Affordable & Attractive: Stacked Stone Installation Ideas


Are you looking for some sought of revamping to the living area? Incorporation of ledge stone will be a great addition to the landscaping decor. It is one of the most popular yet effective ways to revamp the interior as well as the exterior area.

SUI’s ledge stone panels and corners are not only it is in the emerging trend — it’s affordable as well.

Once you make up your mind for opting stacked s, don’t get it confused with cultured stone. There is a world of difference in both.

Let’s have a look at some of the fundamental differences:

Now, one can conclude the importance of natural stone for the project. The primary motive of our landscaping company is to overcome certain misconception. Unlike manufactured stone, ledger is high-quality, practical, or inexpensive rock.

Do you know:

SUI’s stacked stone ledger panel and corner are 100% real made from natural minerals present in the earth’s crust. It’s going to be with you for centuries and never obsolete.

Get inspired! Check out the eye-catching landscaping design ideas with the natural stone collection:



Antique Scabos Travertine Stacked Stone Outdoor Kitchenette

Get bored with the old kitchen design? Recreate it with the inspiring look of outdoor kitchenette as shown in the image. Perfect hardscaping design that suits your budget.

You all know how outdoor kitchens are essential these days! This addition to the landscape project occupies the vacant space. Yet, enhance the property value. No other feeling can match — enjoying a meal with the family in the outdoor oasis.

The mouth-watering aromas give a boost to the taste buds and make your cooking time more special. Open sky, bright sunshine, and fresh air always keep you refreshing.

Choose the best for your place! Look at the above image. The panels and corner place with each other in the interlocking foam. Antique scabos are the mixture of mud brown, cedar, cinnamon and light beige. A reflection of silver brings its physical appearance to the next level.

Stone ledge veneer applies in the outdoor cooking area has non-cement backing. Thus, stick with a chemical to the wall. This installation process is quite convenient.

Travertine – Antique scabos stone type makes it more durable. Thus, giving prestigious appeal to the construction project. Have fun cooking along with natural elements around you.



Desert Gold Ledge Stone on Outer Wall Cladding

Choosing the material for outdoor wall cladding is a critical task. It’s not workable neither affordable to keep on changing cladding material now and then.

Before making this wise investment, think twice and do in-depth research. We are sure you find stacked stone siding the best of all at the end. You can also take advice from SUI dealers about any stone product.

Want to create a spectacular outdoor living surrounding? Desert Gold with quartzite mix base is the best option. The exterior stacked stone panels available in easy to cut to size option to fix at any wall.

Desert Gold is the mixture of golden-brown, brick red, gray, silver-white. If you look the above image, the color somewhere reflects greenish hues also. Application of stacked veneer stone gives a desert-like theme to the outdoor area.

One needs to apply the rectangular slab on the masonry structure with the mortar. The stiffness of quartzite make this stone an ideal choice. Cement backing and gold variants make it suitable for the outside siding & cladding.


Desert Gold Stack Stone on Side Wall

Another image of photo gallery from our stone ledge veneer section. It shows a perfect match of ledge panels and flooring pavers. Go natural with veneer application and develop inexpensive retaining wall ideas. It is ideal for large installations as well. For a significant impact, make use of the same color stone on a single wall.

thin stone veneer panels, natural stone veneer panels, thin faux stone veneer

Desert Gold Stone Veneer on Step Risers & Boundary Wall

Enrich the entryway and give a warm welcome to the visitors! Regular stairs are a part of the landscaping of every second person. Even your neighbors also have a same. So, don’t apply ordinary stone. Use the natural stone collection to give an extraordinary appeal. Installation ledger panel on outdoor stairs gives a similar view as shown in the above image.

The decorative stone on the front door step risers and boundary wall looks seamless. A natural stone veneer supplier offers the best suitable stone products. Thus, makes the outdoor surroundings appealing.


exterior stack stone, travertine ledger panels

Canyon Rust Slate Stone Veneer in the yard

There are specific ways to make an outdoor yard attractive. The ledger stone application is one of the best ideas among them. Especially when it is available in such a pleasant tone that grab the attention.

Canyon rust is a perfect blend of Persian orange, dark golden red, rust, amber. It covers orange-yellow hues with the heavy brown background. The specialty of this dark color stone is that it suits well in any location whether inside or outside.

As given in the image, dark shade and soft color complement each other. Wall caps, column cap and classic stone paver provide projection to the entire patio. Most of the people opt for ledge stone facade design ideas as well because of its high durability.

Watch: Veneer stone complements the pillars, boundary wall, and fire pit surroundings. The paving stone lay on the surface covering. Stone column cap on the column with a decorative piece on the top add the great feature. Wall caps protect the masonry wall and fire feature.

One of the best qualities of natural ledge stone is that panels and corners both are available. One neither need to match it with the contrasting colors nor cut the rock in the shape of the edges. Cutting of the stone leads to wastage.

SUI corners and panels are available in proper shape and ready to use. Get inspired by the demonstrating ledge stone picture. Accent the hearth, wall and other elements of an outdoor living room.


Outdoor Accent with Smoke Stack Slate Stone

Building a big masonry wall outside doesn’t complete the entire construction project. Masonry walls are of no use until some sought of stone, paint or decorative elements applied to it.

Want to paint the wall? Stop! The scenario in which you are living demands something unique. Whitewashing becomes an old trend. Who has the time to do such tricky works? The dirt & dust of painting make you unhealthy.

Smoke Stack is a combination of dark light intensities of brown. Amber, beaver, chestnut brown, buff, umber reflects the most. Such warm tones can blend with any landscaping design idea. Only slate panels apply to the wall having cement backing.

Thinking: How to install stone panels on the wall?

Well, it’s a simple task. Hire a professional contractor for the job. One should have some basic knowledge about the installation process. Level the masonry wall . Mix cement and water to remove all the clumps. It rests for some time. Remix it to make the batter smooth and thin. Then start applying mortar on the surface. Start with panel fixing followed by corners. Let the mortar dry and then remove extra cement from the wall.

After reading, you came to know about the installer work to the most significant extent. Still, contact SUI for a proper ledge installation guide.


Multicolor Interior Wall

Install stone ledge panel on the interior wall

Above you see stacked stone ledger panel installation ideas. It is easy to install. Basically apply on the sheltered outdoor spaces like the kitchen, patio, etc.

It is prevalent in creating interior ledgestone veneer ideas.

Convert the outdated fire feature into a warm and welcoming one. The stone veneer fireplace image gives a luxurious look to the area. But don’t worry. It’s not that expensive. Natural stones are not costly, but still provides a rich appeal to the project. Isn’t it wonderful?


By installing stone veneer panels, one can get a dignified look within budget. It is the best way to create fantastic design ideas of stone veneer for the fireplace.

One can avail affordable fireplace stone veneer in multi color. What else anyone needs? Our company is a landscaping supplier and understand the needs of the general public. Thus, we offer ledge stone in multi-color option as well.

It carries many shades such as dark tangerine, blue, dark brown, yellow, pale. The Slate stone base and ease of no cement backing installation make it’s an emerging trend.

Ledge stone fireplace image with T.V mounted on the top of the wall creates a seamless appearance in the hall area.


autumn mist ledge, stone veneer

Autumn Mist Sandstone on Real Stone Fireplace

Fire feature in the room, hall or foyer serves as a central piece. The choosing of right stone type is the most significant decision. Moreover, color options has its own significance.

See here, various tones of autumn mist create a classic and timeless appeal. Gray-green, off-white, yellowish hues belonging to the brownish family form an autumn mist.

The exclusive natural color available in sandstone base with non-cement backing. Develop creative ideas for residential or commercial decor with this ledge stone fireplace. Everyone is aware of the qualities of sandstone.

It remains under the earth’s crust since ages, and the material that came out is durable.

Autumn mist panels apply to the wall with the chemical. Mounted T.V with fire mantel below along with plastic pots gives finish touch to the interior wall decor.

Final Words:

Above discussion makes you familiar with the applications of the ledge veneer stone. For people who earlier thought that natural stone has limited uses, came to know a lot more stuff about it.

Dreaming of a fascinating place!

It’s not wrong when you can get it done without over budgeting yourself.

It is a trailer. Take out a few moments and visit our photo gallery. Inspire yourself with a lot more attractive and affordable stacked stone panel installation ideas. A variety of real stone veneer product, colors, and patterns are there for viewers. Now, construct fireplace, kitchen cabinets or accent walls on a budget!

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