack-resistant and longevity are the two topmost among all.

  1. Barbeque (BBQ)

Want to enjoy cooking and eating a meal with family and friends out in the fresh air? Construct a kitchenette/ grilling station on the backyard patio.

The fusion of fresh air and warm grill creates a lively environment. The exterior kitchen decor highly complements the entire surroundings.

Installation of built-in BBQ grills is the best option for small outer space. Place a stone slab to enjoy the long-lasting beauty of the countertop.


Why not enjoy, if you have a patio? Artificial lights are the perfect way to create an evening hangout mood.

Lighting fixtures are significant for designing the outer living room. One can plan overhead lights, lamps and wall sconces in the backyard.

Pure pendant light in the center is sometimes enough. Candle lanterns around the perimeter is an affordable option.


Bluestone is a chemically altered igneous rock, having medium grains. SUI has a collection of floor products for gorgeous stone patio ideas.

Thus, create different backyard design ideas on a budget by laying bluestone patio. Indian and Indigo bluestone colors are available. The kind of stone that one chooses for yard flooring has a significant impact on its outlook.

The finite grayish blue color paving stone along with slab stone looks great. Moreover, matching color column cap on the side pillars gives symmetry to the place.


Black is the ever-suiting hue. It is the only color that matches any decor. We are not saying that goes for black. But there are many options available within the black rage.

Lime black, black slate, charcoal, antique black and exotic midnite black are some among them. Each of the hues mentioned above varies from each other.

Each has its finish, shades, and texture. Want to go stylish yet straightforward, black floor or wall stone goes well.


Get the party going with the construction of beautiful outdoor patio. Either you’re hosting a neighborhood barbecue or throwing a party, the backyard designs with travertine or limestone pavers are the best.

Paving may be of floor tile or pavers. Application of travertine stone type signifies that you are investing in the strength. These porous stones are versatile to create a variety of designs.

The texture that styles can withstand weathering over the years. Both types of stones are available in the range of bullnose pool coping is perfect for covering the border areas. All in all, these stone type is a bunch of durability and strength.


Want to create back porch ideas?

But confused with the stone color?

It’s normal.

People often get double minded while choosing a stone color. Most of the people prefer to go for such a rock that suits the entire decor.

Thus, multi-color is the universal matcher. The combination of several beautiful shades gives a fantastic appeal. Either it’s a floor or a wall, it suits everywhere.

Multi-color stone gives infinite options to the designer to go creatively. It comfortably fit into every design scheme.

tile flooring, multi color tiles, tile pattern


Are you blessed with ample outdoor space? Construct the patio yard leading to the royal entrance. The staircase in the middle serves as a fabulous focal point.

It divides the space into different parts. The upper room one can use for dining purposes. The lower level forms a perfect patio or lawn.

Grand front entrance design set a style statement. It happens to be in the right scale and proportion. The stone walkway extends along the paver driveway gives a royal accent.


Do you have kids in the home? Addition of yard swing looks tempting. Place swing seat in the center of the yard to give grand effect.

Swinging can be a fun time and provide entertainment value to the place.

There are various designs available in the range of swing seaters. One can choose as per the comfort.


Building a patio makes your every morning energetic. Enjoy the cup of tea and breakfast in the open air. The flagstone flooring looks stunning, forming a puzzle-like a pattern.

Moreover irregular natural stone offers high durability and stiffness. Thus, suitable for exterior surfaces. Shades of brown, beige, tan combine to give a joyful appearance.

The addition of a side bench and aluminum lounge chairs gives a traditional look.

  1. Sandstone – THE RUSTIC LOOK

Sandstone has been an ideal landscaping material since ages. This clastic sedimentary rock made from the rich mineral composition.

It comes in several brownish hues. Tan, beige, mud brown, beaver, and buff are some among them. One can create sandstone patio designs using incredible natural stone products.

Sandstone flooring gives a rustic appeal to the entire surroundings. Although it’s durability and hard-wearing nature makes it best natural stone among all.

pearl grey sandstone, paver stone


Symmetry is the primary thumb rule of landscaping design. A landscape idea without proper sequence is of no use. Thus, to give a finite look to the eyes, border fencing is vital.

It is nothing, but a boundary to the outdoor living space. It acts as a separator between two areas. One can choose from wooden, steel or wire fencing.

Plant wales along with fencing take the design to the next level.


Retaining walls are an essential component of the patio. While designing a yard landscaping idea, take special care of the cladding material.

It must be strong enough to withstand the climatic effects. For that, stacked stone veneer and panels are the best a choice.

Stonewall gives a new way to the entire décor scheme. Boundary wall along with wall cap on the top completes the exterior sidings.


Go fresh and natural with plant installation around the area. Hanging pots and plants look alluring. The flowers and foliage both are essential.

It’s better to go for low-maintenance plants that save your time. Richly perfumed flora and aromatic foliage are a glory of exterior surroundings.

Use different pot textures like dotted or multi-painted for visual interest.


Patio furniture has its unique relevance. No doubt it’s an outdoor room. But it cannot be accompanied by the living room stuff.

Over placing of the outdoor furniture can ruin the design. Place beautiful patio chairs, tables together to accommodate larger gatherings.

On the other hand, a couch with a pair of cushion will be a great addition. Mix and match of varied shapes outdoor rugs complement the area.

Neon colored pillows make the whole ensemble feel cozy and complete.

patio design ideas, patio flooring

As seen in the picture, the California Gold paving stone takes yard design to the next level. The dimensions 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 24”x24”, 24”x36” lay entirely on the outdoor floor coverings.

The tempting mixture of browns, tans on the golden surface provides a dignified look. The matching color wall cap on the boundary wall completes the outdoor patio idea.

The weaved wooden four-seater dining table serves as an excellent sitting arrangement. Install green plants and flowers for visual interest.

  1. Outdoor CURTAINS:

Outdoor curtains complete the design of landscaped yard. Multi-purpose curtains provide privacy as well as a sunshade.

Best addition for spectacular interest, and sophistication to the porch. It is an attractive way of parting the space into separate outdoor living rooms.

Spice up informal style by adopting this idea for the incredible backyard. It comes in many patterns. Single colored, stripes, fluorescent textures, etc. are there in the row.


Staircase in the front entrance must be alluring.

What would be better than a stone step?

The hard-wearing and sustainable nature make it a popular choice for yards.

The implication of stone stairs shows the perfect fusion of traditional and contemporary. One can either go for steps or treads to accent outdoor.

No matter which stone you opt to construct outdoor steps, durability is guaranteed. Natural stone is anti-slippery. Thus, providing safe up and down even on rainy days.

natural stone steps, treads

  1. Steppers ON THE WAY

Who doesn’t want an alluring passage in the yard?

Stepping stones are the perfect building material. Available in heart, round, irregular, square shapes. The fascinating ways and color make the walkway highly attractive.

Stepping stone, pathway stones

The irregular steepers of antique black enhance the grace of the front yard. The sandstone base gives a beautiful texture and rich physical features.

Stepping stone ideas
Alluring Shape of Multi Classic Steppers

Despite a simple masonry wall, go for some unique wall decor. An outdoor cladding design makes the entire surroundings pleasant. Even a natural stone plays a significant role in wall accent.

Here, occasional pieces of flagstone create pleasing visually. Black slate stone suits well on the wall.


Natural stone is always available in two options, i.e., dry and wet. The wet stone is known as sealed. It’s once own choice. Sealed paver patio gives a definite projection to the construction or revamping project.

Pre-sealed stone (sealing the stone before laying) reduces the porosity. Thus become ideal building stone for outdoor floor installation.

Sealed stone, natural stone sealing


Flagstone is another paving material in the range of natural stone. It comes in random pieces, forming a puzzle like a pattern on the floor. Want something distant for the yard coverage?

The arbitrary shape real rock suits the best. Moreover, the light too bright shades can garnish any surroundings.

Flagstone ideas, Flagstone pathway


Ancient building elements are accessible even in this modern era. Likewise, pillars and columns in the yard entrance give a royal touch. Stone pillar maintains their stability irrespective of the weather conditions.

For a fascinating front yard design idea, place column cap on the top. One can fix lamps or some other decorative material on it.


Installation of built-in benches is a high ideal for developing small backyard designs. These are also popular with the name seating savers.

It doesn’t require much space. Here, the stone bench will work well. Treads on the top symbolize the beauty and durability both.


Want to go great with even a small patio? Here’s the tip worth million. Always choose the sitting arrangement according to the patio. A long rectangular shape dining set can break the look of round patio.

Thus, opt for matching shapes furniture & fixtures. To use less outdoor space, choose a round center table with medium sized patio chairs around it. It only not save the space but also gives symmetry to the area.


When it comes to durability, nothing can match the qualities of slate stone. It’s hard-wearing nature capture the heart of masses. Presence of rich minerals creates a seamless appeal in an exterior area.

slate & quartzite flooring

Quartzite is well known for its gracefulness. It suits at any place. Quartzite pavers lay on the outdoor floor provides lavishing appeal.


A pergola in the backyard feature forms a vertical sitting area supported by pillars. It generally has a cross-beams roof with all four sides open.

It provides shade as well as open to fresh air at the same time. Installing a gazebo patio will be a great addition to the yard.

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