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Flagstone – A Paving Choice

A random flat piece in its length and width, Flagstone is a product of landscaping series. Arbitrary shapes arrange together in the form of layers to make a square, rectangular or any other way of the path. These natural stones are also popular with the name crazy paving stones because of varied sizes. It lay on the ground area with tight pack joints to develop an attractive alleyway. Irregular stone with 1” thickness is suitable for concrete base bedding whereas 2” thickness is suitable for sand base bedding.

Thinking of building a dream home or pouring into a business world!

When it comes to the decoration of your landscape, choose this natural building stone without any dilemma and bring beauty to the project. Quartzite, sandstone, slate, and limestone are various natural flagstone types which split into uneven slabs for its formation. Best suitable for developing paving design ideas for outdoor living spaces.

In comparison to ordinary pavements, these loose pieces add extra uniqueness to the place as it looks just like a puzzle depicting irregular shapes. It helps in making an attractive and natural-looking path. Moreover, it adds value to the property by giving it timeless beauty. Being irregular in shape, it adds a dramatic look to your space. 

Pros and Utilization of Irregular Flagstone

Like other natural stone products, these crazy paving stones have the double feature. Along with the various advantages, these have endless applicabilities also. Let’s have a look:


Its features like simplicity, durability, ease of maintenance, low water absorption, frost-resistance, gripping, timeless beauty, moisture resistance, heat resistance, classic look, longevity, freeze-thaw durability and flexural strength differentiate it from cast and concrete. Therefore, it becomes the leading choice for the dream home and business owners.

After reading the above advantages, you must be thinking of the price of a pallet of flagstone. One can install these stones quickly as these are cost-effective. Colors with natural variations provide you a vast array of choices. Its non-slippery nature makes it ideal for walking surfaces. Besides it, these flat rocks are an excellent choice for patios as its packed joints allow the water to drain downwards. Thus, it protects the surrounding from damage, and you can develop various landscape ideas.


Either it’s about residential, commercial or industrial paving, this crazy paving stone is the solution of all. People can opt these irregular rocks for walkways, step risers, pool decks, patios, pathways, terrace, sidewalks, outdoor kitchens, courtyards, fire pits, etc. One can use these uneven pieces on the walls as a decorative material.

  • Walkways/ Sidewalks: It is an ideal choice for installation of a walkway or a sidewalk in the garden, lawn, front yard or backyard. One can also install these random shape natural stone as a stepping stone too. Besides, a stone walkway leading to the front door steps makes your entryway appealing.

  • Staircase: Apart from using treads, one can also apply these crazy stones which look utterly stunning on the stairs. These are most common for the outside stairs leading to the entrance or yard landscaping.

  • Pool Deck: Coping on the pool edges is not enough to make your overall pool alluring. Something unique would be there for the decks also. So these irregular natural stones are perfect for the pool decks.

  • Kitchenette/ BBQ: Outdoor kitchens and BBQ’s are the today’s emerging trend. These random pieces of natural stone can be a good option for laying a floor.

  • Patios: When it comes to the patio designs, nothing is better than a paving stone. Flagstone patio can also team up with the thin veneer on the retaining wall.

  • Fir Pit Surroundings: Firepits are the outdoor fireplaces. Application of these natural stones on the fire pit surrounding gives stunning appeal to the outer surface.

  • Terrace: Apart from the ground area, people can adopt crazy paving for terrace decor also. These perfectly accents the terrace floorings.

As it comes in various dimensions, it provides fantastic natural stone flooring options, and one can create limitless exclusive flooring design ideas. A stone pathway with grouting gives rustic appeal, whereas non-grouting floor offers a seamless finish. Feature your garden passage by laying these natural paving stones.

Why Choose SUI Crazy Paving Stone?

Want to make the unique surface, but don’t know where to buy flagstone pavers? Stone Universe Inc - a landscaping company, is one of the prominent wholesale distributors of best quality natural stone in the stone world and have a vast network of dealers throughout the United States of America. We import our products directly from different world origin. Our product colors pass through the number of tests in the stone testing laboratory. After passing through various standards and proper examination, we present you our product because we believe in having a healthy relationship with the customers. Being a natural flagstone supplier in the USA, our goal is to satisfy your requirement for quality product wherever you need.

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