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What is Natural Ledge Stone?

Ledge stone – a product of wall series, are rectangular Z shape panels combined to form an interlocking wall cladding. The interlocking feature makes it an easy task to adjust the pieces of a ledge to each other. One can decorate their masonry projects as per their desire by utilizing these horizontal joints. These natural stones are rugged in the texture and also popular with the name ledger stone or stacked stone.

You might be wondering: What is this stone made of?

This stone is quarried naturally from the quarries of sandstone, limestone, quartzite, slate and travertine stone present in the various origins of the world.

Panels and corners of this nature’s stone are perfect for covering masonry surfaces. Thus, it provides a finishing touch to the indoor and outdoor living surfaces and stands well to the test of time.

It's not wrong to say that these stones provide a complete solution for the walls, as available with the cement and non-cement backing. Cement backing fixes on the masonry structures with the help of cement whereas non-cement backing stick with the chemical on the wall. Both of them are suitable for the indoor and outdoor application, and one can choose the color as per their desire

Benefits/ Pros of Ledger Stone

Whenever someone comes out in the market for buying a product for construction, especially the wall or façade material, he/ she wants to know the benefits of that particular product. Natural ledge stone veneer being material of wall series has physical properties such as frost-resistance, durability, hardness, weather-resistant, moisture-resistant, high compressive strength, low maintenance. Moreover, it has the advantages of timeless beauty, eco-friendly, aesthetic appeal, superior finish, and ancient look.

If one gets the material that is easy to install, will save efforts as well as money. Same is the case with the natural stone ledger panels. Unlike traditional stone installation, these provide the benefit of quick installation as there is no need of grouting. Cement backing can adjust without any support on the wall and withstand the weathering conditions.

Immense Applications of Ledge Stone Veneer

Thinking of constructing a new wall or reframing it..! Want to make your entryway more fascinating..! SUI - the natural stone supplier has a solution with a wide range of colors. Ledge stone panels & corners are as functional as they are advantageous. These can correctly apply to your walls, fireplaces, backsplashes, step risers, pillars & columns, and façade.

  • Walls:

    Ledge stone wall panels are best suitable for the covering of big wall, seat wall, side wall or any other retaining wall. So, convert your masonry walls into a decorative masterpiece with this real stone. Moreover, wall caps application adds a unique charm to the boundary wall.

  • Fireplaces:

    Indoor fire features are perfect for the winters as it keeps the surroundings warm. Its role does not end here only. It forms a significant part of your place. So it must be appealing. Stack stone fireplace or ledge stone fireplace mantel is more attractive and eye-catching. One can make use of slate ledgestone panels and corners to give a rustic look.

  • Outdoor Kitchens:

    Barbeque is an integral part of an outdoor living surface. Natural ledgerstone panels and corners are ideally applicable in front of the counters. 

    Moreover, ledgestone installation is easy and simple.


  • Backsplash:

    The backsplash is the behind the vertical extension of the kitchen, bathroom. Natural stacked stones are moisture-resistant and protect the wall from the splashes of water. Stone Slab along with ledge backsplash behind the sink gives a seamless finish to the kitchenette.

  • Pillars & Columns:

    Freestanding columns are of no use until they provide a finishing touch. Where column cap protects the masonry pillars & columns, at the same time ledge stone beautifies them. It is useful for outdoor columns.

  • Facade:

    Front facing is the point of attraction of any project, whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial place. Application of this Ledge stone veneer panel gives a captivating appeal to the viewers.

    : These natural stone supplies are also useful in making the living room, dining rooms and hall areas overwhelming.

Why Buy Stacked Stone from SUI?

Stone Universe Inc has goodwill in the stone world. We earn this reputation over a span of 19 years. We are reputed and one of the popular importer & wholesale distributor of natural stone in the USA.

Our mission is to fulfill the requirement of people for quality natural stone. Our team visits different natural stone quarries of the world and help you in selecting the vast array of colors under the same roof.

SUI is the direct importer, offering products at competitive prices. Being the supplier of high-quality ledge stone and other landscaping material, we always try to fulfill the need of the consumer by providing such product that is applicable on the interior as well as exterior surfaces that last for ages. Have a look at our stone collection in the photo gallery and create attractive wall designs with cement and non-cement backing ledge stone. 

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