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What Paver Ashlar Pattern Exactly Is?

The paver is a flat piece of nature’s stone, use in groups to cover a surface or an area. Unlike concrete pavers, natural stone pavers are well known for their beauty, strength, and durability. These paving stones apply to the pavement which refers to an outdoor surface covering with multi-shaped, multi-colored piece of rock in the form of a pattern. So, for the convenience of the customers, SUI offers pavers in the number of pattern.

Paver Ashlar Pattern comes in a package of 12” x 12”, 12” x 18”, 12”x 24”, 12” x 30”, 18” x 18”, 18” x 30”, 18” x 24”, 24”x24” dimensions. That is why it becomes popular with the name eight-size pattern. The multiple sizes of square and rectangular paver pieces are set together to form an interlocking pattern in horizontal and vertical form. 

This product of landscaping series comes with limestone, sandstone, slate stone types. Each base has its unique qualities and benefits. Sandstone pavers have a high integral strength and density, making it easy to maintain. Furthermore, natural stone sealers are also available in the market. Slate stone being nature’s hard-wearing stone suits well for outdoor entertainment areas. Limestone paving stone tends to have unique natural color variations. These are available with the tumbled and non-tumbled finishes. The antique series of pattern has round edges as these are tumbled, whereas pattern with the non-tumble finishes has regular sides.

Why Choose this Natural Stone Product?

The choice of floor coverage material is a vital decision. It is the only area that exposes to maximum pressure. So product use for laying a floor should also be strong enough and appealing as well to attract the viewers. The immense pros of this overwhelming pattern like timeless beauty, aesthetic appeal, high compressive strength, low modulus of rupture, frost-resistant, slip-resistance, low maintenance, ease of installation, long-lasting, superior finish, and antique look fulfill the criteria of perfect material for developing paving ideas.

Some interesting feature:

The green attribute is its valuable feature that lacks in manufactured stone. You can create various as outdoor flooring designs without doing any harm to the environment. 

Applicability of 8-Size Paver Pattern

Want some change in your flooring design or texture? End up your search with SUI Paver Ashlar Pattern which will provide a beautiful accent to your outdoor surface and helps you in creating contemporary designs. The application of pavers is not only limited to an individual room or office cabin. From residential to industrial, this product of landscaping series can apply anywhere because of its versatility and flexibility. It is perfect for pool decks, patios, outdoor kitchenette/ BBQ, terrace garden, courtyards, backyard and walkways.

  • Pool Deck/ Water Feature: Pool deck refers to the outer surroundings of the front or backyard pool, whereas water feature is the fountains or pond in the garden. Both play a significant role in making the overall area magnificent. Installation of paving stones on the floor along with pool coping on the edges gives it a finishing touch.

  • Patios/ Front yard/ Backyard: All these surfaces belong to the outdoor entertainment areas. Here you spend a lot of quality time with your family and associates. So, make your landscape more attractive with patio pavers design.

  • Outdoor Kitchenette/ BBQ: Paver ashlar pattern is suitable for barbecues or outdoor kitchens floors as these natural stones stand well to the weather, climate, and pressure. Thus, last for years.

  • Terrace Garden: Terrace gardens are the new and emerging trend, but material for making sidewalks should be slip-resistant and moisture-resistant. Various colors of 8-size pattern came out clear through ASTM E 303 (standard for testing slip-resistant)

  • Walkways: Walkways or pathways in homes or office complexes covers the significant portion. So, make your walk more smooth and comfortable by installing different pattern ideas.

 SUI - Prominent Landscaping Supplier

Stone Universe Inc is one of the prominent suppliers of landscaping material in the USA. Providing quality stone at highly competitive prices is our goal. Thus, the stone is first extracts out of a quarry, which is not more than a giant solid rock. It is rough and random. Our stone workers fabricate and give the finishing touch to nature’s stone by cutting into various dimensions. We accept the customize orders also.

Our product passes through the number of tests in the laboratory. After passing through various standards, we present you the final product because we believe in maintaining a better business relationship with the customer. Being a wholesale distributor and natural stone supplier, SUI ensures you the safe delivery of paver ashlar pattern, which reduces the chances of damage to the product during shipping and outdoor storage.

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