10 Easy Landscaping Ideas Using Flagstone

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Landscaping plays a significant role in featuring the entire project. Do you know what accents it the most? The optimal ground covering is the key factor in this regard.

Landscape design consists of garden, lawn, yard, patio, deck or other outdoor living rooms. Thus, natural stone flagstone is the best suitable choice for paving outdoor surroundings. It offers a distinct look yet natural look.

Before moving towards the flagstone landscaping ideas, let’s discuss few FAQ’s about it:

  • What is Natural Landscaping Flagstone?

It refers to the flat pieces of quarried stone, random in the length and width. It is a product of landscape series and best choice to pave the outdoor living surfaces.

  • How thick is it?

Available in 1’ as well as 2’ thickness. The difference lies only in the bedding. 1” thickness is suitable for concrete base bedding. Whereas 2” thickness is suitable for sand base bedding.

  • How to lay a path with irregular shapes?

Arbitrary shapes arrange together in the form of layers. Thus make a rectangle, square, or any other way of the path.

  • What does flagstone look like?

The random pieces of nature’s stone look precisely like a zigsaw puzzle when lay on the ground covering.

  • Where to buy flagstone?

Well, there are numerous companies deals in the production and fabrication of irregular stone. But to get the best nature’s stone, Stone Universe Inc is the place, deals in importer stone.

These are also famous with the name crazy paving stones because of varied sizes. It has tight pack joints which lay on the ground area to develop an attractive alleyway.

Are you thinking of landscape construction?

Choose this natural building stone without any dilemma. Flagstone is easy to install and maintain. It generally comes in sandstone, quartzite, limestone, bluestone, slate stone base.

The price and square feet coverage of the material depend upon the area.

 Popular applications for natural flagstone:

  1. Entryway:

As you all are aware of the fact, the entryway is the center of attraction of any project. One cannot compromise with its material. Entrance demands for the product that gives a timeless addition to the entire land.

After all, it is the central passage area from where guests enter and make a perception of the space in their mind. So, why to make the wrong impression. Leave a long-term impact on the viewers by installing flagstone entryway.

SUI offers this natural stone in a plethora of shapes and colors. Thus, it is workable to create an ideal path. To give a symmetrical appeal, one can impart tall bushes to the edges of the way.

Flagstone hardscaping is the most prominent way out for enhancing an entryway. To give a broader effect, one can add stone steps. Flagstone pillars along with column caps for them to protection create a great idea. These architectural details help in maximizing the impact.

Stone entry is a simple revamping technique to convert a doorway into a pleasing entrance.

  1. Pool Deck:

Swimming pools are the inseparable part of the land yard. Nowadays these are becoming popular in the front as well as backyards. Each generation people to add such an entertainment area to the project.

flagstone,pool deck, natural stone

This utility picture is a great inspiration depicting a flagstone project around the water feature. It gives a nice and clean appearance to the deck. The combination of bullnose coping on the pool edges with crazy paving stones gives a dignified look.

One can also enrich the entire pool surrounding with single color flagstone as mentioned in the image above. Either it’s an in-ground pool or a spa, its monochromatic shades suit to any pool design.

Irregular pieces of stones quarried in diverse colors and textures. Each show natural variations.

What else one required for an alluring pool? Besides visual interest, a deck material must have some essential physical properties. Nonslippery surface, heat-resistant, moisture resistant are some of them.

  1. Passage:

Get bored with the old concrete pathways? Bring an eye-catching change with flagstone walkway. Natural is natural. Best to best concrete cannot mimic even half of the natural stone.

Various flagstone types like travertine, limestone, slate, etc. are the trademark of its durability. Nature’s building material will be going to last long, and the place will remain graceful for centuries.

There are several ways to lay this random stone to form a passage. Such as:

  • Tightly Packed Joints: The rock, in this case, puts well with adjoining pieces on the surface. Joints filled with mortar and apply on the ground giving a dignified look to the area.
  • Flagstone In The Center: To create a narrow passage, opt for flagstone application in the center with soft scape elements on the reaming part. It looks like a carpet on the floor.

Flagstone passage, outdoor flooring ideas

  • Brick Border: Brick or cobbles border is an excellent way to give a little more rustic look. Crazy stone path accompanying with contrasting color border gives highlight to the walkway.
  • Grout Filling: Filling inside the joints of this natural stone gives a seamless appeal to the pathway. One can use small pebbles, white powder or grass to form a nice texture. In this, the pieces are loosely packed with each other allowing a specific type of grout in it.
  1. Hard Wearing Driveways:

Driveways are the most prominent part of the place entrance. Usually, people use to lay cobblestones or driveway pavers on the surface because of the durability factor. Besides these, irregular paving stones are also becoming a recent trend.

To give an extraordinary look to the surrounding, one can opt for this product. Flagstone driveways impart a unique look and elegance to the surface covering. Its distinctive appearance and irregular patterns grab everyone’s attention.

What a driveway or a garage space required?

Whenever you step out in the market in search of a driveway product, remember the following things:

  • Durability 
  • Hard Wearing 
  • Stiffness 
  • Anti-slippery 
  • High Gripping 
  • Trending product 
  • Finite color and textures

Flagstone is a sedimentary rock composed of feldspar and quartz, offering high durability and strength. Thus, a flagstone driveway installation cost is a genuine and attractive way to cover outdoor surroundings.

  1. Wall Decor:

For most of the people, flagstone is only a flooring material. It accents the outdoor deck, patio, yard and other allied surfaces.

Do you know:
Apart from surface coverings, the irregular chunks of this natural stone use to accent the wall as well. Planning of wall decor? Opt the crazy rocks to make beautiful shapes on the claddings as shown in the picture.

Flagstone wall decor design ideas for flagstone.

Instead of using artificial ornaments for outdoor decoration, make use of nature’s building material. It not only imparts beauty but also spread the natural essence to the entire area. Flagstone wall is the new technique to give your place a fresh and fascinating look.

  1. Patio:

Patios are the outdoor living rooms where one can relax and get rid of all the worries. It’s surface covering serves as a focal point. Pavers and various paver patterns most commonly use for laying patio flooring.

But, one can also go for flagstone flooring in the outer yard. One of the great things about a stone flooring is that flowers and grass can grow through the cracks. It gives a dignified look to the surface.

Landscaping with flagstones offers high compressive and low bending strength. Thus, these two features are best suitable for outdoor patio flooring.

An interesting idea: Create a beautiful yard idea by an installation pathway with small plants on either side of the walkway. Flagstone patio gives traditional as well as modern look.

Flagstone ideas for backyard

  1. Fire Pits:

Fire pits are the most significant addition of a backyard area. It is a great entertainment area for gathering around in early autumn or winter evenings.

Adding a fire feature to the outdoor entertainment area is not enough. One needs to make fire pit surrounding presentable to make entire yard attractive. Crazy paver fire pit surrounding is a great way for outdoor accent.

In fact, the fire feature surrounds provide a safe staging ground by creating a boundary line between the sitting area and blow fire.

An interesting idea: Ledge stone on the fire pit along with flagstone surrounding gives a seamless finish to the exterior area.

Develop eye-catching outdoor landscaping strategy by using a combination of natural stone products. This upgrade will be going to give years of pleasure.

  1. Steps:

Despite the facts that steps grab almost half of the attention, every second person built usual looking steps in the area.

But don’t worry, SUI is here to suggest you the best. Like patio, yard and other outdoor portions steps also play a vital role in making landscaping attractive. Flagstone application on the step treads as well as on the riser provides a dignified look.

Either it’s pool steps, entryway stairs or garden entrance, random pieces of this natural stone is best suitable. Create unique stone landscaping ideas for the front yard by installing random chunks on the yard levels.

Material for the stairs must be slip resistant, especially in the outer area. Keeping this requirement in mind, most of the flagstone colors tested in the stone slab. After that, it concluded that this product is anti-slippery and perfect to accent the stairs.

  1. Flagstone as Stepping Stones:

The passage in the garden or lawn is its principal component. Installing stone path throughout the garden or yard gives a warm welcome to the guests. Beautiful shapes of stepping stones add a lot to the landscape design.

Although, one can also use flagstones in the form of stepping stone to make a garden pathway. As these are available into random pieces, so it is easy to use them as the steppers. It makes a great addition to the outdoor decor.

SUI offers a plethora of color options which one can use as per the linking. Arbitrary shapes give a dynamic look and walking on them becomes almost like a game. Irrespective of a typical straight pathway, adorn it with puzzled shape stones covered with blooming plants and lush greenery.

  1. Kitchen/ BBQ:

In addition to surface cover for a patio, crazy pavers can use to feature BBQ in an outdoor entertainment area. The outdoor kitchenette is on the emerging trend nowadays. The fundamental purpose of grilling station is to gather a family and friends all together and enjoy the moment.

BBQ flooring should also be pleasing to welcome your loved one. Thus, flagstone kitchen flooring is one of the best ways to make your impression on the visitors.

Create modern, aesthetic, traditional or country cottage looks, whichever you want for the project.

A contrasting color veneer on the stone wall along with random pieces on the flooring complements the entire outdoor area.

Final Words:

Flagstone landscaping attracts the visitors as well as increase the value of the property. So, if you are planning for new project construction or want to resale the property, the ideas mentioned above will surely be going to help you. Develop various backyard patio designs and save extra installation cost.

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