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Tiles – Surface & Wall Coverings

These are the square or rectangular pieces of natural stone available with the thickness of 0.50” and 0.75”. Looking for elegant and luxurious indoor flooring material, then these are best suitable. Nature’s stone carries a variety of mountain-born mineral substances. That stands lifelong as it possesses 100% minerals and 0% toxic elements.

Want a  perfect solution for your bathroom and kitchen flooring?

Opt in limestone and slate stone type, had different properties.

Besides the exterior decor, interior flooring of the place is also important, it portrays the look of the surrounding. Quarry tiles imparts the traditional appeal to the area wherever these are applicable. This flooring material is becoming today’s choice. It is an ideal for both traditional and contemporary buildings.

Stone Flooring Types

When it comes to flooring, the SUI’s collection offers several stone types. Sandstone and slate are topmost among all. Each stone type has its distinct characteristics and qualities. Both of the stone base came out of the different formation process. Thus have varied features.

Sandstone Tile Flooring:

Sandstone comes under the family of sedimentary rock. But it is not a chemical rock. Rather, it is a clastic sedimentary rock, mainly composed of Silicon dioxide (SiO2). It formed from fragments, and clasts. It’s rich mineral properties make it best suitable for interior/ exterior floor coverings. The finite color range in sandstone flooring gives a rustic look.

Slate Tile Flooring:

Slate is the metamorphic rock. The metamorphism process makes it a finely grained foliated rock. Thus, showing the highly durable nature. Slate flooring gives a dignified appeal to the entire surroundings. Most popularly use on deck, patio, yard or living room floor.

Stone Floor Tile Pros

 Nature’s stone gives evidence of its dynamic and versatile nature.Nature’s stone gives evidence of its dynamic and versatile nature from thousand of years. When it's about kitchen or bathroom flooring, choose material wisely. These are the areas having contact with the water most of the time.  Therefore, safety is the primary concern.

This stone product has a feature of slip-resistant. The coefficient of Friction (COF) is the parameter used to measure the slip-resistant. The stones having a high friction coefficient will not pose a slipping hazard 

It offers various other pros:

  • The inclusion, color, and variation in each stone is a part of its natural beauty, it makes flooring application one of a kind and unique.

  • The mountain-born qualities and minerals give living space a natural essence.

  • These are natural, nonpolluting, eco-friendly product which prevents soil erosion to a great extent.

  • Easy to install and simple to maintain. Thus, can work well for home or commercial improvements.

  • Heat resistant and moisture resistant.
  • Floor tile cleaning is an easy task
  • These are durable enough to bear the load of heavy furniture in the living room.

Best Ways To Apply Floor Tiles

Give natural and unique appearance to the indoor as well as outdoor floors and walls. It is the best flooring option for the living room and dining rooms. Besides, it suits on foyer, hallways, bath area, kitchen. Ease of tile installation has widened its role in swimming pool areas also.

  • Kitchen:

    This product is perfect for kitchenette floors as it is heat and moisture resistant. One can develop various kitchen flooring design ideas along with slab application on the worktops.

  • Bathroom:

    Bath area remains wet most of the time. So, natural stone bathroom tile gives your feet a perfect grip and soak water quickly.

  • Backsplash:

    This nature’s stone protects the wall from the spills or splashes coming from sink and showers. One can go for same color flooring and backsplash or can opt the contrasting colors.

  • Living/ Dining rooms:

    Tiled floor gives comfort while roaming here and there. Moreover, these are easy to clean and maintain.

  • Foyer/ Hallways:

    It is a kind of indoor entryway that welcomes the guest and make your impression. No matter whether it’s a small entry or a grand entrance, surface covering with this natural stone grabs the attention.

  • Pool surroundings:

    Natural stone application on the pool deck gives a safe and anti-slippery walk and prevents falls & accidents. Moreover, its heat-resistant feature keeps it cool in summers.

Besides flooring, these are widely popular for interior as well as exterior wall coverings because of its versatility and durability. It is available with a thickness of less than 1” thus, can entirely applicable on the wall without imparting any extra efforts.


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