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What is Window Sill?

The bottom part of the window trim, the window sill is a thin piece The bottom part of the window trim, the window sill is a thin piece of natural stone. It adjusts to the exterior of the window.

It is a natural quarried stone with rock face, snapped or chiseled edges from one side and sawn from the other three sides.

Being taper in shape, it covers the bottom area of the window. The downward sloping of the sill drains the rainwater properly. The dirty water flows over the drip edge, and the facade left clean.

These most of time apply outside the window to protect it from the moisture. Windows are an essential part of the room. It protects our room from dust. So there must be something that protects our windows also.

So, SUI serves you with the collection of this natural stone. It is available in limestone, sandstone, quartzite and slate base. It safeguards it against weather-based damages.

Replace old window sill trim with the natural rock!

The Exterior Window Sill – Protective & Attractive

Window sills cover the small area of the construction project. But, its functionality is vast. It performs several vital functions.

Firstly, it’s fascinating appeal influence the facade’s visual aspect.

Secondly, it acts as a protective shield against weather-based damage.

The natural sills in an outdoor location offer significant protection against complete weathering conditions. Otherwise, the falling rainwater leaves dirty marks on the façade.

This makes it an ideal building stone for industrial, commercial and residential use. The sill stone protects and assures the longevity of the window structure.

The assembly and fitting of the exterior stone sill are simple if carried out by an experienced professional.

Pros of Window Sill Stone

Like all other nature’s stone, these also offer double features. Along with many advantages, these have immense applicability.

  • Its characteristics like timeless beauty, green-attribute, aesthetic appeal, durability, hardness, low maintenance, long-lasting, ethnic look make it highly beneficial.

  • As it is hard and stiff, it will never bend or fold. It’s beautiful and unique shades are fade resistant.

  • If you want a better return on your investment, then go for this natural stone.

  • It can prevent costly damage like water seepage and degradation of your window and save your money in the long-term.

  • It fulfills both decorative as well as functional purposes.

    Now you are thinking how to install window sill? Well, it is an easy task to install this stone. All you need to do is hire a professional for that purpose.

Utilization of Exterior Window Sill

Stone sill is as functional as advantageous. Accent your window frame and overall outdoor project with exterior stone window sill! It provides the structural seating for window frames.

When you have to choose a type of sill that you want to apply to your place, then the natural stone is of great use.

It provides a couple of advantages, i.e., aesthetic visual appeal and damage prevention.

Application of thin veneer on the wall along with window sill replacement gives a different projection to your exterior portion.

Have a look on the window sill pictures updated in our inspiration gallery!

Window Trim Decorating Ideas

Most of the time, people forget the hidden detaining of the house. Side nooks and crannies remain as it is. Same is the case with the sill.

People often install stone still behind the window trim. But, they did not pay much attention towards its decor.

Sill only protects the frame from getting damaged. But what about the visual interest? For that, one must adopt fascinating decorative ideas.

Garnish it with adorable yet attractive ways!!

A tiny garden will be a great addition. Fusion of green plants and flora gives an exotic look to the outer part of the window.

Either it’s a kitchen window sill or a room, this decorating idea will suit well. Moreover, some hanging material like wind chains glows on the outer frame.

One can also opt for stylish window trim exterior using hanging plant containers & primitive sill lights. So, develop several window trim ideas using stone sill.
Thus, opting for a stone window sills is the best solution of comfortable living and weatherproofing.

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