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Slab - What does it mean?

A slab is a large flat rectangular piece of quarried natural stone available with a thickness of 2”. It is the most common product that we all usually see on the counters of kitchens or bathrooms. Various manufactured stones are available in the market that mimics the look of stone. But, nothing can match with the beauty and grace of real stone. SUI Natural slab stone is available in sandstone, limestone, slate base. Each stone type has distinct character traits.

The right selection of the worktop material is essential. You have to choose the right product by keeping in mind the features of every stone. Sandstone slab is a part of sedimentary rock and consists of rock fragments which offer superior finish. Limestone is a hard and durable rock as it forms from the breakdown of rocks and shells. Slate stone is famous for its longevity and strength.

Benefits of Stone Slab

Whether it’s a residential area like the home kitchen or a commercial location such as restaurants, laboratories, reception counter, material for worktops must be highly appealing and beneficial too; same is the case with this flat piece of natural stone. Thus, it provides an ultimate grace to the area wherever it applies. It carries features like aesthetic appeal, low maintenance, superior finish, durability, timeless beauty, eco-friendly, heat-resistance, moisture resistant.

Nature’s stone demands less care and maintenance. Regular dusting and cleaning of the slabs keep them neat and tidy. It’s like a boon for homemakers. There is no need of the acid cleaners as various natural stone sealers are available in the market that keeps your counters graceful for long spans. These stones are moisture-resistant as well. Thus, soak water within frequently, and no humidity is left behind.        

Applicability of Slab

Want to give a new look to the kitchen or bathroom? Want to make your countertop more fascinating? SUI has a solution for it. The natural stone slab is as functional as it is advantageous. It is useful for residential areas like kitchenette, BBQ counters, bathroom vanities, top of cabinets, bench tops. It proves equally valuable for commercial spaces like reception counter, restaurant tables, laboratories.

Kitchenette: Either the question is to accent the indoor kitchen or garnishing outdoor kitchenette tops, this stone is suitable for both. It acts as a headstone for your kitchen counters. The combination of this flat piece as a countertop in the outdoor kitchen and thin veneer will give a fantastic look to the exterior living surfaces.

BBQ counters/ Grilling stations: Barbecues are the significant part of the outdoor entertainment area. As, these stones are heat and fade resistant, so it is perfect for doing grilling works. Besides, it can withstand pressure and climatic changes. 

Bathroom vanities and counters: Bathroom vanities often expose to shower water and no one like to clean the water again and again. So, it’s better to opt for a stone that soaks water faster and keep the tops dry.

Cabinet top coverings: Retaining cabinets in the kitchen, lobbies, dressing rooms look incomplete unless they have a top covering. Apart from providing a fantastic look, it gives you space where you can keep your belongings.

Benchtops: Benches are present in the gardens, lawns, parks, streets or any other outdoor surfaces where one can sit comfortably. This weather-resistant natural stone provides a smooth surface which is suitable for bench tops.

Reception counter: Reception counters are the vital part of hotels, hospitals, and organizations. These must be highly appealing to the clients as they come directly to the desk for inquiring. Instead of using glasses which pertain high risk of brokerage, use material with high compressive strength.

Restaurant tables: This stone gives a beautiful appeal to the top covering of the restaurant tables.

Laboratories: Laboratory technicians have to work with various chemicals. Unlike manufactured stone, natural stone worktops can handle the pressure to some extent.

Why Choose SUI Slab Stone ?

Stone Universe Inc believes in “serving the consumer not only with the product but also with high quality.” Since 1999 we are the direct importer and wholesale distributor of natural stone. The product passes through levels starting from extraction to packaging till its delivery to the ultimate customer. All the work executes under the strict supervision of our experts.

Being the supplier of slab stone in the USA, to meet the demand of the buyer is our primary motive. We offer countertop collection in multiple colors ranging from light to bright. People who want simple and light shade can go for light tones, whereas people who like bright colors can opt dark tones. Check out our photo gallery and inspire yourself with different ideas.

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