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What is Stepping Stone?

Stepping stone is a mid-size stone apply singly or in a series to form a pathway. It creates an alleyway to step ahead easily while crossing a muddy area. The product of landscaping series provides a unique look to the outdoor surface. Our team of professionals fabricates and give the final touch to the slate, limestone, and sandstone quarry product to create this fascinating stone. These stones are available in various shapes with which one can create multiple landscape design ideas.

Add something special to your garden decor! Natural stone pathways can be a great addition to your landscape area that brings both beauty and luxury. There are numerous styles of installing this nature’s stone either in a straight, S-shape, Y-shape or zigzag way. One can use it on a pathway leading to the front door or yard.

Benefits/ Pros

Along with enhancing the overall beauty of space, it offers multiple features such as hardness, durability, easy care & maintenance, slip-resistant, high griping, frost resistance, timeless elegance, heat resistance, control temperature, moisture resistance, control soil erosion. The best part is that your garden surrounding will remain fresh and green while allowing visitors to pass through an interesting passage.

Suitable for commercial, industrial and residential applications. One of the primary advantages of these steppers is that they are comfortable and convenient to install and can shift from one place to another quickly. In case if you want to change your way, then you just need to pick up these stones and dig a hole where you want to place them again.

Applications Of Stepping Stone

Get inspired by the immense applicability of this natural stone! These give a more ubiquitous touch to the separate walkway in the garden, lawns, ponds, parks, side yards, backyard, entrance or patios. To make a flowing house entrance, these stones suits well in front of the main gate. These are easy to adjust on the mud as well as on the grass in the gardens or parks and add a decorative accent to your landscape. Bring these stones home and make every step interesting.

  • Garden: For garden designs, consider the intersecting pathways pattern of steppers with the boundary of blooming flowers. The combination of the pathway of these stones in the garden along with slab as a countertop in the outdoor kitchen gives a fantastic exterior look to your space.

  • Yards: Whether its backyard or front yard, spruce it up by incorporation of walkway stepping stone that gives a seamless appeal to the entire area.

  • Entryway: Entryway is the focal point of every location. So, to make it more attractive, you can make a path using round stepping stone or any other shape that leading to the entrance steps.

  • Other Outdoor Areas: For a beautiful and practical touch, install a steppers path leading to the patio, sidewalks, outdoor kitchen, lawns, or gazebo. One can insert small pebbles of a contrasting color to the surroundings for a more tidy look.

Why Choose SUI?

Stone Universe Inc is one of the leading wholesale distributors of natural stone. We directly import the quality stone from India, China, Turkey. SUI family always puts the foot forward for converting your imaginative land into reality. Our team of experts extracts produces from nature's quarries and cut in various dimensions to fulfill special orders for custom projects in many sizes and colors.

Natural stone products have to pass through the strict standards and then only given to the end users. Being the supplier of natural stepping stone in the USA, we offer you the most exquisite range of colors, sizes, texture, and shapes. Have a look at the photo gallery for broader applications and visit our landscaping yard nearby you.

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