Rock Face Jumbo Pattern Pearl Grey (West)

Whitish-silver and platinum grey give birth to pearl grey natural stone. Available with a sandstone base and non-tumbled finish. Pearl grey comes from the family of soft and charm hues. Perfectly matches with any type of decor. The color of positivity imparts grace to the outdoor surroundings. Give a unique look to the landscape with the fusion of soft and dark hues available in rock face jumbo pattern. Ease of maintenance and simplicity of the texture makes it the topmost choice.


Sizes Available in
12″x12″x1¼”± West, Northwest
24″x36″x1¼”± West, Northwest


Sizes Pcs. / Box Boxes / Pallet Sq.Ft. / Pallet (Approx.) Pcs / Pallet Weight / Pallet (Approx.) lbs
12″x12″x1¼”± LOOSE LOOSE 168 168 2800
24″x36″x1¼”± LOOSE LOOSE 168 28 2800


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