Alluring landscaping ideas around the pool

poolside garden, pool side garden ideas

Do you know?

Alluring landscaping is the best way to get exciting decor. Either it’s your sweet home or any other commercial place.

Homemakers always keep on putting the efforts for home decor. After all, the outdoor part serves the primary role.

Taking about designers and architects – they also prefer to garnish the yard first.

But what is the dramatic element of an outdoor surface?

The creation of beautiful landscape around an in-ground pool will be great.

It’s time for turning an ordinary swimming pool into heaven. A well-planned pool landscaping project can do wonders.

One can choose the backyard or the front yard for such a plan. It is a creative solution for the construction project.

Don’t wait more!

Create an enjoyable place for you and your kids.

Swimming pool installation creates a private oasis. Moreover, the natural stone application will work as a cherry on the cake.

The place where you can chill, relax and enjoy.

In this busy scenario, people hardly get the time to have traveled vacations. Thus, pool design at home is the best way out.

Affordable pool landscaping supplies give a luxurious appeal. It enhances the lifestyle of the family as well.

Have a quick view of the list of 19 outdoor swimming pool ideas:

Before proceeding further, there are two most essential considerations.

These are the points; one should keep in mind at the time of pool installation.

  • THE EDGES – Pool edges usually are hard and sharp because they form of the masonry structure. Thus, always for pool coping.

Bullnose pool coping gives a soft round edging. Thus, prevents from cuts or any other accidents.

  • THE DECK- The floor coverings is the most noticeable element in the entire designing. It must be attractive as well as comfortable to walk.

Consider the slip-resistant feature while choosing the material.

All the below mentioned design tips help you with the entire design process.

The coordinated choice of soft-scape elements gives a final projection. So, get yourself inspired and dress the area.


Who doesn’t like water splashes?

Especially in hot summers.

So, defeat the heat by constructing pool and spa in an outdoor oasis. A splash with slate stone looks tempting.

Not only this, it offers a great deal of durability.

Slate is a homogeneous metamorphic rock. It comprises clay and volcanic ash.

The metamorphism process makes it able to stand well to the test of time.

This rock generally comes in neutral shades. Brown, tan, beige and buff are some of the most common.

Presence of rich minerals also gives birth to poly-chromatic colors. Lay slate stone on the deck coverings to make it fascinating.


Tiles have been in the flooring trend for some years. A tiled pool deck gives high gripping.

Besides, it provides water, moisture, and stain-resistant feature.

Single sized tile installation is a great pool landscaping ideas for small backyards. Whereas, the combination of different dimensions looks excellent on the big pool coverings.

The thickness of this natural stone product ranges from 0.50-0.75. Thus, make convenient for laying on the floor.

pool tile 6*6 , pool tile designs, pool tiles and coping

California Gold tiles enrich the grace of the yard. The mixture of brown variants gives a nice bright texture. There are some big boulders primarily placed.

Downward falling water adorns the place. Column cap on the top of the side pillars gives an excellent projection.


Moving water is beautiful to look and relaxing to hear. A swimming pool with some sought of water feature serves as a focal point.

One can choose a fountain, or a wall mounted fall. It plays the vital role like the other elements of the property.

It complements the pool’s architectural style.

16*16 slate tile,slate tile outdoor patio, 4*16 slate tile

The pool shapes depend upon the size of the yard. There is no need to over decorate the surroundings.

Sometimes minimal additions can do a great job. Always think about the proportion of the things while planning a pool.

Construction of an oval shape spa is a great design idea. A prominent entertainment zone with a fountain on the side gives a great accent.


What accent outdoor the most?

The deck flooring.

The grace of the place depends upon the flooring material. Flagstones are the random pieces of quarried natural stone.

The random shapes layered together to create a finite pattern on the ground.

flagstone near me, flagstone patio , flagstone walkway

Flagstone all around – on the boundary wall, steps, deck.

French vanilla irregular flagstone looks appealing on the surface coverings. The crazy paving stone forms a puzzle-like a pattern.

A color-coordinated theme gives a new way to the courtyard. Running water on the side creates a lively atmosphere.


Red symbolizes the energy and positivity. It is the brightest and most suited color among all.

The raja red flagstones installed on the deck. It gives a unique ambiance to the entire area.

It shows the combination of certain chromatic shades. Red, green, terracotta with undertone cream-white highlights the most.

The unique characters of slate stone also came into notice. Thus, develop small backyard pool ideas with is a unique shade of red.

pool tiles near me , pool tiles wholesale


The backyard landscaping is one of the best places to relax and get entertained. Feeling of fresh air and open sky is matchless.

The addition of an in-ground pool serves the purpose of icing on the cake. It not only make the yard beautiful but functional as well.

inground pool for small backyard, inground pool ideas for backyard

The beautiful spa, split into two parts with the big boulder. Indian autumn flagstone on the deck and stairs suits well.

Side pillar fencing complements the entire scene.


According to one famous saying, “Sometimes a simple thing can be fascinating.”

When it comes to pool design, choose the shape wisely.

It depends upon the area per square feet. For a large backyard, rectilinear shape design is the best solution.

A rectangular, or geometric-shape is easier to build. It provides the greatest room for swimming.

Seen the inspiration image below, it complements the architectural style of the place. The pearl grey flooring pattern suits on the back porch surface.

The bright white bench accompanies the planters placed on the sides.

rectangular retreat


Luxurious pool area or garden?

Don’t compromise one for the other.

Design your pool along with the garden. Create beautiful art by adding a water feature and gardening supplies.

Using a right paving stone will transform a traditional space into a charming piece.

poolside garden, pool side garden ideas

The brown mist flooring pattern is the breathtaking elements in the entire scene. Finely chopped ornamental grass gives a natural touch.

Make your tea time special by adding simple sitting arrangement. Set of patio chairs with golden cushions is seamless.


The yard composition is simple yet stylish. The series of elements, including spa, pillars, stone pots creates a Mediterranean trend.

Pearl grey all around installed to add visual interest. The silvery grey flooring pattern adorns the place.

Moreover, a big round above ground water feature is an alluring element. The adorable effect creates by pearl grey wall cap and ledge stone.

Mediterranean trend



Building a spa area is all about relaxation.

Take full benefit of a splash and sun with an attractive patio pool design.

It is more than a swimming pool. The place to pamper yourself.

Enjoy the relaxing element without stepping foot out of the home.

Natural stone pavers complement the patio surroundings. An in-ground pool with half-circled spa blends with landscaping design.

Keep the lounge chairs close to a water feature to enjoy the scene.



Pool landscaping is not about adding a building stone. A perfect design must carry some soft scape elements as well.

Garden decorations can make the area inviting warmth. It creates a welcoming outdoor atmosphere.

Finely cut bushes are the perfect pool accessory to add a soft touch.

Enrich the poolscape by installing tropical poolside plants and colorful pots. Ground cover with stepping stone walkway gives a natural look.

Create a stone pool design wrapped with greenery and certain decorative elements.


Create a backyard design for yourself, friends and family. Addition of pool to it will be your private summer retreat.

Seek the help of a professional such as a landscape architect to get the best work done.

A beautiful sky color still water along with falling fountain grab the attention. Accent the boundary by placing neutral color pebbles.

backyard pool landscaping ideas, small yard with pool landscaping

Soft color bullnose pool coping gives a lovely edging to the corners.

Besides, installation of planters, colorful, stone retaining walls and pathways will be great.


In the present century, people are developing linking for fusion concept.

Mix and match of classic but contemporary look is a new way to create a style statement.

Pearl grey paver flooring on the half squared pool creates an aesthetic appeal. Contemporary style includes green plants on the boundary wall.

Flagstone application enriches the grace of retaining wall planter. Develop the front yard landscaping design with waterfall and stone pots.

stone universe inc pool tiles


Get ready for a classy party.

The patio pool is the entertainment center. A circled water feature is enough to accommodate family and friends.

Bown mist rock face flooring pattern is the talking piece in the entire image.

Sheltered tables and seats on the spacious deck creates a planned sitting arrangement.

Go extra-ordinary installing an outdoor kitchen. A barbeque (BBQ) serves a party-perfect element.

Aluminum chimney takes away the strong smell of cooked species. Only the sweet aroma of the cuisine will leave behind.

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Are all done with construction project?

Now, want to build a swimming pool?

Relax! You can do the same without digging deep in the ground.

Above ground pool is the best way out, especially for small yards.

In recent years, above-ground swimming pools are gaining popularity. Because of the affordable nature and ease of installation.

The round water feature above the ground creates a nice visual appeal.


The yard is an outdoor living room.

So, create it in a way to get benefit in winters and summers both.

Make it a perfect surface for morning yoga or activities. Get the cool splash over in the hot noon.

A squared stone pool surrounded with stone become a fantastic centerpiece. Right from the deck chairs to the stone pathways, each element serves the aesthetic of beauty.

Add an outdoor fire pit with hot tub for a cozy effect in winter evenings. A luxury stone fireplace can add tranquility to the area.

Extending the stone used on the fire feature look amazing. One can go for a thin veneer or ledge stone application.


To give a rustic appeal to the outdoor oasis, sandstone application is the best. Sandstone, a sedimentary rock often comes in neutral shades.

The addition of rich minerals gives a nice texture and hue to the rock. Sandstone flooring is a complete package of durability and beauty.

An in-ground pool with covered roof. Teakwood sandstone lay on the deck flooring. The swirls and veins of orange create a charming appeal.

Large pillars give a royal look. Stepping stones pathway and pergola complete the patio look.

sandstone outdoor tiles, sandstone tiles texture


Construction of boundary walls is an innovative pool landscaping idea.

For a private spa, fencing is necessary. It is like an outdoor room. Thus, need to take care of the privacy factor.

There are several ways of separating one exterior part from another. One can go for plant fencing, grass partition or a retaining wall.

Retaining wall with stacked stone application complements the area. It gives an excellent projection.

The z shape interlocking pane and corners adjust over the wall. A wide range of attractive colors is available.


Addition of wall cap on the fountain or water wall is a million dollar idea. The stone wall cap has rock face, snapped or chiseled edges.

The water falling downwards through these edges creates a nice texture. It gives a fascinating flayer to the moving water.

It creates an attention-grabbing visual appeal.


All the above were the pool landscaping ideas.

But don’t go alone.

Ask the pool builder, landscaper or natural stone suppliers about the best suggestions for the pool landscape. They will also guide in pool maintenance. The landscape architect can analysis the area more appropriately and guides the best.

For more inspiring pool landscape designs, visit the PHOTO GALLERY. Visualize and plan your dream backyard stone pool oasis.

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