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What is Paver Jumbo Pattern?

Paver jumbo pattern combines three terms, i.e., Paver + Jumbo + Pattern. Pavers are the flat square or rectangular pieces of natural stone, also popular with the name paving stone. Jumbo refers to four dimensions in which pavers are available, whereas pattern means the combination of more than one paving stone laying together in a particular layout on a surface covering.

Collectively, this pattern refers to the group of pavers available in four different dimensions for paving an outer entertainment area. It is also popular with the name paver 4-size pattern because it is available in the sizes 12”x12”, 12x24”, 24”x24”, 24”x36” with the thickness of 1¼”. One can buy all the sizes as mentioned above separately and beautify their landscape as per their liking and imagination.

Paving stones come in tumbled and non-tumbled finishes with sandstone as well as limestone base. If you want to compliment your landscape, a rule of thumb is to reconstruct the exterior portion of the home, office complex, malls, hotels, etc. So, develop numerous floor design ideas by applying the jumbo pattern.

Advantages of Jumbo 4 Size Pattern

Why is paver jumbo pattern a good paving option? It is worthless to purchase a material unless it proves beneficial in the long run. Here, SUI gives you the various reasons to opt this pattern. It is famous for its beauty, and physical features. Its impressive physical properties such as frost-resistant, slip-resistance, high compressive strength, flexural strength, density make it the wise option for floor covering.

Apart from the above properties, it offers various pros such as:

  • It has green-attribute as its production is purely water-based and free from chemicals.
  • Its fade-resistant nature makes it ideal for outdoor surroundings.
  • Natural stones are durable enough to withstand the climatic wear and tear.
  • The natural beauty of the place will last long for centuries.
  • Ease of installation and maintenance

Utility of Paver Jumbo Flooring Pattern

Whether you want surface covering in your commercial, residential, or industrial sectors, this four size pattern is perfect. It is ideal for laying pathways, walkways, sidewalks, grilling stations, patio, backyard, front yard, pool deck, outdoor kitchen.                                     

Pathways/ Walkways/ Sidewalks: All these passage areas require durable as well as hard-wearing material. Although, it should be appealing and comfortable enough to pass through. Nature’s stone meets all the above requirements.

BBQ/ Grilling Stations: Outdoor kitchenette or barbecue makes the look of the exterior part of the place appealing. This pattern on the floor with slab on the BBQ worktop gives eye-catching appeal to the entire surroundings.

Patios: Patios cover the significant part of outdoor entertainment surface and a most exposed area to the weathering conditions. Tests of this flooring pattern reveal that it is ideal for patio ground covering.

Yard: Make the backyard or front yard more appealing and fascinating with the color options available in the jumbo 4-size pattern. Moreover, fire pits or water features in the yard will work as icing on the cake.

Pool Area: Deck surface near the pool must be slip-resistant and quickly soaks the water to avoid slips or falls. Paver 4-size jumbo pattern has all those physical properties that make it a suitable material for poolside paving.

Where to Buy Natural Paving Material?

Looking for natural flooring material, no need to go here and there because Stone Universe Inc is here. SUI is one of the leading natural stone wholesale distributors in the United States and directly import the high-quality stone from various origins of the world. We serve the customer with the product at genuine prices that suits their pocket and also fulfills our responsibility towards the society and environment.

Our team of experts follows water-based operations for production and ensures the safety of the environment. Besides, paver jumbo 4 size pattern, our company also deals with other paving patterns like paver rectangular pattern, paver random pattern, paver roman pattern and much more. Now, you can impart a distinguished look to your space by applying these natural stones.

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