bluestone countertop, indigo bluestone

Be practical – choice of a kitchen countertop is crucial.  One cannot take it lightly.

Today or tomorrow you will have to face that fact. So, why not now!

After all, the entire kitchen decor depends upon the quality of the worktop. It plays the role of imagesetter or breaker.

Moreover, the kitchenette is considered the place where the goddess Annapurna lives. So, give that place a lift with a natural essence.

A quality countertop is a lifelong investment. How does one go about making this decision?

There are specific facts to decide when it comes to kitchen counters. Discussing the color alone, one has to choose among several shades.

  • Either to go for single-tone or a mixture of two
  • Does the dark tone of black go well?
  • Should I opt for one tone lighter color than jet black?

Then comes the question of texture followed by stone type. Veins, swirls, smooth, rough, pale, etc. are there in a row.

Cooking area tops are available in various stone types. While sandstone countertop creates a rustic look, limestone acts as decorative accents.

We are here to solve your dilemma.

Follow the below-given kitchen countertop ideas :


Neutral shades are the latest trend of this scenario. Instead of going for dark and bright color, some people develop likings for soft hues.

Brown comes first in the category of neutral tones. Furthermore, such shades complete every type of decor.

Still, undertones of your area help a lot in the decision-making process.

Say, if you have wooden or a like looking cabinet and other fixtures, then neutral color stone slab suits the best.

This will beware you from choosing the tone-on-tone that may look messy in the decor scheme.

Brown mist is an excellent pick for the people looking to embed a neutral style.

kitchen slab, natural stone countertop


Limestone – the stone of natural look depicts a less array of veining or graining.

Its physical properties make it stand well in the interior as well as the exterior cooking area.

Do you have white or soft color kitchen base?

Yes..! This opens the various rooms of design for you.

It is quite easy to blend any color counter cover with a white base. Opting for the range of limestone countertop is a great choice.

French vanilla is one of the top picked limestone slabs. Popularly known for its durability and ease of cleanliness.

Nice combination of melon green and yellow color suits well on the barbeque, grilling stations, and shower vanities.

Limestone countertop, limestone countertop cost


Do you want your guests to appreciate your kitchen area?

It is possible with a natural slab stone application.

When tones of a particular shade blend harmoniously with each other, it gives birth to a monochromatic scheme.

Here, the richness of several bluish shades sets the trend. Additionally, the color is not too bright and looks excellent with colorful cabinetry.

The stone slab will grab spill or dirt, keeping the look neat and tidy. One can beautifully pair this limestone worktop with same color pavers.

bluestone countertop, indigo bluestone


People still follow the 80’s and 90’s trends. The retro theme has its origin from there.

Do you like a rich and dark intricate stone? Opt for lime black limestone or ebony black sandstone.

It gives a classic appeal all around.

One can also get it paired with a dark color stone floor or wall coverings. It gives a dramatic look.

These blackish grey hues are a great choice to the accent kitchen area. The pairing of black slab stone with soft color surroundings creates a retro appearance.

Develop a perfect kitchen decor idea using a stone extract from nature’s lap.


Are you the one love to embed multiple colors around? The multi-color scheme will go best in the case.

The best part of choosing a stone with several hues is it’s ever suiting nature. California gold and rainbow are there in the row.

As clear from the name, rainbow shows the combination of several bright colors.

It is an ideal color for residential as well as commercial applications. Attracts a large number of audience with the harmonization of its colors.

Looking deep into the color shows the intersection of swirls with each other forming a nice pattern.

Whereas, California gold is a mixture of golden brown, beige, tea-green. The pale tone of grey reflects with somewhere blue and peach spots.

slate countertop, california gold, rainbow

At the end,

If you envision your cooking area to remain presentable for years to come, choose stone countertop irrespective of laminate without any dilemma.

The natural stone countertop provides the best of both worlds, i.e., easy to maintain and purity of nature.

Now, what are you waiting for? Opt the natural stone slab collection to get viewers attention and compliments both.


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