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Rock Face Jumbo – The Trending Floor Pattern

Rock face random pattern is a combination of three terms, i.e., Rock Face + Jumbo + Pattern. The rock face is the type of natural stone edges and is also popular with the name snapped or chiseled edges.

Jumbo means the four dimensions in which these stones are available, whereas pattern refers combination of more than one square or rectangular shape natural stone lay together on a floor to form a surface covering.

Thus, collectively it refers to the group of four-dimensional pieces available with rock face edges for paving an outer entertainment area.

It is also popular with the name rock face 4-size pattern as it is available in the dimensions 12”x12”, 12x24”, 24”x24”, 24”x26” with the thickness of 1¼”.

One can buy all the rock face sizes separately and garnish their land as per their desire and imagination.

Like interior décor, outdoor surface coverings are equally crucial in catching the people’s attention. So, go for this interlocking pattern and enjoy its beauty for long.

If you want to make some change to your land, then this product of landscaping series is the best.

It comes in sandstone as well as limestone base, and one can create various flooring design ideas to enrich the outdoor areas.

Benefits of Rock Face 4 Size Pattern

Don’t compromise on the durability and visual appeal when it's about outdoor paving. This paving pattern being a natural flooring material offers various physical as well as general benefits. 

It gives an artistic charm and timeless beauty to the place wherever it is applicable. These are simple to install and easy to maintain because warm water and a mild detergent are enough to clean them rather than acidic cleaners.

Although it has mesmerizing physical properties as well:

  • The high compressive strength of this pattern makes it hard-wearing and long-lasting.

  • These are highly durable and withstand the test of time.

  • Flexural strength makes it unaffected by the weather-borne damages.

  • 4-size rock face pattern is resistant to slip and frost. Thus, it soaks water immediately without leaving humidity behind.

Because of the all the above features, most of the people assume that natural stones cost a lot. But it’s not the reality. These are cost-effective and can easily suit one’s pocket.

Where 4 Size Rock Face Flooring Pattern is Applicable?

SUI’s Rock Face Jumbo Pattern is perfect, whether you want to cover the ground area in your residential, commercial or industrial sectors. It is best suitable for laying pathways, walkways, and sidewalks.

Moreover, it is equally an appropriate flooring material for a patio, backyard, front yard, pool deck, grilling stations, outdoor kitchen.                                     

Pathways/ Walkways/ Sidewalks:

Pathways and walkways required hard-wearing material, especially in the case of commercial streets. On the other hand, a material used for laying sidewalks in the garden or parks should also be appealing and comfortable to walk. Natural stone meets all these requirements.


Patios cover the significant portion of outdoor paving surfaces. These are the center of attraction of a residential place and a most exposed area to the climatic conditions. This flooring pattern is ideal for patio surface covering because of its physical properties.

Backyard/ Front yard:

One can make the look of yard appealing with the various color options available in rock face random pattern. Furthermore, fire features in the yard will work as icing on the cake.

Pool Deck:

Deck area near the pool must be anti-slippery and moisture-resistant to avoid slippery accidents. Rock face 4-size pattern is highly resistant to heat and keeps the floor cool in summers also.

Outdoor Kitchen/ Grilling Stations:

Outdoor kitchenette or barbecue is the focal point of the exterior part of the place. This pattern on the floor with cobblestones on the BBQ counters gives seamless appeal to the overall surroundings.


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