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Rock Face Ashlar Pattern – The Flooring Solution

Rock face ashlar pattern is a combination of three terms, i.e., Rock Face + Ashlar + Pattern. The rock face edges are also popular with the name chiseled or snapped edges.

Ashlar Pattern comes in a package of 8 sizes i.e, 12” x 12”, 12” x 18”, 12”x 24”, 12” x 30”, 18” x 18”, 18” x 30”, 18” x 24”, 24”x24” dimensions. Thus, become popular with the name eight-size pattern.

Available in sandstone base and all four sides rock face. This product in the range of landscaping series gives a long-lasting strength to the outdoor area. Sandstone flooring offered by natural stone supplier gives a new way to the entire home decor.

Reasons to Choose Stone Flooring Pattern

The decision about outer coverage material is crucial. After all, the exterior part serves as a point of attraction. It must bear the climatic pressure.

Thus, rock face ashlar pattern becomes today’s leading choice. Have a look at immense pros offered by 8 size ashlar pattern:

  • The ever-remaining beauty of nature’s stone captures the heart of the masses.

  • The outdoor coverings require high compressive strength, low modulus of rupture.

  • Low bending rate allows the stone to bear the load of furniture.

  • Real rock has water soaking capacity. Thus, make the floor anti-slippery.

  • Low maintenance and ease of installation make it a perfect paving stone.

Utilization of 8-Size Rock Face Pattern

Give a new feel and grace to the exterior surroundings of the project. Opt for SUI’s rock face ashlar pattern – one of the best natural stone supplier. The symmetry of various eight dimensions catches everyone’s attention.

Either it’s a residential place or an industrial sector, the rock face flooring pattern suits the best.  Its versatility and flexibility make it suitable for pool decks, patios, terrace, garden, courtyards, backyard, outdoor kitchenette/ BBQ, pathways, walkways.

  • Swimming Pool Deck:

    A deck is an area on which grace of the entire swimming pool depends. No matter, whether it’s in the backyard or front of the area, deck flooring must be alluring.

Application of flooring pattern with chiseled edges is one of the best ways to create a fascinating outdoor area.

  • Patio/ Front Porch:

    Patio covers a wide entertainment area outside the house. Front porch also serves the same purpose.

The area where one can breathe in the open air and get connected with the environment.

 Thus, make the landscape more attractive with patio flooring pattern design.

  • Front yard/ Backyard:

    A yard is an area where one can enjoy the sunlight, rain and other beauties of nature. The addition of natural stone floor works as the cherry on the cake.

  • Garden/ Lawn:

    Sidewalk and walkway are the main components of a garden. This 8-size flooring pattern offers moisture, slip and heat resist feature. Thus, an ideal material for laying outdoor coverings.

  • Outdoor Kitchenette:

    Enjoy cooking in the outdoor by applying rock face ashlar pattern in barbecues. Team up it with the stone slab countertop.

  • Outdoor Passage:

    Passage area in homes or office complexes covers the significant portion. The pattern of this 8-dimensional floor stone not only makes the pathway attractive but also comfortable to walk.





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