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SUI – The Landscaping Supply Store in Southern California

Set up in 1999, Stone Universe Inc. starts its business as a wholesale natural stone distributor by opening its first warehouse in Southern California. In 2017, SUI opened its 4th Distribution Center in Belflower, Southern California. Our company has earned the reputation among the homeowners, builders, architects, landscapers as a landscaping supply store because we offer high-quality landscaping material that gives a new projection to any space.

Want to give an exotic and unique touch to your landscape? Join hands with SUI. Here you will get all the products extract from natural and 100% mineral resources. Besides providing defined sizes and finishes in the product, we also accept customized orders. So, people can now get the dimension and finish of the product according to their requirements.

Nearby Locations of SUI, Southern California Natural Stone Supplier

The number of dealers a company has is the symbol of company’s growth. Our stone company has an extensive network of dealers throughout the USA. In the southern part of California, we have dealers in following locations:


Canoga Park



Chula Vista

Costa Mesa




El Segundo



Lemon Grove

Los Alamitos

Los Angeles




North Hollywood



Being a wholesale distributor in the United States of America, we do not directly sell the customer. One can purchase directly visit the landscaping store, view the display range and buy from the nearby SUI dealer. Thanks to our cooperative dealers who treat the client with best suitable building stone for the project construction. They are always ready to give valuable guidance to the customer.

Working Process: We have a team of skillful and well-trained persons who collect rich quality stones from the different quarries of the world. The quarried raw material is further processed into the machines to give finishes like tumbled, honed, sawn flamed, flamed, rock face or sawn keeping in view the consumer requirement. After completion of the above process, the product passes through some of the quality checks to ensure its quality. We believe in selling the quality product to satisfy the customer.

Watch Out: Landscaping Supplies in Southern California

We keep on modifying our product range with the changing trend to cater the needs of the customers. In the Southern part of California, we offer more than 23 natural stone products in more than 36 unique color options.

Landscape & wall series collection by SUI, in Southern California, are as follows:-

Bullnose/ Pool Coping:-

If you are searching for the product that beautifies your pool area, then end up your search with our innovative product. Pool coping is the perfect material to apply to the edges of the swimming pool that gives it safe and round shape. Asides, one can apply bullnose coping to the stairs, planter boxes, corners, fountains, etc.

Cobblestones/ Setts:-

Cobbles are one of the best outdoor paving material for any residential, commercial or industrial sector. These are rough textured small pieces having random width and depth. Ideal for laying walkways, pathways, sidewalks, fire pits or any other outdoor paving surfaces. Application of cobbles on the outdoor kitchenette or BBQ is an emerging trend.

Column Cap:-

As the name suggested, it is a type of stone that adjust on the top of freestanding columns or pillars just like a cap. These are like the head-gear that protect your masonry project against weathering wear and tear. It is available with all the sides rock face, snapped or chiseled.

Driveway Pavers:-

Driveway pavers are the natural stone product use for especially paving the drive paths. These are smooth in texture and popular for their durability, sustainability, hard-wearing feature. Beautify your pathways, walkway or driveways by highlighting various themes or patterns with driveway pavers.


Want different surface covering for paving outdoor areas? Flagstones are one of the best options, random in length and width. Besides paver and flooring pattern, these crazy pavers give a different appeal to the floor. This irregular natural stone is ideal for laying patio, backyard, front yard, the garden of fit pit surroundings.  

Ledge Stone:-

These are the rectangular strips made up of natural stone mostly used for wall claddings, backsplash, fireplaces, pillar, column, etc. These are available in an interlocking panel corner pattern which makes it an easy adjustment. One can opt for cement or non-cement backing ledge stone as per the choice.

Paver Flooring Pattern:-

Flooring pattern with saw cut edges includes paver Versailles (4 sizes) pattern, paver random (3 sizes) pattern, paver roman(3 sizes) pattern and paver jumbo (4 sizes) pattern. Looking for perfect outdoor flooring material? All these patterns are the combination of more than one pavers having different dimensions and use for laying an outdoor entertainment area. The durable and versatile feature makes it an ideal stone for exterior surfaces.

Rock Face Flooring Pattern:-

Flooring pattern with the rock face, snapped or chiseled edges include rock face random (3 sizes) pattern and rock face jumbo (4 sizes) pattern. Whether you want to install surface covering in the patio, courtyard, backyard, front yard, pool or garden area, this flooring is an ideal choice.


Slabs are the rectangular pieces useful for decorating the countertops either it is a kitchen, bathroom in a residential area or laboratory, reception counter in commercial areas. The stone slabs are well known for their solid and hard-wearing nature.

Stepping Stones:-

Make your garden passage more appealing with a wide range of SUI stepping stones. These are popular because of the square, round, heart, irregular. These are easy to adjust on the grass as well as on the mud in the parks or gardens. Installing steppers on the entrance or in the backyard gives a unique look to the entire project.


Stone steps give the outlook old look to the entryway. These are generally used to outdoor accent residential as well as in commercial areas. These are becoming popular in the backyard and front yard also because of the anti-slippery feature.


Treads are 3 side rock face and 1 side saw cut rectangular piece of natural stone. They are available in natural color options and use to accent the upper part of stairs, walls or fireplaces. In fact, these can apply to both indoor as well as outdoor staircase.

Tiles & Tile Versailles Pattern:

When it’s about indoor flooring, then no material can beat the beauty of natural tiles. It is the choice of people since ages. So, accent your kitchen, bathroom and room flooring with tile application. SUI overcomes the myth that tiles are only suitable for indoor applications. Our tile Versailles pattern is perfect for laying outdoor floor covering.

Wall Cap:

Wall cap is the natural material used to protect your masonry boundary or seat walls from routine damages. Moreover, it also acts as a decorative stone and gives finishing touch to the wall. Application of ledge stone on the wall along with stone cap completes your project.

Window Sill:-

These are rock face from 1 side and saw cut from other 3 sides. These apply behind the window frame to protect it from the moisture or deterioration. Rainwater drains easily as these are the taper in shape.

All the above-said products are composed of Antique Stone, Quartzite, Limestone, Travertine, Sandstone and Slate. Stone Universe Inc. import natural stone of various sizes, shapes, and color which is easy to maintain and enhance the beauty. Besides dealing with rock, we genuinely fulfill our responsibility towards contributing the environment & society by adopting water-based fabrication process and competitive pricing respectively.