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Paver Versailles Pattern – A Flooring Material

A flat piece of quarry stone, Paver use for paving an outdoor area with a group of multi-dimensional and multicolor pieces of natural stone. Unlike concrete pavers, natural stone pavers are well known for their strength, beauty, and durability.

Versailles Pattern is the pack of four dimensions, i.e., 8”x8”, 8”x16”, 16”x16”, 16”x24” and hence become popular with the name four-size pattern or French pattern.

Thus, the paver Versailles pattern is a combination of different sizes of squares and rectangular pieces which come together and create an interlocking pattern. It provides design flexibility that a single paver cannot give as these combine with each other in horizontal and vertical form.

Stone Universe Inc offers paver stone in the number of a pattern. One of the most popular and likable patterns among all is the Paver Versailles Pattern.

Looking to compliment your house! A good rule of thumb is to reframe your outer surface that enhances the overall look of your place.

It is a product of landscaping series and is available with the tumbled and non-tumbled finishes. Pattern with a tumble finish has saw cut edges.

This set of the French pattern comes in Travertine, Limestone, Sandstone, Slate, Quartzite stone type. Each stone type has its significance.

E.g.:- Travertine paving stone is a durable and porous sedimentary rock that stays cool in sunlight. Thus, it becomes a popular choice for pool surroundings or outdoor entertainment areas.

Advantages of  Paver 4 Size Pattern

Why is Versailles pattern a good paving option? It is useless to buy a product until it is advantageous for your place. Here, we give various reasons to choose this pattern.

Its overwhelming features like timeless beauty, eco-friendly, aesthetic appeal, antique look make it a famous product.

Moreover, its impressive properties such as frost-resistant, slip-resistance, durability, long-lasting make it the perfect option for floor covering.

It is suitable for commercial, industrial and residential areas and helps to create fantastic designs that will last for the number of years.

Get rid of intricate-looking patterns and choose this 4-size pattern as you can avail it according to the floor dimensions and these are easy to lay as well.

Natural stone paver installation is easy and convenient. Because of its ease of maintenance feature, it is the best alternative to the manufactured flooring material that requires lots of maintenance.

Paver Versailles Flooring Pattern - Applicability

Develop various flooring design ideas with paver Versailles pattern by giving a new touch to your living area by making it more graceful & versatile. It is perfect for pool decks, patios, terrace, courtyards, backyard, front yard or any other flooring surface.

  • Pool Deck:

    Pool deck refers to the pool surrounding of the area. Covering of only pool edges is not enough. To make overall pool surrounding fascinating, flooring material for the decks should also be unique like a paver pattern.

  • Outdoor Cooking Station:

    For people who love cooking, open kitchen is the best gift. Make it unique and extra-ordinary by laying the flooring pattern. The sawn cut edges give a beautiful look to the entire area.

  • Walkways:

    Material for constructing paths should be smooth and eye-catching and French pattern carry both these features. Develop a beautiful stone walkway ideas by laying the patterns.

  • Patios:

    Patios are the central point of the entryway. Application of paver Versailles pattern on the outer surface with flagstone on the fire pits will enhance the ultimate look of your patio.

  • Terrace:

    Natural stone paver pattern is suitable for terrace coverings as well. Terrace floors often exposed to dust and dirt, and four-size pattern coverage requires minimal maintenance.

  • Other Flooring Surfaces:

    Patterns are the vital landscaping product for room flooring or other outdoor entertainment areas like garden sidewalks, backyard, front yards.


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