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What is Wall Cap Stone?

Wall caps are the rectangular piece of natural stone having four side rock face, snapped or chiseled edges. It protects the masonry wall from all types of damages like rain, hailstones, water or any other wear and tears as It is quite larger than the width of the wall.

Give a final touch to the retaining wall by placing it on the topmost surface of the wall.

It prevents the moisture from entering into it. Therefore, walls are less likely to be harmed by the expansion, which occurs naturally during freeze-thaw cycles.

A simple wall seems to be boring!

So along with its protection, add classic appearance to the wall. It is the most elegant way with which you one can complete your project by adding a top base for a stone wall.

The SUI natural stone wall cap is available in sandstone, limestone and slate stone type and an ideal choice for those looking for some unique landscaping design ideas.

Advantages of Capstone

Its features such as timeless beauty, eco-friendly, aesthetic appeal, frost-resistance, moisture-resistant, low maintenance, superior finish, high compressive strength and antique look make it a highly demanding product for both commercial and residential areas.

 Its features such as timeless beauty, eco-friendly, aesthetic appeal makes it an attractive product. The frost, moisture-resistant, and high compressive strength are the proof of its durability.

Moreover, it requires low maintenance. The superior finish and antique look make it a highly demanding product. Unlike cast concrete, it resists weathering conditions and makes your stone wall long-lasting.

Safeguarding the upper surface of the walls is an important design consideration. Apart from the timeless beauty and other features, it also performs various functions.

If water penetrates through the top of exterior walls, the entire constructed wall has to suffer from efflorescence, deterioration, which ultimately leads to the destruction. The water penetration may cause efflorescence, deterioration, leading to the destruction. Thus, proper capping of the wall contributes to its sustainability. 

Utilization of Protective & Decorative Wall Stone

Dress up your wall with SUI stone wall cap!

Nowadays it is in high trend and choice of every architect, designers, contractor, and homeowners. One can install plant, grass or bushes behind the boundary wall. along with an application of seat wall caps. It adds a dramatic look to the patio and contributes a lot to the environment as well.


It is suitable for capping the walls of all types, whether it is a retaining wall, planter, sight wall, seat wall or a boundary wall. One can apply natural ledge stone to a boundary wall along with chiseled edge wall caps on its top surface.

Fountains/ Water Features:

It is perfect for copping an outer surface of the fountain as water pop out beautifully because of its rock face edges.


Besides wall, these are best suitable for top application on the outdoor stairs such as a patio, garden or front yard steps.

Natural stone wall coping can team up with our other nature’s stone products to give an overall projection to your space. Thin veneer application on the side wall with a top capping gives a rustic look to your outdoor surface.

The function of this product not only ends here. One can also use this capping stone between the wall and railing in the outer area. Chiseled edge hearthstone enriches the fireplace surround.

Wall Cap Stone Types

The SUI natural stone wall cap is available in several stone types. These make a stone cap an ideal choice for construction projects.

Looking for some unique retaining wall cap ideas?

Garnish the retaining wall with a natural rock!

Sandstone Wall Cap:

Sandstone, the sedimentary rock formed from the rocks buried under the earth’s crust. It remains under the earth for thousands of years. Thus, the final building material came out presents high stone density.

Sandstone cap carries a finite range of colors showing rustic appeal. SUI offers a collection from dark chocolate to soft vintage white. One can apply any color as per the choice. The pearl grey cap on the steps with paving stone gives high projection to the outdoor. 

Limestone cap:

Limestone product collection is the complete package of durability and beauty. Calcium carbonates present in it, make the rock long-lasting. Whereas, its texture and colors beauty any surrounding.

One can get various blackish, bluish, yellow, and green tones in this stone product. All these colors are with rock face edges look seamless.

Slate caping stone:

Slate is the metamorphic rock, been in use since ages. Its absorption rate and stone strength make it perfect for outdoor applications. Black slate and California gold are the color available with the slate base.

Thus, one gets both the options of dark as well as multi looking stone. 


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