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What is Rock Face Random Pattern?   

This pattern is a combination of 3 terms, i.e., Rock Face + Random + Pattern. Rock face refers to the type of natural stone edges. These are also popular with the name chiseled or snapped sides.

Random means the three dimensions in which these stones are available, whereas pattern is a term used to describe the combination of more than one stone together to form a layout.

On the whole, it refers to the group of random pieces available with rock face edges for paving outer surfaces.

The exterior portion of the project must be fascinating enough to grab everyone’s attention, especially when it's about flooring.

So step forward smoothly and comfortably by opting for this natural stone flooring pattern. This pattern is a combination of different sizes of squares and rectangular pieces which come together to form an interlocking pattern.

You might be wondering: Why this patter is a three-size rock face pattern? It is also popular with the name three size pattern because it is available in dimensions 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 24”x24” with the thickness of 1¼”.

The best part is that one can get all the rock face sizes separately. So, one can get as per their need.

Want to give a graceful touch to your outdoor living area! This product of landscaping series makes your place exclusive & versatile.

It is the laying pattern that is going to impact the overall appearance of your space. So, opt for this random pattern available in limestone and sandstone that best compliments the surroundings.

Pros & Utility of Rock Face 3 Size Flooring Pattern

Natural stone products, whether it's of wall series or landscaping, exhibit various benefits along with providing beautiful texture.

This pattern is a natural flooring material offers the following pros and applications.

Pros: 3 size rock face pattern involves well tested physical properties like high compressive strength, slip-resistant, durability factor, low bending rate.

Knowing about the density of stone is necessary for the architect, contractor or engineer who is going to design the structure.

So, this pattern is equally beneficial for them as it provides a higher-density stone which makes it is harder and stronger.

Although it has various other features as well:

  • Easy installation and maintenance of this material provide endless design possibilities.

  • Ability to withstand extreme changes in temperature or weather.

  • Highly competitive prices and a budget-conscious choice

Utility: Enhance landscaping and architectural features of residential, commercial or industrial surroundings by laying SUI Rock Face Random Pattern.

It is perfect for pool decks, patios, walkways, courtyards, backyard, outdoor kitchen, barbeque or any other exterior flooring. It helps you to create fantastic designs that will last for the number of years.

  • Patio:

    The outer area of the place is consistently exposed to the weathering conditions and are more likely to get affected. This paving pattern is a great flooring option for the patio as it has a weather-resistant quality.
  • Backyard/ Front Yard:

    There are numerous color options available in this pattern which one can choose and transform the vacant space into a beautiful yard.
  • Pool Deck:

    Pool deck refers to the hardscape area around your swimming pools. Heat-resistant property of rock face three-size random pattern keep it fresh in the summers and refrain from getting too warm when the temperatures rise.

    Application of pool coping on the edges with this pattern laying on its deck will make your pool surrounding appealing.
  • Walkways/ Pathways:

    Only hard and dense material can accompany well at the time of laying walkways or pathways. This paving pattern is highly durable and long-lasting based on the data given by stone testing labs.

  • Grilling Station:

    Enjoy the cooking in the open air by building an outdoor kitchenette. Rock face flooring pattern not only enhances the grace but also gives durability to the floor.

  • Garden:

    Gardens and lawns are becoming today’s emerging trend. It provides a great look to the outdoor area. Thus, apply natural floor stone to create an alluring passage.

  • Others Exterior Paving Surfaces:

    Apart from above applicabilities, these perfectly accents the surface covering of terrace, or main entrance.


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