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SUI – The Landscaping Supply Store & Stone Yard in Houston - Baytown Texas

Stone Universe Inc. deals in the supply of natural stone products throughout the United States of America. Since 1999, we are the reputed wholesale distributor of quality stone in the U.S.A market. With the emerging trend of nature’s rock as a building material, SUI expands its operations by establishing another landscaping supply yard in South Central states of Texas in the year 2016.

Are you in search of high-end landscaping material? Switch to SUI to get material as per your need and preference. Our company specializes in accepting the customized orders. We are grateful to present the customers with durable as well as eye-catching products made from nature’s essence.

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Besides capturing the largest state in Northern and Eastern part of the united states, the company expands its roots in various other southern locations as well. These are




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Round Rock


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Forth Worth


El Paso

San Angelo


We have a well-supported chain of dealers in all the above mentioned allied locations of Texas. They are always ready to guide the customer in the best possible manner. As our stone company in Texas, directly sell the products to the dealers, so one can visit their place where the collection showcase. 

Working Process: From extraction till fabrication, SUI’s process is purely natural. The material like sandstone, limestone, slate, travertine extracts from the beautiful quarries present in the various origins of the world.

Our team of professionals examines and takes the best quality of blocks for the further production. The quarried raw material is fabricated into different machines to get the finished product. One can avail the product finish as per the requirement such as tumbled, non-tumbled, honed, sandblast, and much more. Most of the colors pass through various standardized tests to ensure the quality.

“We believe in capturing the heart of masses by selling quality products that are with you for long.”

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After becoming the wholesale natural stone distributor, Stone Universe Inc. expands its product as well as color collection multiple times than earlier. While talking about the southern part of the USA (Texas), we offer more than 13 natural stone products in more than 24 unique color options.

Landscape & wall series collection by SUI, Texas are as follows:-

Bullnose/ Pool Coping:-

Clear from the name; pool coping refers to the material used for coping the edges of the pool. It is also popular with the name bullnose as it looks like the nose of the bull. Besides, covering the pool edges, it widely applied to the fountains, stairs, planter boxes, fire pits, seat walls, corners etc.

In fact, the combination of bullnose pool coping along with pavers on the pool deck gives an ultimate finish to your outer area. It is available in various color options from light range to bright range. So, make your pool area attractive with bullnose coping application.

Column Cap:-

Column cap, pillar cap or pier cap all are the different terms, but serves the same purpose, i.e., protection of outdoor masonry columns. It is the squared shape piece of natural stone available with all sides of a rock face, snapped or chiseled.

Construction of merely a cemented pillar is not enough until you give it a finishing touch. The natural stone column cap is the one that offers an ultimate finish to the freestanding pillars outside the homes or streets. Combination of thin veneer along with column cap give a finite look.

Irregular Flagstone:-

Flagstone is one of the most popular and likable products of a landscape series among the people. It is available in random shapes which are layered together to form an outdoor surface covering.

Whether it’s about laying a floor on the patio, backyard, front yard, garden area or any other outdoor location, opt for this durable and hard-wearing flooring stone. Moreover, application of these crazy pavers on the deck or outdoor kitchenette can do wonders.

Ledge Stone:-

Searching for trending product for the wall siding & cladding? Here comes one of the best options. Ledge Stones, the product of wall series, are the interlocking panels available with non-cement backing.

Non-cement backing here refers to the panel and corner backing which need a chemical for sticking on the wall rather than mortar. Ledge widely used on the fire mantels, surroundings of fire pits, kitchen cabinets, backsplashes, façade, etc.


The slab is a large rectangular piece of natural stone available in limestone, sandstone and slate base. Either its home or a commercial place like hotels, restaurants, etc., kitchen plays a vital role. Accent your cooking area by applying stone slab.

Durable, hard-wearing and stiff nature of real stone make it perfect for outdoor application as well. Besides kitchen or BBQ countertops, these are equally suitable for bathroom vanity tops. 


When it’s about the construction of outdoor stairs, opt for stone steps without dilemma. These are the cube shape pieces dimensionally cut from the natural stone blocks and mostly prefer for the outdoor stairs.

To give the old world and rugged look, these are best suitable for the entryways, patio or garden steps. The best part is that it provides a safe walk because it posses slip-resistant and high grip feature.

Stepping Stone:-

Make your passage interesting with the application of stepping stones. Stepping stones available in heart, round, irregular and square shapes in Texas gives a new look to the garden, parks or lawns.

The variety of colors and fascinating shapes of garden supplies can convert an ordinary passage into the attractive one. Either it’s yard or an entrance, steppers are suitable for any outdoor location.


Unlike steps, treads are rectangular pieces used for both indoor as well as outdoor stairs. The upper part of the stairs is now as tread, that’s why this natural stone is popular with the name treads.

To move with the trend, one can opt for stairs with landing or without landing as the treads are suitable for both. In the indoor area, it provides safe up and down whereas its fade resistant and high compressive strength makes it perfect for exterior applications.

Wall Cap:-

As column cap protects the freestanding columns, similarly stone wall cap safeguards the masonry walls. Either its boundary wall or a seat wall, wall cap not only protect it from the weather damages but also gives a finishing touch to it. Besides, these are also suitable for the stairs, fountains or water feature

Window Sills:-

The window sill is a thin, long piece use to protect the bottom surface of the windows and act as a barrier against moisture intrusion. It’s one long side is rock face or chiseled, and other 3 sides are saw cut. No doubt it prevents the damages but also provide eye-catching visual appeal.

Thin Veneer:

Another product of wall series, Thin veneer refers to the thin pieces of natural stone available in various shapes such as irregular, square rectangular, ledge or dimensional. Want to give a unique appeal to the indoor or outdoor walls? Natural veneer is best suitable for the façade and outdoor walls.

Paver Versailles Pattern:

Want something new and unique for your outdoor floor coverage? Try Paver Houston, The Versailles pattern will going to amaze the onlookers.. This pattern comes with four different dimensions, i.e., 8”x8”, 8”x16”, 16”x16”, 16”x24”. It is available with tumbled finishes and saw cut sides and ideal for patio, courtyard, walkway, sidewalk, front yard floor installation.

Paver Ashlar Pattern:

Being a flooring material supplier in Austin, Texas and other allied areas, SUI presents paver ashlar pattern (paver eight size pattern) for the Texas people. Available in 8 different dimensions, i.e, 12” x 12”, 12” x 18”, 12”x 24”, 12” x 30”, 18” x 18”, 18” x 30”, 18” x 24”, 24”x24” and best suitable building material for outdoor entertainment areas.

The ultimate mission of landscaping supplier in Texas is to the carter the residential, commercial and industrial needs of customers by providing the best quality product at suitable prices. The customer is the ultimate king that can make or break any business. So, it’s our responsibility to make every customer satisfied and happy. The place where you live and work, says a lot about you. Join hands with Stone Universe Inc. and build your dream project naturally.