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What is  Bullnose / Pool Coping?

It is similar to the nose of a bull and convex trimmed into the form, whereas coping refers to covering the surface. So, collectively relates to coating the edges of the in-ground pool, stairs or corner areas for its protection as well as beautification.

Popular with the name Pool Coping or Bullnose Trim. If you are looking for some changes to your backyard pool or surroundings, then natural stone coping is a wise choice.

"Planning for installing a pool."

Pools are one of the significant areas in homes and commercial places that make your overall surrounding attractive whether you want to build or renovate it. So, choosing the best stone supplier for building or renovation coping is necessary.

Significant factors that one always keeps in mind are the protection, long time return, and attractiveness. Opt for various swimming pool ideas as it proves an asset in the long run rather than a liability.

It imparts unique texture and natural feel to the place. When people think of constructing a pool or a spa in a front yard, the first thing that strikes in mind is an application of non-slippery stone for the safety concern.

As our product came out of quarried natural stone, it has a slip-resistant feature. Limestone, sandstone, slate, quartzite, and travertine are the types of pool coping. These stones are available with finished sawn cut and long side bullnose edges.

Advantages of Coping Stone

Unlike cast or concrete stone, this nature’s stone gives advantages like timeless beauty, uniqueness, long-lasting, easy installation, economical, eco-friendly, aesthetic appeal, simplicity, slip-resistance, frost-resistance, low maintenance, high compressive strength, superior finish, durability, and ancient look.

All the above features force the people to apply this stone in the commercial and residential areas. Protects the pool shell wall as it highlights the outside liner of the pool. It provides higher projection to the overall construction area.

Furthermore, it drains out all the water properly through the concrete deck that splashes out of the pool. So, develop various landscaping ideas with this innovative and beneficial natural stone.

Moreover, sealers can be used to maintain its durability. But do not use acidic cleaners on it.

Bullnose Pool Coping  Applications

Where there’s an Stone Universe Inc coping product, there’s an alluring pool.! Various in-ground pool coping options are there. It is a perfect building material used for making landscape designs.

It provides the safest and round edging which applies widely to the hot tubs or swimming pools. As already discussed, it is famous for the pool sides. It is equally suitable for fountains, stairs, planter boxes, fire pits, benches, seat walls, countertops and corner tops.

Let’s discuss how:-

  • Fountains:-

    For centuries, fountains play a significant role in home gardens, complexes, and commercial parks. Soft round edges allow the smooth flow of water and grab everyone’s attention.
  • Stairs:-

    Stairs should always be safe for going up and down smoothly. That’s why bullnose is applicable on the treads.
  • Planter Box:-

    Planter boxes use for plantation purposes in which plants can grow. These are most common nowadays. Whether it’s in round, rectangular or square shape, round edges add unique grace to it.
  • Fire Pits:-

    These are the outdoor fireplaces. Coping applies to the upper surface of the fire pits designs gives a smooth look to the patios or front yards.
  • Benches & Seat Walls:-

    Both of these seating accommodations covers a significant portion of the outdoor entertainment area. For comfortable and relaxed sitting, bench tops and seat wall tops of this natural product is suitable.
  • Countertops & Corner tops:-

    Bullnose edges are perfect for providing detailing to your kitchen and bathroom countertops as compare to the straight edge.

Apart from the above applications, sandstone coping stone also proves useful as a decorative material. It is relevant for both interior and exterior areas. If you use it to line the sides of the pool, it gives a unique look to the pool from its deck.

The combination of your imagination and SUI product can make your space unique and happening. The combination of this coping stone with other native stone products gives a fresh look to your place.

Various color options are available. The bright color will go great for external application, whereas soft and calm colors are perfect to give seamless appeal to the indoor surfaces. Natural colors will automatically contrast with the surroundings where they are applied.

Moreover, the contrast of limestone pool coping and pavers on the pool deck will work as a cherry on the cake. Travertine bullnose coping around the planter with paver Versailles pattern is in recent trend. You can check our photo gallery for more applications.

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