Discover: 9 Myths About Natural Stones


Natural Stone – Nature’s Product

Natural stone extracts from the lap of nature. It is one of the most versatile building material. A component like real minerals makes it the perfect choice for commercial, industrial and residential designs.

Every piece of nature’s stone is unique and show natural color variations. For many people, landscaping stone remains the top choice for ages. In fact, designers, architects, and homeowners like to go for this material as it fits with any décor.

Looking for a stone to garnish indoor flooring, countertops, driveways or exterior paving? Natural stone products are best suitable. Make sure you don’t fall for negative features which the stone do not contain.

It is common to hear certain myths about natural stone. These rumors leave a big question in the mind of users. Being a natural stone landscaping supplier, we have to throw light on the reality.

Before you trust such misconceptions, pay attention to the below-mentioned facts:

Myth 1: Become Unfashionable with Passage of Time

One of the biggest rumors about nature’s stone is they won’t stay in trend for long. As the time changes, they become unfashionable and out of style. But in reality, natural stone is still a style statement.

Daily we met with the natural beauties such as birds, rain, trees, wind, etc. since our childhood. Do they become old fashion? No..! Then how would nature’s stone be? In fact, it gives a sense of history and purity to the place. It creates such an ambiance to the area which is ever stylish yet hard to replicate.

Although finishes and colors of the stone may go in and out of style, the natural material itself can never become unfashionable. The article will get out of fashion if not updated. Additionally, day to today new varieties, stone bases enter the market.

That’s why SUI keeps on updating its product lines and colors to cope up with the market trend which makes it exotic and inspiring.

EXAMPLE: Thousand-year-old buildings and monuments made from such stones. They all are still in trend. The Lotus Temple in India is 100 years old. But even it comes among the famous buildings of the world. People from far away come to see this historic place.

Myth 2: Hard to Maintain

How to differentiate between high and low maintenance. It merely depends upon the efforts one makes to clean the floor or other parts of the area. In this busy scenario, who endeavor to clean the area which demands for more time? Thus, people nowadays prefer to install such type of stone which is accessible to clean and manageable.

The fact that natural stone is hard to maintain is not justifiable. Although you need is to follow some simple preventative measures to keep natural stone looking good all the time. Sealers and cleaners are available in the market. Daily cleaning and wiping out the spills as quickly they occur always keep the stone exotic. Occasionally clean it with water, mild detergent or neutral pH cleaner.

Caution  – Avoid abrasive cleaners, vinegar, lemon, scouring powders, and other acidic cleaners. These simple preventions seem like a favorable trade-off when compared against its benefits.

EXAMPLE: For interior installation, consider soft and soothing hues and wipe it with vacuum daily. Whereas dark or bright color in an outdoor location will not look dirty even if not clean daily.

“Natural stone saves the time, money & keep the area clean.”

Myth 3: Can Break Easily:

This misconception is weird and full of humor as compare to other ones. Natural stone consists of rocks and natural minerals formed under the earth’s crust. Rock is hard and stiff. How can it break? To prove this fact wrong, let’s discuss the formation of various natural stone types:

  • Limestone formation occurs by the long process of breakdown of rocks and shells. Minerals like calcium carbonate (CaCO3, calcite, aragonite is present in it.
  • Quartzite formation takes place by metamorphism of quartz sandstone over a period. It consists of elements like SiO2, quartz, orthoquartzite.
  • Sandstone consists of mineral particles or rock fragments formed by exposing high temperature and pressure. It carries quartz and feldspar type of minerals.
  • Slate is hard, dense and fine-grained rock as its formation process involves clay or volcanic ash. Grains of mica, chlorite, hematite and other minerals are present in it.
  • Travertine formation occurs due to precipitation of calcium carbonate minerals. Limestone when put under pressure for an extended period to form travertine.
  • Mica Schist composed by the metamorphosis process occurs under the high temperatures and pressures. This rock consists of mudstone, shale, or some other igneous rock minerals.

All the stone mentioned above types formed with the pure material. Its long formation process and high amount of temperature make it withstand to the climatic conditions. All the nature’s stones are best suitable for outdoor applications such as wall cladding, flooring, driveways, pillars, columns, decks, etc.

Myth 4: Fade After a While

Want to install outdoor kitchenette countertops?

Looking to have different patio flooring?

Want to spruce up swimming pool surrounding?

Looking to garnish the garden pathway?

But worried about the fading of color over the passage of time. Build your dream project with natural stone products! Because these are not going to lose their color. Native stone has chemical properties which allow it to maintain the same hues and grace.

Either it’s about outdoor décor or indoor redo, natural stones surface coverings will not get damaged by sunlight or heavy rain.

EXAMPLE: The Colosseum is most common and famous monument in Italy. It was built 80 AD with travertine stone slabs. The building came in direct contact with the UV rays and other climatic conditions. But still, the grace and texture of stone look the same.

Myth 5: Highly Priced

Natural stone is in high demand among the homeowners, architects, builders, designers. But some people thought these stones are costly. In actual, it’s not true.

We are not saying that natural stones are cheaper. These are neither cheaper nor expensive. Its price is pocket allowing if compared to the benefits and utilization. So, opt for pavers, slab, pool coping, tiles, thin veneer and other natural stone products without any dilemma.

Besides being cost-effective, it is a right way of investment as well. One does not have the time and money to make changes to the home or business areas so frequently. Pricing policy depends upon some of the factors such as quality, rarity, variety, textures, availability of colors, etc.

SUI is the wholesale distributor and direct importer of natural stone in the U.S.A. Thus, bulk buying removes overhead costs, and the buyer gets the product at affordable prices.

Myth 6: Lack of Diversity

One of the best fact about nature’s stone is that it offers a vast array of diversity. Being nature’s product, it shows natural inclusion, variations, and textures. SUI product range is popular among the people because of its variations. One can get a wide assortment of colors, finishes, textures, edges.

  • Colors: We carry light to a dark range of colors that can suit at any location. Either it’s kitchen worktops or a patio floor, these colors give a seamless finish. If only talk about the black shade, we have three different shades in it. Lime black, antique black and black slate. All of them have variations in the tones.

Tiles Natural Stone colors

  • Finishes: Finish refers to the type of stone surface. It may be honed, tumbled, non-tumbled, sawn, flamed, sawn flamed, sandblast, short blast, snapped face, etc.

Myth 7: A Poor Investment

Installing natural stone in the residential area or any other project is a wise investment. As it will going to yield a higher rate of return at the time of selling the property. Whether you carry construction for living or resale purpose, it helps in both the ways.

Application of native stone gives an attractive appeal to the entire surrounding. It amazes the onlookers when they enter first time in the area. On the other hand, it provides a high return if you make mind to sell the property.

Searching for the better return on your investment, bringing nature’s essence to the place is the best way. Manufactured products become outdated over time. But, natural stone endures by adding long-term value to your property.

A better landscaping design not only increases a property’s look but also uplift its resale value by making it more attractive. A well appealing front part of the land is often an essential element from a selling point of view. Additionally, it is also a sense of pride for place owners when somebody talks about its beauty.

Myth 8: Absence of Physical Properties

When it’s about choosing building stone, physical properties are the vital element to consider. Natural stone has all the physical components which are necessary for a landscaping stone. Hardness and stiffness are the main characteristics of nature’s rock.

Do you still think stone lack physical factors? If yes, then below points prove this fact wrong:

  • Stone Density refers to the weight of the stone measured in the unit. According to many experts, nature’s stone is a higher-density stone.
  • Compressive Strength is the load bearing ability of the rock, generally in case of flooring. High psi is always better than a low psi.
  • Flexural Strength determines the bending rate, especially in the case of the wall. The low bending rate is good as compare to high bending rate
  • Longevity refers to the life of the stone. If taken care properly, these stones will last for long.

EXAMPLE: Dome of the Rock in Israel and numerous historical monuments withstand temperature and other weathering conditions since ages. It is only possible if the construction material possesses physical properties.

Myth 9: Disturb Ecological Balance

As we all know, cutting of trees and forest is harming our economy to a great extent. Everyone wants to do something to protect the environment. What should do? You can contribute in favor of environment by applying natural stone to the area.

Building material other than nature’s stone may contain chemicals, synthetic, plastics, and other harmful substances. Whereas natural rocks contain 100% real minerals. Its density creates fewer kilograms of CO2 per ton and has energy-saving benefits.

Moreover, SUI deals with the modernized technology of quarrying, extraction, and fabrication. As a result, it conserves resources, prevent pollution, and reduce wastage. SUI, one of the leading stone wholesale distributor and importer uses water-based stone fabrication methods that support sustainable design to serve the requirements of the economy.

Thus, native stone maintains equilibrium in the ecological balance rather than distributing it.

At last, one can deduce that natural stones are an excellent building material that has been using for centuries. Their enticing shades and patterns add the aesthetic value, whereas endurance, strength, maintenance, and resistance to various elements make them more functional. Thus, natural stones are always a winner. A little care and periodic maintenance are all that is required to preserve its natural looks and make it long lasting. Hope the above points will assist in selecting natural stone for your next project!

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