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Treads - What does it mean?

These are the flat rectangular pieces cut from the giant quarried blocks. Available with one side sawn cut and the other three sides rock face. In other words, we can say that it is a horizontal section of a staircase also popular with the name run, where one can step on. Our treads collection comes with sandstone, limestone, slate stone base.

Stairs are not only a way to move between levels but are of great use in residential, commercial and industrial surroundings. So, there must be a viable material for its décor. This natural stone gives a perfect stone look to the outdoor entertainment areas and equally accents the indoor stairs as well. Thus, suitable for both interior and exterior.

People may get puzzled in two products, i.e., Stone Step and Step Tread. All these natural products add a lot to the landscaping but are different from each other. Stone Step is relatively thicker and consists of both treads and risers. Step treads use on the upper surface of the stairs.

Why Apply Landscape Treads?

This nature’s stone is widely applause for its advantageous characteristics.

Several stone types available in treads carry rich chemical and physical properties. It has physical properties like compressive strength, the rate of absorption. Good stone density is the key feature of quality building stone. The low bending rate and flexural strength make it a hard and dense stone. 

  • The rich mountain-born qualities and minerals.

  • Water based fabrication makes it nonpolluting, and eco-friendly.

  • Easy to install and simple to maintain.

  • Heat, fade and moisture resistant.

  • Highly durable to resist weathering conditions.

    Besides, it offers pros such as timeless beauty, and attractive appeal makes it a highly demanding product not only among the homeowners but dealers and architects as well. The best part of opting this stair stone is that it provides a slip-resistant feature that prevents slips and falls while stepping on it.

Where to Use Stone Cap?

Steps grab everyone’s attention, either its indoor or outdoor. These are best suitable for the staircase. Single stone tread for fireplace mantles and hearths are also a striking statement.

  • Indoor Stairs:

    In-house steps are the reflection of the entire place. So make it decorative with this natural stone. Staircase in the foyer or hall, leading to the first floor must be attractive. One can develop several eye-catching stair decor ideas using stone. Stairs with landing leading to tile flooring give a fantastic touch to the area. And if you want to add a distinctive look to it, stairs without landing will be a good option.

  • Outdoor Steps:

    Do you know how front door steps are important? It serves as a center of attraction. Stairway in the outdoor entertainment area must be durable enough to resist the weathering conditions. The product which is fadeless and slip-resistant is only suitable. Unlike wood stairs, sandstone stair treads with a railing or without railing depending upon the number of steps are perfect for outer surfaces. Building stone step to a front door with flagstone flooring can add an extra grace.

To give the stone appearance in the public parks or gardens, these popularly applied on the top of the benches.

Installation of various bushes or plants to the edges of a stairway provide a refreshing and colorful look. One can also give a contribution towards saving the environment on the other hand.

Therefore, develop indoor outdoor carpet stair treads ideas using real rock!


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