What Is Column Cap?

(2) Everything you need to know

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Are you about to construct or revamp your dream land?

The outdoor area is the actual image reflector. One must pay due consideration to its decor. Several elements help in enriching the outdoor surroundings.

Columns are one among them. You might have heard or read in the books about the royalty of Mughals. Antique pillars and columns were the most significant element of their royal empire.

Nothing has changed since then. Most of the people prefer to opt for column construction to provide a pleasant outdoor accent.

The choice of the right material is the only thing that one should put stress on. There are several materials available in the market. But the stone that is affordable yet attractive is only worthwhile.

Natural stone is all in one solution for building constructions.



Stone Universe Inc offers cap stone collection for covering and beautifying the outdoor pillars. Cap stone as clear from the name – the stone used to cover the topmost surface. It is a large flat stone which works like headgear for the vertical structures.


What is Stone Column Cap?

A combination of two words, i.e., Column + Cap. Where column refers to the standing vertical structure and the cap is the top covering material.

So, together column cap refers to the piece of quarried stone cut in square to place on the top of the pillar. Available with all four sides rock face. Here, rock face refers to the snapped or chiselled edges.

Are you a homeowner who wants a lavishing outdoor living area?


An architect who wants to design a finite architectural element in an outdoor oasis?

Whatever the case may be, capping stone suits the best. Column covers made from natural stone not only enhance the visual appeal but also offers life long durability.

Few Facts at Glance

Here are some of the hidden facts about the pillar capstone that one must know before its installation:

  • Long-lasting: Monuments made from natural stone years ago are still standing with the same beauty and perfection.


  • Sealers: While working with natural stone sealers are not necessary. But there is nothing wrong if you apply them for long-lasting original appearance.


  • Affordable: Cost of real stone looks nothing when compared with the benefits which a person is going to derive.

5 Key Characteristics – Defines Cap Stone the Best

Below mentioned features of natural pillar cap can help you in understanding about it more clearly:

  1. Shape: SUI capstone collection is available in the square dimension. It is designed in a way to fit the architectural design requirements. Cap stone is bigger than the vertical structure so that it can protect all four sides.


  1. Thickness:  Thickness of the material matters a lot, as it is the deciding factor about its longevity. Column cap is available with the thickness 1½”, 1¼” and 2″.


  1. Finishes: Tumbled, non-tumbled and sawn are the famous finishes in which pier cap is available. The tumbled finish gives a smooth surface to the stone with the help of the tumbling process. Whereas, sawn finish occurs with the help of the sawing process.


  1. Edging: All 4 sides are rock face, which are also popular with the name chiselled or snapped edge. Rock face edges are opposite to the straight edges which are hammed to give it a finite look.


  1. Customization: Every person has its own need and requirement. Columns cut from the large piece of slab. Now you can get the natural stone customized on order of full container load with the time period of 14-15 weeks, and the final look of stone is a work of art.

Role of Pillar cap in Construction

Columns or pillars are made from the masonry structure. The structure will look untidy unless it is covered with some sought of top coverings.

Moreover, pillar open from the top stores rainwater, dirt and dust into it, which slowly weaken its foundation.

The column cap is always wide from the area of the column top. Its primary purpose is to handle the load-bearing capacity.

Besides, it also serves the aim of providing a beautiful visual accent. Nothing can add a great touch to the construction project like natural stone post caps.

The stiff and subtle structure meant to add grace to the exterior architectural design by balancing all other elements. Now, cap the masonry structures with this product of Stone Universe.



When it comes to the outdoor construction, choice of capping stone plays an important role. Here, it acts as a maker or breaker element. Below are the key points to help you out in the situation:


Column _cap_pier_collection

Size matters a lot:

While making this decision, one must consider the size of the masonry pillar as well as the headgear stone going to place on it. The stone should neither be too large nor too small.

Right-sized post caps look aesthetically pleasing and go proportional with outdoor oasis. We at Stone Universe Inc offers a capstone in various sizes that suits your structure the best.

Available Sizes:








  • Contrasting Color:

Natural stones come in a wide array of color option. You can get hues from dark to light, adding multi-color in the range. Choice of bold colors makes the decor to stand out. Whereas, charm hues provide a prominent touch.

Selecting multi-shades or stone with veins and swirls on the surface blends quickly with the surroundings and make a subtle statement.

  • Move with the trend:

Only things into trend can survive for long. Unlike cast stone column cap, the natural product was in trend and will remain for the years to come. Home construction is not an everyday task. Thus, always opt for affordable yet top trending stone column cap.



Give your columns a beautiful plus natural appeal by choosing stone top caps. It not only gives a decorative accent but also enhances the curb appeal.

It perfectly blends the traditional touch into modern appeal. Create an essence of the classical beauty of ancient times.


  • Front Porch: 

front porch

The front porch is the most relaxing areas where one can re-energize by sitting in the lap of nature. Then why not to give it a classic touch.

The most elegant – stone columns enhance the curb appeal and give it a fresh look. Building front porch columns along with nice sitting arrangement give a lift to the outdoor surroundings.


  • Mail Boxes:

Mailboxes become an essential component of outdoor decor nowadays. Besides serving the decorative purpose, it also acts as a protector for your important mails.

Highly resistant to harsh external conditions like rain, sunlight, wind and moisture. Accessorize your outdoor pillars with cap stone that will not fade, crack or peel.


  • Retaining pillars/ columns: 

retaining pillar cap suistone

Pillars in the outdoor area create an alluring effect by providing the royal look. Masonry structures look quite boring. Thus, there is always a need of some garnishing material.

Stone column caps featuring beauty as well as hard-wearing qualities attract builders, contractors and architects. One can make use of square (column cap) and rectangular (wall cap) cap stone both to accent the outdoor walls.


  • Driveways:

Driveways always need some sought of fencing to provide a clear and dignified look. Here, cap stones are the perfect finished material for the hardscape projects.

The wall stone complements the entire surroundings and provides a nice visual appeal. It is easy to achieve a unique and sophisticated design using fence pillar caps.


  • Commercial Streets: 

commercial street_capstone

Apart from residential applications, stone column covers have their importance in commercial construction as well. Being of durable and hard-wearing nature, architects and builders do not hesitate to apply it on the street pillar tops.

Large projects such as commercial streets call for royal and dramatic accent just similar that cap stone provides. Both the standing pillars with steel lamp on the top gives a finishing touch.




Caps not always sit directly on horizontal structure. One can create several mesmerizing looks by changing its base.

Stacked stone goes best on the outdoor columns. Natural stacked stone and pier cap makes an interesting combination.

The thin veneer pieces adjust easily on the masonry structure. Create a style statement by opting contrasting color stone that suits your landscaping design the most.


Final Words:

Hardscape and landscape elements are vital to design a construction project. A functional and complementary hardscaping material becomes the backbone of beautiful landscaping.

Either you are designing front patio, home backyard, drive path or a commercial street, structure like columns and pillars balance the entire project. Simply, pillar caps protect, accentuate and complete the freestanding pillar or column.

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