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SUI - The Landscaping Supply Store in Maryland

After having four warehouses in different locations in the Northern & Southern United States of America, Stone Universe Inc. proudly announces the opening of its 5th distribution center in the East Coast region, Baltimore, Maryland. Increasing demand for natural stone among the homemakers, builders, architects, landscapers, designers and contractors motive SUI to enter in the East Coast area. Since 1999, we are in the stone business, and we truly understand the requirement of building stone in each sector, whether its commercial, residential or industrial.

If you want something exotic for the construction or renovation of your project, get in touch with SUI. We offer a vast array of natural stone products in different color variations. One can get the texture and finish of the product as per the desire because we accept custom orders as well. In simple terms, you can get every building material for garnishing your walls, floors, indoor as well as outdoor surroundings.

Nearby Locations of SUI, Maryland Natural Stone Supplier

Although our landscape company does not directly sell to the customers. But, we have a chain of dealers in various locations in Maryland, where one can visit and have a look at the showcased collection. They will assist you in the best possible way regarding the suitable landscaping material that makes your project attractive.

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Working Process: No doubt there are ample of building material options available like manufactured. But the point of concern is that how the material is prepared which you are going to apply to the project. One must know the proper produce right from the beginning, i.e., extraction till the end stage, i.e., packaging. SUI's fabrication process is transparent to the public because we adopt 100% natural methods for converting raw material into the final product.

Our stone experts get the best quality rock from the sandstone, limestone, travertine, quartzite and slate quarry. The giant blocks are cut into small pieces and transported to the factory where we have the best machines in the fabrication process. Our fabrication process is purely water based. After that, the stone comes in the process of finishing. Tumbled, non-tumbled, honed, sandblast, rock face, sawn flamed, etc. are the various stone finishes. Our packaging system is safe and durable for long distance orders as well.

Watch Out: Landscaping Supplies in Rosedale, Maryland

SUI open landscaping supply yard in Rosedale, Maryland with more than 14 products available in 26 color options. Each color depicts beautiful color variations that easily suits at any place.

Landscape & wall series collection by SUI in East Coast states of Maryland are as follows:-

Bullnose/ Pool Coping:

Pool coping is the perfect product for covering the edges of the pool. It gives safe and round corners to the pool line and looks similar to the nose of a bull. Thus, also become famous with the name bullnose coping. Swimming pool coping along with pavers on the deck can add elegance, style, and sophistication to the entire surrounding. Besides covering the pool edges, it also applies to the planter box, stairs, water features, benches, corners, etc. Baltimore, Maryland people, can now get this natural stone in two sizes, i.e., 12"x24"x2" and 14"x24"x2".

Column Cap:

Do you know your masonry columns need capping? SUI column cap serves the same purpose. It protects your free-standing pillars from the rain, climate or other damages. Besides protection, it gives a seamless finish to your outdoor pillars. One can fix lamps or other lighting fixtures that enhance the grace of outdoor or garden areas. It is equally useful for safeguarding the mailboxes placed outside the home.


Looking for outer surface covering? Flagstone is the one for which you can go. These are the irregular piece random in its length and width used for laying the surface coverings of the outdoor entertainment area. These are also known as crazy pavers as they look like a puzzle when put on the floor. Ideal for installing a walkway, pathway, patio, courtyard, front yard, fire pit surroundings, etc. Stone Universe offers 1.5" flagstone with concrete base bedding in the Eastern areas.


Ledgestone panel and corners are perfect for covering indoor as well as outdoor walls. Either it's a seat wall or a side wall, the natural stacked stone is suitable for both. The panel and corner are interlocked with each other and give an attractive look. One can avail this natural stone product with cement and non-cement backing. The primary difference between both is that one need mortar for fixing while another need chemical. An ideal for a pillar, column, wall, kitchen cabinets, fireplaces, etc.

Paver Ashlar Pattern:

The eight size paver pattern, the paver ashlar pattern is one of the most popular flooring material for laying the outdoor surfaces. The various squares and rectangular pieces are put together to form different layout that looks exotic in comparison to the loose pavers. So, give new appeal to the garden, patio, backyard, pool deck or other allied outdoor surroundings with this paver eight size pattern having sawn cut edges.

Paver Versailles Pattern:

Paver Versailles pattern is also known as 4 size paver pattern as it comes in four sizes, i.e., 8"x8", 8"x16", 16"x16", 16"x24". This flooring material is popular among the people with the name of french patterns also. What does the best flooring stone require? Durability, stiffness, longevity, slip-resistant and timeless beauty are the essential features of good quality landscaping stone. This natural stone pattern has all those properties.

Rock Face Ashlar Pattern:

Like paver ashlar pattern, it is also available in 8 same dimensions, but the essential difference reflects in its thickness and type of edges. Rock face 8 size pattern is available with rock face edges and thickness 7/8". Being nature's flooring material, it perfectly accents the outdoor surfaces such as front yard, backyard, walkways, terrace, garden, sidewalks, etc.


What is the benchmark for a functional kitchen and a bathroom? A slab is a primary element that can make your cooking and bath area attractive. A natural stone slab is an ideal product for both indoor as a well outdoor kitchenette. It's hard-wearing, and heat-resistant nature makes it the best choice of grilling stations. Sandstone, slate or limestone slab on the bathroom vanity tops gives seamless appeal. Moreover, opting stone slab for restaurant tables, reception counter, laboratories is also a wise choice.

Stepping Stone:

Want a little change in the passage area? Create a fascinating pathway in the gardens, parks or lawns with stepping stones. These are the steppers which can apply on the ground in the series to form an alleyway. It is available in attractive colors and irregular shape.


Give an old world look to the outside entrance by applying natural stone steps to the project. It gives a royal touch to the entire surrounding. It possesses physical properties such as high compressive strength, low bending strength, skid resistant and durability which makes it perfect landscaping material for outdoor areas.


Tread is the long rectangular piece of natural stone, usually applied to the top surface of the stairs. It is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor staircase. The steps on the entrance or a staircase in the foyer are the point of attraction which grab the attention of the viewer. So, make stairway with landing or without landing unique with the application of stone treads.

Thin Veneer:

Besides ledge stone, the thin veneer is the other product available in wall series. These are the thin pieces which can apply smoothly on the wall where the massive rock is not suitable. Square, rectangular, ledge, dimensional are the various options which one can choose as per the desire. Perfect for fa§ade, wall cladding, chimney, main boxes, pillars, columns, etc. 

Window Sill:

Clear from the name; it is the sill made from natural stone used to protect the window and its frame. It slops downwards to drain the water and prevent deterioration. The thin veneer on the outer wall along with window sill gives a dignified look to the entire area.

The ultimate aim of landscaping supplier in Maryland is to the serve the customer with high-quality natural stone. For us, nothing is important than customer satisfaction. That's why our team keep on updating the product line and color options from time to time to meet the different requirement of the people.