antique brown

A new year always opens the door for something advance and unique. Likewise, when it’s about construction, exclusive designs grab the attention.

Garnishing outdoors is all about creating a style statement. Either it is by adding a natural color to the existing theme or integrating patterns on the floor.

Stone Universe offers 2019 trending collection for those who are planning construction or revamping this season. Make a bold design statement by adding stylish amenities to your dream place.

Your home exterior is the true reflector of your personality. If you have a vacant space in the front, convert it in the beautiful outdoor oasis.

Try these eight refreshing color ideas to make your place stand out:

  1. Rainbow

Multiple color stone always remains in the trend. Likewise, rainbow sandstone makes its position this year as well. Ever-suiting color highly complements the surroundings wherever it applies.

Striking veins and swirls of tan, violet, brown, orange and mustard take the heart away. Hardness, durability, and weather-resistant features make it an ideal product for

Most of the homeowners cherish the addition of such multi hue to their living area.

  1. Teakwood

Teakwood offers a contrast of wood brown, tan, orange, and marigold hue, featuring veins and swirls of soft Princeton orange.

Convert the vacant space into the brighten shed. Teakwood natural stone creates a perfect blend of warm tones with the look of wood.

Perfect color for adding pool coping, caps on the pillar or patio flooring. The wood-like pattern makes a great comeback this season as most of the people develop liking for the same.

  1. Pearl Grey

pearl grey

The trend of using soft shades in an outdoor oasis is increasing day by day. Thanks to the qualities that natural stone offers.

From floor to wall, opt for soothing pearl grey without worrying about the cleaning factor. It is so easy to clean natural stone with the help of warm water and mop.

This color is a growing sensation for the outer yard decor. This neutral color depicts the perfect combination of whites and greys.

Pearl grey rock face wall cap seeing in the above image not only looks bright but refreshing too. Simply, pearl grey looks like the charm of 2019.

  1. Indigo Bluestone

column cap-indigoBluestone

An accented analogous color scheme such as soft teal, dim blue, and ash grey are going to take the lead this year in every design. Be it an outdoor patio floor or a garden boundary wall, everything is going to enrich with bluestone.

Pair such exotic color stone coverings with a deep color border for an impressive look.

The column cap and wall cap in the image above are of Indigo Bluestone. Energized your outdoor living area with the punch of blue this year. Our indigo bluestone collection fits perfectly in the recent trend.

  1. French Vanilla

french vanilla

Think soft cream-yellow with rich celadon shade – that is what French Vanilla is all about.

This color gain position in the top list because of its rich physical features. Unlike manufactured color tones, natural hues offer more grace and elegance.

Besides all, the moisture-resistant feature allows people to opt for this beautiful color. Above all, the availability of the limestone base guarantees long-lasting durability.

Application of French vanilla either as a wall stone or a floor stone draw people’s attention.

Be an outdoor kitchen of 2019 like this! Hard-wearing slab stone with rock face edges set a benchmark. Black granite cobbles on the counter surround truly complementing the entire scene.

  1. Autumn Mist

autumn mist

Characterized by the buff beige colored base, Autumn Mist shows smooth texture depicting fossils on the surface. Hints of grey, green, off-white, golden, pale yellow and rosy tones appear with a lot of variation.

This natural hue brings a silent charm to the area and makes it lively. Featuring longevity and sandstone base, this color is widely used for developing exterior design schemes.

Be it a commercial sector or a residential area, this natural-color stone flaunts the best.

“What would be a better way than a thin veneer to show exotic and attractive facade. Plus, contrasting additions like chimney and boundary wall.”

Autumn mist stacked stone flats and corners adjust easily on the wall area, making a great visual appeal.

Bring the fossil touch to exterior décor by opting top emerging facade design ideas 2019.

  1. Antique Brown

antique brown

Near neutrals (browns) are still as famous as in earlier times. Although numerous other elements are being added to adore the outdoor surroundings, still this warm tone is preferred to make front yard welcoming.

This warm earthen color with tans is becoming today’s top trending choice. Get ready to impart beauty everywhere today and tomorrow with this near-neutral tone!

The pattern is a great way to add detailing to the floor. One can use pattern as shown in the image (paver rectangular 5 size pattern).

The durability of stone floor is not hidden from anyone. A couple of stone steps along with antique sitting arrangement makes a bold appeal. These small additions in the yard create a style mark.

  1. Antique Black

antique black

Antique black lies somewhere between jet black and soft black. Simply, antique black in the range of natural stone shows the contrast between black and dim gray.

Pairing bold hues with a neutral based surrounding creates a stunning area. Since an early age, most of the people like to incorporate dark color to the outdoor area.

Limestone base and tumbled finish give an exotic touch to the natural stone. The beauty of natural black enriches the outdoor staircase.

Wall cap with rock face edges of the treads gives a finished appearance. Whereas 12” x 12” pavers and the risers make it safe for landing.

Incorporating at least one darker element to the outdoor design is what 2019 trend demands.

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