The Insider – Natural Stone From Mines to Your Dream Place


Natural stone is an ideal material in the world of construction and designing. Here, natural beauty lead the way and uniqueness becomes the selling point.

Extracted and mined from nature’s lap bearing a unique characteristic. Durability, hardness, sustainability, uniqueness are a few among all.

Earlier, there was a misconception that natural stone is monotonous and not suitable for interior designs. But this was just an ill-informed presumption.

Let’s discuss the journey of real stone right from the mines to your construction place.


quarried stone

An ordinary layman generally thinks that natural stones are formed on earth easily. Just mine the rock, cut the sized pieces and deliver them.

In fact, in reality, the process is much more complicated. The production of natural stone involves both science and art.

The process of bringing natural stone from the mines to the dream house can be challenging. Merely, it depends on environmental conditions.

It demands the convergence of tradition and technology both together.

Are you thinking of choosing the natural stone for home wall or floor?

Getting into the process of formation of rocks is vital. The understanding of how a raw rock becomes a finished stone product is necessary.

Natural Stone – The History

Now you might be thinking why do we need to know the stone history?

Home construction is not at all an easy and everyday project. You are the one who is going to live there for the years to come.

Thus, one should have full knowledge of the material he is going to install.

Understanding the stone formation process is most important of all. It helps you to determine the resale value, on the one hand, better and be a smarter shopper on the other side.


(1)    How Stone Quarries Formed?

For the years ago, the heat and pressure under the earth’s crust created blocks of natural stone. These blocks include sandstone, limestone, granite, travertine, quartzite, and slate.

The combination of blocks began to erode with the time. They start pushing various minerals from the core.

Later on, it gives birth to quarries. A quarry is large open-pit mine in which stone excavates deep from the ground.

(2)    Quarrying Process – An Overview

Stone quarrying is the multistage process involving extraction, cutting, sizes and further processing.

Although, the natural quarrying stone starts long before the rock extraction. It’s important to examine the area from the entire quarry to get a quality slab.

  • Geologists surveys:

It’s not the only consumer who has to study stone history. Gaining knowledge about the quality stone existence is also vital for the stone industry.

That is all about this stage. The industry conducted a survey and search for stone outcrops.

Simply, it’s a systematic investigation of the geology beneath of a particular land.

  • Extraction:

After examining the useful piece of the quarry, the extraction process starts. The rock extracts deeply from the ground for use as a construction material.

After removing the dirt, the tunnels dug deep. Natural stone slabs extract in giant blocks using dynamite, wire cables or drills, etc.

Then stone crushing takes place through the blasting process. This complex geological process makes it more than just material.

  • Further processing:

The produced aggregates are then screened into the required sizes. Finishing and the edging process takes place in the factory later on.

Stone slabs, like travertine, need to be coated with resin because of its porous structure. Which later on removed at the time of the polishing process.

Further, the sample testing comes to ensure their physical characteristics. After testing, stone samples fabricate to depict the aesthetics and individuality.

  • Variations:

The color, inclusion, and variation depend on various geological factors. That’s why no two natural stones are alike.

This stage converts a rock into beautiful construction material. One can opt for granite driveways, sandstone flooring or kitchen countertops, limestone wall coverings, etc.

Quarried Stone Builds a Strong Foundation

The natural quarried stone is the one that keeps a building long-lasting. Historical monuments already give proof of its durable and sustainable nature.

Why so?

Well, there are significant reasons for opting natural building stones. In the meanwhile, have a glance at a couple of the facts:

  • Presence of rich minerals:

Nature’s stone carries various rich minerals such as calcium carbonate etc. These minerals came from the liquid and gas that formed under the crust.

The gas and liquid develop under the earth cool down and condensed to form a solid structure.

The crust began to expand and erode over time. The considerable pressure pushed the solid crust above the surface. Rock beds came into existence (sedimentary rock, igneous rock, and metamorphic rock).

  • Support LEED:

Moreover, natural stone best supports a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for home construction projects.

All the features and qualities of real rock support green building design scheme. Natural stone, being hard-wearing, low maintenance, heat resistant, water resistance, etc. fulfill the LEED norms.

All these qualities are vital for creating a dream place that goes with you for long.

Enrich Outdoor Surrounds Using Precious Stone Collection

Once you get the quality stone, it’s time to go ahead with project construction. Let’s start with the outdoor decor.

Exterior area design is the best thing to grab viewers’ attention. After all, it is the welcoming and exit surface.

The natural stone outdoor collection will add glory to the entire surroundings.

flagstone passage

  • Stepping stone installation on the garden passage makes it alluring. The beautiful heart, round, square-shaped pieces complete the garden decor.
  • Patterns either paver or rock face is an ideal match for laying a patio flooring.
  • Flagstone on the pool deck surrounds provides you the safe walk.
  • Talking about the retaining wall, nothing can beat thin veneer stone. The pieces of stacked stone apply smoothly on the wall along with the wall cap on the top.
  • Ledger panels and corners best complement the backyard fire pit.

Natural Stone Interior Design Ideas

natural stone indoor

Home interior says a lot about your personality and living style. Natural stone is the product you are looking.

So, create a style mark by opting interior stone collection.

Living room, hall, foyer, kitchenette, and bathroom cover the entire portion. From floor stone to wall, cover it with the beauty of nature.

Natural slab stone in the cooking area along with different color stone tile flooring goes a long way.

Cover the bathroom backsplash with stacked stone panels and corners depicting modern and traditional look.

Tile pattern flooring in the foyer and hall gives it a magnificent look.

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