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antique buff [sandstone]

Fusion of white-blue and pale brown give birth to antique buff. Available in sandstone base with 4 sides rock face or snapped or chiseled. Want to bring contemporary look to the project? This sandstone caping stone is one of the best options. Autumn mist is tumble to get this naturally alluring color. One can apply it on the stairs or retaining walls. According to Pre and Post Flexural Stregth Test, it is resistant to cracking and breakage.

  • High compressive strength
  • Vibrant beauty
Sizes Available in -

Note -

4 sides Rock Face.
Size Pcs. / Box Boxes / Pallet (Approx.) Pcs / Pallet (Approx.) Sq.Ft. / Pallet (Approx.) Weight / Pallet (Approx.) lbs
12"x24"x1½"± Loose Loose 75 150 3000
16"x24"x2"± Loose Loose 40 107 3000


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