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What is Paver Roman Pattern?

Form by combining three terms, i.e., Paver + Roman + Pattern. Pavers refer to the multi-shape and multi-dimensional natural stone pieces. These are also known as paving stone because mostly uses for laying the surface covering.


Roman means the three square or rectangular dimensions in which the pavers are available. The pattern refers to the arrangement of laying more than one stone together for developing various flooring ideas.


Collectively, the roman paver pattern refers to the combination of all three pavers collectively for surface covering, especially in the outdoor areas. 


Paver random and roman pattern both are three dimensional, but the difference exists in their sizes. The former is available in sizes 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 24”x24”, the thickness of 1¼” whereas later comes in dimensions 6”x6”, 6”x12”, 12”x12”, the thickness of 1¼”.


All sizes are sold separately. Thinking of constructing or renovating a project in the residential, commercial or industrial sector, opt for Stone Universe Inc flooring collection without any dilemma. 

Pros of Paver Roman Flooring Pattern

When it’s about surface covering, one must pay particular attention towards the material selection. In fact, what would be better than a natural stone flooring material? It offers immense benefits such as:

  •   Durability that remains for a long term.

  •   Hard-wearing nature allows it to stand well to the test of time.

  •   Slip-resistant benefits give a comfortable walk.

  •   The timeless beauty of natural stone is its best asset.

Moreover, It offers attractive physical properties such as high compressive strength, low bending strength, high stone density, etc.


The best advantage of using stone flooring is that you are a contribution towards the environment. The fabrication process is water based which makes it eco-friendly.

Applications of Paver 3 Size Pattern

Floor coverings say a lot about the home exterior. It works as a welcoming carpet for the guests.


Accent your outdoor floor covering with paver roman three size pattern. Whether it’s a patio, front yard, backyard, courtyard, outdoor kitchenette, garden sidewalks, grilling station, pool deck, walkways, pathways, etc., this flooring pattern is best suitable.

  •   Patios:

    Patios are the emerging trend for covering your vacant exterior area. It is the place where one can spend time with your loved one. So, make it attractive by laying paver pattern on the floor.
  •   Yard:

    Yards, either front or back covers a significant portion of the landscape. So, make it more attractive by developing various flooring design ideas with paver roman flooring.
  •  Outdoor Kitchenette:

    The surface covering of the open grilling station should be durable enough to bear the climatic conditions. Thus, this pattern is best suitable.  
  •  Garden Sidewalks:

    What are the components of garden décor? A fascinating passage by laying pattern flooring, some plants, pots, seating arrangement and other soft scape elements. 
  •   Pool Deck:

    It’s vital that the pool surrounding must be anti-slippery, so those slippery accidents will not happen while going in or coming out of the pool. Most of the color available in this flooring pattern is slip-resistant.


  •  Walkways/ Pathways:

    Walkways, pathways or entrance area is the central points of attraction in the homes or any commercial location. Besides rock face flooring patterns, one can also install pavers and make the look of the area catchy.

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