Striking Floor / Wall Patterns You Must See

In a construction or re-construction mood? You are with the right company. The stone company representing today’s trend statement.

Do you know what one should consider the most while taking over a building project?

Well, there are the two most common elements i.e Wall and Floor. Adopt a minimalist approach and highlight these two home components to make it stand out.

The Pattern Trend is back in a great way. Highly popping up in the interior as well as exterior decors.

This list inspires you to build a house that becomes the point of discussion:


Talking about the design world, patterns have a unique space. It is not just a trend that goes this season only. Rather, such flooring schemes live for years to come.

Rock face pattern refers to the combination of varied size natural stone having rock face, chiseled or snapped edges. In this, edges are given shape with the help of chisel and hammer.

If you make up your mind to opt for rock face flooring this time, there are several looks available on the scene.

The availability of numerous trending shades and high-quality features makes this natural stone pattern more loveable.

Rock face ashlar (8 size pattern), rock face random (3 side pattern) and rock face jumbo patterns (4 size pattern) are there in the range.

Here, rock face jumbo pattern is applied on the pool deck surrounds. The beautiful brown mist color flaunts the entire outdoor surroundings.

The small and finely chopped grass infuse the fresh life to space. At its best, it makes the exterior area alluring and highly presentable.


Hunting for a flooring material that enriches the personality of your outdoor patio? Opt for SUI’s paving range featuring striking patterns, finishes, textures, and colors.

Moreover, natural material can add a contemporary spark to any design. Paver pattern flooring have saw cut edges which are done with the help of a machine.

The alluring and attractive shades provide a high-end and trendy look that will stay for long.

Looking up to the paver range, SUI offers a large number of options. Paver ashlar 8 size pattern, paver random 3 side pattern, paver rectangular 5 size pattern, paver Versailles 4 size pattern, etc. are there in the list.

Either it’s about laying the floor in a patio, backyard, front yard or a garden, natural stone flooring suits the best

Paver Versailles Pattern enriches the grace of the walkway in the below-given image. Antique walnut with the hints of brown and tan works as a cherry on the cake.


Opt for something unique and see the magical effect on home construction. Irregular pattern flagstone is the random shape pieces joined together to create an extraordinary effect.

Either it’s a wall cladding or floor coverings, flagstone is an ideal choice. Be it a commercial location or a residential place, this floor/wall pattern is loved by all.

More than 20 colors are available that melds a contemporary and traditional look together.

One can opt this random shape natural stone to create alluring flooring design ideas. Its hard-wearing properties make it an ideal floor choice.

Moreover, it would be fun to create fascinating shapes using flagstone pieces on the wall to create unique scenery.

Here, the natural stone is installed perfectly on the commercial location. Enhancing the grace of floor, it gives a seamless appeal to the surroundings.

The combination of black and grey variants (Antique Black) is the component that complements area the most.


Patterns not only enhance the beauty of floor coverings but also plays an equally important role in wall accent.

When it’s about natural stone, there are several rooms open up for designing. And among them, ledge stone wall application is the one.

Ledgestone is available in panels and corners. These ledger panels and corners adjust with each other in the interlocking way forming a Z shape pattern.

This wall pattern is becoming popular among the masses day by day. Be it an outer cladding, interior wall, bath or kitchen backsplash, stacked stone accents all.

Multiple colors featuring elegance and beauty mesmerize the building project. If you are all set to carry a backyard construction project, opt for this patter without any dilemma.

The interlocking form of stacked stone panels and corners gives a great visual appeal to the fireplace surrounds.


Who said patterns are not meant for wall coverings? It is possible with the quarried natural stone.

Opt for square rectangular veneer flats and corners to give a magnificent effect to the outer area. Cover you claddings and siding with the grace of nature and purity.

Thin stone veneer is easy to install and simple to manage. It comes into action where it is not possible to install heavy stone.

Here, the beautiful color Autumn Mist is installed all around the outdoor scenery. Thin veneer stone looks perfect on the facade giving a magnificent visual effect.

Contrasting stone in the chimney and boundary creates an outline statement.

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