Natural Stone – Origin & Characteristics

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About Natural Stones

Combination of two words, i.e., Natural + Stone. Natural means real and close to mother nature. Whereas, stone refers to the hard and dense material. So on the whole “Natural Stone” refers to the real stone extract directly and not made by humankind. Natural stone isn’t made by engineers; it forms by water, minerals, and lava over millions of years.

Want to know the best part?

Nature’s gift is directly taken out from the quarries present in the lap of the earth. Nature’s stone is using over centuries as a building material for interior and exterior purposes. They are much more than just a rock. For a number of years, the stone has been used by nearly all the civilizations. Every part of the world and each layer of earth’s crust have plenty of stone varieties. Thus, one-of-a-kind factor within each stone gives a wide spectrum of applications to create your masterpiece. As no two pieces of natural stones are alike, it gives inherent beauty to the place.

The touch of nature makes your place more beautiful!

The feeling of walking on a natural stone floor or touching a wall decorates with the natural stone is really incredible. A creation of nature can never fake and thus natural stone beauty is everlasting. Buildings using natural quarried stone are more sustainable. People attract towards the incredible structures of ancient monuments & historical buildings such as The Egyptian Pyramids Giza (Egypt), The Qutub Minar – Delhi (India), The Taj Mahal – Agra (India), The Colosseum – Rome (Italy), The Great Pyramid – Giza (Egypt), The Washington Monument – Washington D.C (USA), The Giant’s Causeway, Antrim (Northern Ireland). But now you can bring that elegance and glory to your project with the natural stones. Isn’t it amazing..!

Features of this hard-wearing stone like timeless beauty, eco-friendly, aesthetic appeal, frost-resistance, slip-resistance, simplicity, low maintenance, long-lasting, superior finish, and antique look makes it a highly demanding product for both commercial and residential areas. Nature presents its lovers with the best gift ever in the form of these stones. Stone Universe Inc feels glad to play a role of middlemen between you and nature. Besides the nature lovers, the rest of the people will appreciate the creations of these natural quarried stones.

Processing of Natural Stones

From the beginning, nature gives us a lot in the form of mountains, air, rivers etc and demands nothing in return. Nature presents us with a number of beautiful quarries around the world. A natural stone quarry is a place from where natural stone is extracted. If nature has given such a beautiful thing, then why not utilize it to the best. Our company buys blocks from the different quarries of the world and fabricates it to make final products.

Stages or steps involve before product reaches the final customer:-

  • Extraction –Natural stone is being quarried out of mountains or underground area from all over the world. The challenge is to abstract the most quarried stone without making any damage to it. The extraction process starts by outlining a sector of the wall. The team of experts uses gas flint to make long narrow channels. Then deep holes are dug and explosive cable is feed into the holes to set it off. The explosive detaches the section. Blocks are put down with heavy machinery with due care. Giant blocks are cut into small blocks with the help of wedges. At the factory, the first cut is called slabbing.processing of natural stone, natural stone, sui usa
  • Fabrication Process –Stone is fabricated into different machines to get the finished product. Fabrication is a two-way process which involves cutting and finishes both.
  • Cut to Size – The blocks are cut to size as per customer special or customized order or as per our catalog regular sizes available in stock. After the slicing a block into particular sizes, the product is sent to different finishes.
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  • Finishing of Stone Surface – Natural stone surface is available in the following finishes:-

Flamed – Bursting of crystals under high-temperature flame gives this finish to the stone surface. It provides rough texture which is slip-resistance. Thus, it is suitable for outdoor applications.

Polished – A shiny surface of the stone highlights the polish finish. It gives a mirror-like look to the stone and brings out the full color of the stone. This finest finish available in the stone is ideal for indoor applications like the interior walls or kitchen countertops.

Honed – Honed finish is another version of a polished finish. It gives non-glossy but smooth appeal to the surface. This matte surface is perfect for heavy traffic areas as it is slip-resistance.

Sandblasted – As clear from the name, a high-pressure blast of silica sand is done on the stone surface through an air gun to give it a rough texture. Small craters form with the sand work well to reflect the natural color of the stone. It is perfect for both interior and exterior, but more ideal for exterior applications as it provides more grip in wet conditions.

Short-blast – The shot-blasting process is similar to the sand-blast process to a great extent. The short blast is done on the surface and gives the natural stone an aging property. It softens the color and leaves a matte finish on the stone surface.

Thermal – A high-temperature flame applies on the stone surface to gives it a thermal finish. As a result, surface depicts crystals on the face and rough-texture. Ideal for paving applications as it is highly skid-resistant in nature.

Tumbled – The stone is processed in the vibrating machine using small ceramic stones to get tumbled finish. It generates round edges. The antique color range of SUI depicts the tumbled finish. It is perfect for the walls and floors.

  • Edging: – If sides are sawn cut, no additional work to stone is required but if sides are rock face then after the final finish to the product, additional work is done i.e. sides are rock faced or chiseled or snapped face using hammer or chisel. Wall caps, columns caps, steps, treads, patterns are available with rock face or chiseled. Great choice for exterior building cladding, landscape wall applications, fountains.
  • Quality/ Inspection of the Product: – SUI, being a quality leader of natural stone performs several quality checks on the final product. Each product of SUI passes through the quality standards perform in stone test laboratory such as compressive strength, frost-resistance, slip-resistant, density, water absorption, specific gravity. For better and faithful B2C relationship, inspection team verifies each product to ensure proper quality and craftsmanship. Only after approval from the quality control department, product packaging starts.
  • Packaging: – SUI ensures you the safe delivery of the product by packing it in the durable, protective and non-staining packaging design. It ultimately reduces the chances of damage to the product during shipping and outdoor storage.

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Salient Facts About Natural Stone

When you love something, you want to know more about it. So here are some cool and interesting facts about the natural stone worth noticing:-

  • It is 100% natural and 0% man-made.
  • Natural stone helps and maintains ecological balance.
  • Avoid acidic cleaners at the time of cleaning natural stone.
  • Marble Institute of America says, “Natural stone stands well to weathering and time”.
  • Natural stone is in today’s emerging trend, but it’s not a new product in the market. It is in use for the last thousands of years.
  • Usage of natural stone not only limited to the construction of the building. Rather, it is perfect as a decorative material also.
  • Variations in natural stone are worth observing. These natural stones are a product of mother nature and exhibit slight variations in colors.

Natural Stone Classification

There are various types of stones available in the today’s stone market. All these stones are the mixture of different minerals and have different levels of durability, hardness. The questions like what kind of minerals are present in it…? where these stones come from…? at which place the particular stone suits well…? often comes to the mind while selecting natural stones. All these stones are real and durable but differ in their properties and compositions. After the deep study of the earth’s physical structure and substances, natural stone classifies on the geological basis. Let’s discuss the types of these stone:-

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Igneous Rock: –

Also popular with the name magnetic rock, igneous stone forms with cooling and solidification of volcanic material such as lava or magma. It may form on the surface of the earth (extrusive rocks) or deep inside the Earth’s crust (intrusive rocks).

  • Granite: – Granite forms through the crystallization of magma underneath the Earth’s crust. Quartz, plagioclase feldspar and alkali feldspar all together helps in composing of a true granite. This light-colored igneous rock is granular and phaneritic in texture whose color may vary depending on its mineralogy.Aberdeen in Scotland constructs principally from the granite and known as “The Granite City”. It suits well on the countertops, stair treads, driveway cobbles, wall panels, patios, fireplaces, building veneer.
  • Basalt: – Basalt is volcanic stone form through the rapid cooling of basaltic lava. It has fissures and small holes on its surface. Most of the basalt quarries are available in the states of East Asia. The dome of Pantheon, Rome constructs from Basalt. It is suitable for countertops, paving, wall cladding, driveways.
  • Porphyry: – Porphyry is a fine-grained igneous rock mainly consists of crystals of feldspar and quartz. Porphyry plays an important role in the construction of Mosque of Cordoba, Spain. It is perfect for walls, outdoor kitchens, paving.

Metamorphic Rock: –

Metamorphic rock is the outcome of metamorphism process which refers to the change occurs in the pre-existing rock due to heat, pressure. As a result, these are more solid than the pre-existing substance.

  • Quartzite: – Quartzite forms after the conversion of quartz-rich sandstone under the tectonic compression by the process of metamorphism. It makes this stone hard and non-foliated. A historical federal office in the U.S. the Courthouse, Sioux Falls constructs with quartzite. It suits well on the countertops, pool surrounding, pool deck, kitchen, bathroom, patios, exterior-interior wall cladding.
  • Slate: – Shale-sedimentary rock (compose with volcanic ash and clay) is put under the heat and extensive pressure to form a slate stone. It is fine-grained and foliated in its nature. The Guildhall in Landon and Saint Leonhard’s Church in Germany protects roof with slate stone. It looks good on the stairs, patios, pool surroundings, pillars, walls, windows, countertops, walkways, and gardens.
  • Marble: – Re-crystallization of carbonate minerals, especially calcite or dolomite helps in the formation of marble. Marble is a common product for making sculpture and buildings. Dome of the Rock, Israel and Taj Mahal, Agra construct with marble. It is perfect for Mosaics, bathroom, fireplaces, stairs, countertops, entryways.

Sedimentary Rock: –

The formation of this stone is a result of subsequent cementation and deposition of organic elements such as wind, glaciers, plants, rivers, and oceans. Sediments (small organic particles) are set in a place through sedimentation process.

  • Limestone: – Skeletal fragments of marine organisms like coral, forams, and mollusks lead to the formation of limestone. Comprises mainly of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and form due to the breakdown of rocks and shells. The white town of Landon constructs with limestone. People adopt it to accent walls, pool surroundings, fountain, stairways, windows, kitchen countertop, façade, bathroom, sidewalks, driveways, patios.
  • Sandstone: – Sandstone consists of mineral particles (quartz and feldspar) and grains of rock fragments which are the most resistant minerals to weathering processes. Red Fort & Qutub Minar in India, the part of UNESCO world heritage sites are the proof of the beauty and durability of sandstone. It is perfect for walkways, flooring, and facade. It can as a veneer for the pillars or walls cladding also.

  • Travertine: – Pitted holes and troughs on the surface of the natural stone is the recognition of travertine. Its formation takes place due to the precipitation of calcium carbonate when deposit by mineral springs, especially where there is a waterfall or hot springs. Most of the travertine quarries are there in the countries of the Middle East, North America, South America, and East Asia. Tonto Natural Bridge is the largest natural travertine stone bridge in the world. It is perfect for paving, garden paths, facades, wall cladding, bathroom flooring, kitchens, outdoor spaces and for decorating walls.

SUI tries to bring you closer to the mother nature. So when someone plans to construct with natural stone, consider our natural stone company Stone Universe with products available around all states of America. For inspiration or various applications check the gallery.

Natural Stones- A Boon For Nation

Natural stones are a big blessing of nature to the nation. In each stone of nature, there is always something marvelous. Each stone has its own texture and hue which is unique from the other one. These are not only beautiful but beneficial as well. “Why should I construct or reframe my project with natural stone?” Out of the infinite benefits, SUI is going to mention some of the pros to make natural stones your foremost choice. Let’s get familiar with some of the key points that prove natural stone a boon for nation:-

  • A Real Stone: Being a material of mother nature, natural stone is real and pure. Its rich mineral composition and traditional look are a proof of its purity. SUI understands the value of one’s health. A real stone is always chemical-free and no synthetics are present in it. Thus increase in a number of stone buildings will lead to less airborne chemicals, diseases and keep the nation healthy.
  •  Care and Maintenance: – It is not wrong to say this benefit is really a boon for ladies. Unlike concrete stone, natural stone retains its original look for a long and demands for less care. This gives cheeriness to the homemakers. Mild detergent with warm water is the best way-out to keep it clean. Make sure to clean liquid spills immediately because they have acidic nature. Use of products like vinegar, bleach, or any acidic cleaners should avoid otherwise it will degrade the surface of stone over the time.
  • Environmentally Compatible: – In this fast-moving world, contributing a little towards the environment will be a great cause. Natural stone is an original green building material of mother nature. It does not form in a factory. Natural stone thin veneer and flooring need no replacement for a long time and moreover, these are 100% recyclable. It resists emission of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from entering your home. On the whole, it helps in maintaining ecological balance. “Save The Environment with Natural Stones”.
  • Dynamic Material- When it comes to the projection of dream house or dream projects, people always like to have a choice in abundant whether it’s about color, shape or pattern. In today’s scenario, only the dynamic material is in demand. So, natural stones provide the diversity of textures, shapes and the palette of colors. SUI has a range of bright to light hues which compliment your surroundings such as antique black, black slate, lime black, California gold, ruby red, antique yellow, brown mist, pearl grey. SUI stepping stone is available in round, irregular, heart and square shapes.
  • Tenacious: – Homes are neither easy to construct nor easy to leave. So make your one-time investment in such a way that leads to lifetime return. If you want something reliable for your space, then the natural stone is the best option as it exhibits the feature of durability and longevity. People have been constructing natural stone buildings since ages. A hard and dense, natural stone is able to withstand wear, tear, pressure, or any other type of damages. This hard-wearing stone stands well to the tests of time.
  • Fascinating Beauty: – As fingerprints of two persons can never be same, similarly two natural stones cannot look alike. Each stone has its unique look and texture which reflects the beauty of nature in it. The feature of uniqueness in these natural stones touches the heart of people and makes the place fascinating wherever it applies. Get ready to astonish the onlookers with the beauty of these stones.
  • Wide Applicability: – Natural stones are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Widely applicable for industrial, commercial and residential applications such as apartment building, office complexes, shopping malls, sidewalks, wall cladding, waterfalls, BBQ, driveways, entryways, fountains, walls, patios, stairways, swimming pools, washbasins, walkways, kitchen, bathroom, windows, terrace, fireplaces. Every walk on nature’s stone paver gives relief to your soul.


Natural stone is worth of art and one can do wonders with it!

On earth, there is no heaven, but you can make your own with the sustainable designs. When it comes to designing a home or projects, natural stone presents an interesting array of options. The selection of natural stone design is one’s personal option, but the advice of an expert can be helpful. It helps you to create fantastic designs that will last for the number of years.
Be it a facade, wall or floor, we offer builders and architects countless design options. Now you don’t need to compromise on anything. Select the natural stone you like of high quality and reasonable prices with SUI.


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