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Paver Random Pattern - 3 Size

This pattern combines three terms, i.e., Paver + Random + Pattern. Pavers – The multi-shape pieces of natural stone are also popular with the name paving stone. Random means the three dimensions in which the pavers are available.

The pattern is a term used to describe the arrangement of one or more stone together for developing various flooring ideas. On the whole, the random paver pattern refers to the combination of pavers collectively for laying surface covering, especially in the outdoor areas.

Whether it’s about construction or reconstruction in your residence or a commercial area, one must give particular attention to the front part of the place. Like the indoor decor, choosing the material for outdoor surface coverings is equally important as it is going to reflect the overall surroundings.

Stone Universe Inc offers this flooring material in limestone, sandstone and slate base which are the symbol of strength and beauty since medieval Period.

Now the question arises: Why this pattern is also known as 3 size paver pattern? It is available in dimensions 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 24”x24” with the thickness of 1¼” that is why it is also popular with the name 3 size paver pattern. One has to buy all the sizes separately.

Benefits of Paver 3 Size Pattern

Construction of a place does not only involve the owners but various other persons also for handling a particular project. It includes architects, engineers, contractors, designers, and landscapers whose primary concern is to know about the physical and chemical properties of the material they are going to apply.

SUI not only serves the customer with an assortment of colors but also have the test reports of various colors complying with the set standards.

Let’s discuss some physical properties of this paver pattern:

  • It offers high compressive strength which helps in determining the load-bearing capacity of building stone.

  • A stone posing higher density stands well to the test of time and climatic conditions.

  • This landscaping material is anti-slippery and helps in reducing accidents which may occur due to the wet floor.

General Properties:

  • Natural stones come with beautiful color variations that give a unique appeal to the place.

  • Its water base fabrication process makes it eco-friendly.

  • Compose of natural minerals without any artificial additions.

Paver Random 3 Size Pattern - Utilization

Looking for a change in your outdoor surroundings? End up your search with SUI Paver Random 3 Size Pattern which will provide natural and graceful touch to the overall area. This product of landscaping series is ideal for pool surroundings, patios, outdoor grilling stations, terrace garden, courtyards, backyard or walkways.

  • Pool Surroundings:

    The deck covers the flooring area of a pool and play a significant role in magnifying the overall space. Thus, application of these paving stones is best suitable.

  • Front yard/ Backyard:

    Yards cover a significant portion of the landscape. So, make it more eye-catching by developing various flooring design ideas with paver three size pattern.

  • Outdoor Grilling Stations:

    Paver random pattern is ideal for laying a floor in barbecues or outdoor kitchens because of their durability and longevity.

  • Terrace Garden:

    The material need for terrace gardens must be a slip and moisture-resistant for constructing sidewalks. Various colors of this random pattern comply with the set standards for examining its slipperiness.

  • Walkways/ Pathways:

    Walkways or pathways are the focal points in homes or any commercial location. Besides flagstone application, one can also install this flooring and make your surface unique.

  • Patios:

    Patios are the part of the outdoor entertainment area. Application of this landscaping material grab the attention of viewers and make a good impression on them.

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