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What are Cobblestones/ Setts?

Cobblestones are the small square or rectangular pieces of nature’s stone not uniform in the width and depth. These are also known as Setts. These become popular with the name driveway cobbles as these are mostly applicable on the driveways. These are the cube shape pieces of granite with rough textures. As we all know the fact that granite is a hard yet dense rock, so it will be the best option to choose granite as a natural stone driveway material.

Every product has pros and cons, but granite driveway material looks unique and artistic in comparison to the common driveway. It gives a sense of elegance to your surroundings and attracts the onlookers. Manufactured cobbles are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes trying to be identical to nature’s stone. But the properties of native rocks are matchless as it will last forever and does not degrade as it exposes to weathering conditions and general wear and tear. If you are thinking of new construction or renovation of the existing driveway, then this product is helpful for you.

Granite Cobbles Advantages 

Granite cobblestones pavers are widely applause for their physical properties such as hardness, density, durability, longevity, high compressive strength and resistance to weather and frost. Besides, its natures of being environment-friendly, ease of care, aesthetic appeal, breathtaking beauty, antique look, cost-effective win the heart of the masses.

They are irregular yet not perfectly square when they install. Consequently, its joints allow smooth passage of the water and make it anti-slippery. Suitable for both hot as well as cold weather prone areas as it will not get muddy in wet weather or dusty in dry weather. Most of the people are laying cobblestone for driveways which imparts a dramatic effect to the place as cobbled driveway installation is straightforward.

Do you still think dark bold black color flooring material is suitable for driveway apron?  The reason is just because of the high traffic and tire marks. Right?

Remove that dilemma from mind with natural stone. Stone Universe Inc’s cobblestone collection carry certain range of color that complement any surrounding.


Applications of Granite Setts

Create an old world look for your place with SUI Cobblestone Driveway If you’re looking to replace your old brick driveway, choose a natural stone supplier that offers a wide variety. It is a natural building material suitable for low, medium and heavy traffic areas. Aside from a driveway apron, these are widely applicable on pathways, parking/ garage, walkway, outdoor paving surfaces, backyards, garden steps, garden border edges, fire pits, patios, terrace garden, lawns in residential and commercial areas.

  • Pathways: Pathway is an essential part of the construction project. Cobblestone paver driveways installed on it will make your outdoor space more appealing.

  • Parking/ Garage: Granite cobblestones are meant to be load bearing. Thus, suitable for garages and parking areas from where vehicles have to pass.

  • Walkways: These are wider than pathways and leads to the particular way like door, entrance, hall. Cobblestone walkways give a perfect finish to the project.

  • Outdoor Paving Surfaces: Outdoor surfaces like patio portray the overall look of the place. Granite cobbles are the best landscaping material for making some change in your old fashion outdoor paving and help in creating unique landscaping design ideas.

  • Backyards & Front yards: A yard at the back and front of the house is the place where one can relax and forget all the worries. Nature’s stone flooring adds much more to it.

  • Fire Pits: Well, it’s a new concept but yes! You can also apply natural stone driveway cobbles to the fire pit surroundings also. A beautiful example of it is there in our photo gallery. Be inspire and create beautiful outdoor fireplace ideas.

  • Gardens & Lawns: These stones are helpful in creating a beautiful passage in the gardens as well as in the lawns. Furthermore, to give a rough look, this building material is widely applicable on the garden steps and borders.

Built an outdoor kitchen by applying granite cobblestones in front of a BBQ counter along with a slab on the cooktop. One can add extra grace to the pathway by making beautiful patterns with these stones. Besides, these apply to the washing and repair area in the automobile industry. Stone driveway accompanies with thin veneer application on the boundary walls makes highly appealing home entrance.

  Why Buy Cobblestones from SUI?

Stone Universe, Inc deals with a comprehensive collection of products made of natural quarried stones.  Along with this, being an importer and wholesale natural stone distributor with headquarters in the U.S.A, we have to meet different requirements of the customers. The products fabricate under the visionary guidance of our experts and pass through the tests in the stone laboratory following international standards.

Keeping in mind the emerging market demand, we keep on updating our product lines and offer it to the customers at fair prices. Our packaging department takes special care of packing design of the driveway cobblestones. Thus, it leads to secure and in-time delivery of the natural stone. In this way, we develop faithful relations with the customer and give them a quality product.

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