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Meaning of Steps

These are the cube shape pieces dimensionally cut from the blocks and are the centerpiece of every construction project. They leave an impact on the viewers. The first impression is always the last. Want to leave a good effect on the lookers, stone stairways are of great use. The horizontal part of natural stone steps are known as treads, and its vertical portion is known as risers. It enlarges the outlook of your entryway.

Old rocky look entrances are still prevalent in this 21st century. Earlier building stairs on the hillsides are famous for safe climbing and prevention of soil erosion. Now, these widely prefer for developing beautiful landscaping designs for residential, commercial and industrial units. Available with sandstone and limestone base. One can cover the outdoor stairs with flowers, bushes or hanging gardens to add a decorative accent.

Why are these beneficial?

In the recent scenario, the product with beauty and benefits both is only worthwhile. Application of step stone offers various benefits such as durable, hard-wearing, low flexural strength, high compressive strength, ease of care & maintenance, timeless beauty, eco-friendly, aesthetic appeal, frost-resistant, long-lasting, old world look. Thus, add unique character to the landscape design.

While constructing stairs whether indoor or outdoor, the primary concern is always safety. “For stairs be safe, every step on that stair has to be safe”!  Stairs must be safe and comfortable to go up and down. Its anti-slippery feature makes it safe and walkable as it dries off immediately and prevents falls and injuries during rainy days or damp weather.

Applications of Steps

Upraise the look of your living space by building outdoor steps! Suitable for making landing path in the garden, patios, front entrance, backyard or front yard. Nowadays, these are also becoming popular on the levels of the swimming pool too.

  • Patios: Patios are the perfect outdoor living place for relaxing and entertaining the guests. Develop various stone step ideas with flagstone walkway on the outdoor patio will make it highly appealing.

  • Front Entrance: Main entrance is always the center of attraction. Natural stone front steps and thin veneer application on the wall cladding accents the entire outlook.

  • Front yard: Front yard is an exterior area having a roof, but usually open at the sides. Natural stone stairs are also suitable for the outer covered shelter.

  • Backyard: Backyard is an area constructed on the back side of a place. To give a rocky look, stone stairs can perfectly apply.

  • Pool Surrounding: Besides, pool coping on the edges and pavers on the deck, landscaping rock steps plays a vital role in making overall pool surrounding fascinating.

  • Gardens/ Parks: Impart pure and natural look to the park or garden area by laying stepping stones passage and stone staircase for landing.

Why Buy From SUI?

SUI is customer-centric and focus merely on their satisfaction and stand out clearly to their expectations. We have a team of experienced and talented staff that is always there in the process of extraction till packing of the material. That’s why we offer durable and protective packaging to the nearest as well as far places. We accept customized orders also.

With the high brand image, Stone Universe Inc. is in the stone market for last 19 years as a wholesale natural stone distributor. We are the direct importer of natural products and have an extensive network of dealers in various states of the USA. Being the supplier of natural stone steps and other landscaping material, SUI always tries to stand well on the expectations of the consumer by providing them a high-tech quality product.

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