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Tile Versailles Pattern – Natural Flooring Solution

It is a combination of 3 terms, i.e., Tile + Versailles + Pattern. Tiles are the square or rectangular pieces of quarried natural stone available having a thickness of less than 1”, generally 0.50” and 0.75". Versailles refers to the four dimensions in which these stones are available, and pattern means the combination of one or more than one stone together for creating a layout.

Thus, on the whole, Tile Versailles Pattern refers to the arrangement of more than tiles together to form a group for paving both indoor and outdoor areas. Versailles pattern, also known as the French pattern or 4-size pattern as it consists of 4 dimensions, i.e., 8”x8”, 8”x16”, 16”x16”, 16”x24”. It is one of the most popular natural stone flooring styles use for paving an outdoor flooring in residential as well as commercial construction or remodels.

SUI offers it in various stone types including travertine, limestone, and slate. Each of the stone bases is imported from the multiple origins of the world and shows natural color variations. It is a product of landscaping series available with both non-tumbled and tumbled finishes. A pattern with a tumble finish has saw cut edges, whereas non-tumbled finish shows chiseled or snapped edges.

Benefits/ Pros

Just like an individual natural stone product, flooring patterns posses various pros. The great advantage of the 4 size pattern reflects in its versatile design, beauty, and physical properties. Its versatile design makes it suitable for both indoor and areas surface coverings. The timeless & aesthetic appeal, antique look, resistance to fade, the presence of minerals and other mountain-born qualities are the symbol of its natural beauty.

Physical Properties:-

  • High compressive strength as per the laboratory tested results make this flooring material hard-wearing and long-lasting.

  • Highly resistant to heat and moisture makes it more worthwhile for laying floor near the pool surroundings and allied areas.

  • The higher density of stone is a trademark of its hardness and equally a decisive factor for architects, contractors, and engineers.

  • Modulus of rupture determines the bending strength. Most of the SUI color collection has low bending strength.

Applications of Tile 4 Size Pattern

Create numerous flooring design ideas with the tile French pattern, the only pattern suitable for both interiors as well as exterior locations. Let’s discuss how:-

Indoor Application: Interior surface covering is crucial as a material which is anti-slippery, smooth and comfortable is required. All these qualities are available with nature’s stone.

  • Lobby/ Foyer: Lobby is a central area at the entrance to a building, or we can say that a large waiting or a reception area at the commercial places. Tile Versailles pattern is best suitable and adds extra shine and glory to the surface.

  • Rooms: Tiled pattern floor in the living room or dining room gives it a unique and versatile touch as no two natural stones are alike.

Outdoor Application: Outdoor paving is more likely to expose by the heat, temperature and other weathering effects as compared to indoor surroundings. So, paving material must be fade-resistant, heat-resistant and durable enough to withstand all those effects.

  • Patio: Being an outside area of the place, it is the central point of attraction. Tile Versailles pattern application on the floor with stone steps gives an ultimate finish to the overall patio.

  • Pool Surroundings: Deck covers the significant portion of pool surroundings. Application of tile four size pattern not only accents the surface covering but also provides cool touch to feet in the summers and high gripping to prevent slips.

  • Outdoor Kitchenette/ Grilling Stations: Many people like to cook in the open environment rather than a kitchen- based cooking. So they convert a small part of the outdoor entertainment area into the grilling stations. This French pattern is perfectly suitable for outer kitchenette as well.

  • Yards: Whether it be a front yard or backyard, application of this paving pattern spreads its charm everywhere because of its natural qualities.

  • Walkways/ Pathways/ Sidewalks: Develop various innovative and eye-catching design ideas by laying the group of tiles on the walkways, pathways or sidewalks in gardens, parks, residential or commercial sectors.

Why Buy From SUI?

SUI is known for its innovative and high-quality natural stone product line since 1999. We are the wholesale distributor and direct importer of stone from India, China, Turkey. Headquartered in San Lorenzo, California, we expand the area of operations by opening distribution centers in Northern California, Southern California, Texas, Maryland and Washington. SUI has a vast network of dealers throughout the United States and also accepts customized orders as per customer specifications. Our tile Versailles pattern has a unique set of textures, colors, and variations which are the part of its natural beauty.

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