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Since 1999, Stone Universe Inc. (SUI) has been in the stone market as one of the direct importers of natural stone from India, China, Turkey & prominent wholesale distributors of quality natural stone in the United States. Over a span of 19 years, we earn the reputation of renowned building material supplier.
Company's head office is in San Lorenzo, California with 5 distribution centers in the states of Northern California, Southern California, Washington, Texas & Maryland. Our extensive network of dealers expands in Washington, Montana, Idaho, South Dakota, Arizona, Northern California, Southern California, Colorado, Oregon, Texas , Wisconsin, Nevada, Nebraska, Wyoming, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois. We, at Stone Universe Inc, extract the stone from the quarries gifted by nature and presents the product with different finishes to the customer at highly competitive prices. "Developing healthy and trustworthy relations with the clients" is the primary motive of our company. We directly sell to the dealers, and one can come to their showrooms for viewing and selection of natural stone products.
SUI being a stone supplier offers a wide range of product and color collection in limestone, sandstone, slate, quartzite and travertine base. Perfect for residential, commercial indoor and outdoor use such as driveways, parking lots, pathway, entryway, chimney, wall cladding/ boundary wall, swimming pools, decks, walkways, stairways, fireplaces, garden, pillars/ columns, façade, window, kitchen/ BBQ, lawns, parks, office complexes, shopping malls, apartment building.

    Moreover, we accompany dealers, architects, builders and customers with the services like:
  • Products displayed on the racks in our warehouses
  • Product sample to clients
  • Quality checks & control along with test reports
  • Guidance in selecting the right stone
  • Easy communication
Come and explore an exclusive collection of paving, flooring, worktops, landscaping materials and much more!

Natural Stone Products



Looks just like a nose of a bull; Bullnose is a convex trimmed category of natural quarried stone available with rounded edges. It is popularly known as Pool Coping and suitable for covering the outer surface of stairs, fire pits, fountain, swimming pool or corner top areas. Bullnose coping on the in-ground pool along with pavers on the deck gives an ultimate finish t [...]

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Cobblestones/ Setts are the small cube shape pieces of granite which are not uniform in the width and depth. Being rough in texture, it allows easy passage of the water and makes it anti-slippery. These natural stones are perfect for driveways or parking lots. Granite cobbles widely use for laying pathway/ walkway in the lawns, gardens, patios, backyards or other land [...]

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column cap_stone-universe-inc.

Column Cap

Column cap is the square shape piece of natural stone available in 4 sides rock face or snapped or chiseled edges which not only safeguard your freestanding wall from weather damages but provides a beautiful essence as well. This pillar cap/ pier cap comes with sandstone, slate, limestone bases and is perfect for the retaining walls, garden pedestals, kitchen chimney, [...]

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driveway pavers_stone-universe-inc.

Driveway Pavers

Driveway Pavers are the small square, rectangular or diagonal pieces of sandstone and limestone having smooth textures that can arrange into different patterns to highlight a particular theme for residential, commercial or outdoor purposes. Application of natural stone pavers on the driveway, entryway, parking area, front yard, backyards, pathways or walkways compleme [...]

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Flat pieces random in length and width, Flagstone is available in concrete base 1" and sand base 2". Random shapes layer together to make a square, rectangular or any other form of the path as required. Pool decks, patios, pathways, front yard, terrace, walkways are places where this product of landscaping series suits well. Sandstone, quartzite, limestone, and slate [...]

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Ledge stones are the Z shape rectangular pieces joined together to form an interlocking panel and are popular with the name ledger stone or stacked stone. Natural ledge stone panels and corners form with the travertine, sandstone, quartzite, limestone, slate base and available in cement and non-cement backing. Ledge installation is quite easy and best suitable for wal [...]

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paver random 3 size pattern_stone-universe-inc.

Paver Random 3 Size Pattern

Looking for natural paving option. Random Pattern is the combination of 3 sizes, i.e. 12"x12", 12"x24", 24"x24" whereas paver refers to the sawn cut sides. Being a package of 3 dimensions, this is also known as 3 size pattern. These flooring patterns with square and rectangular pieces come together to form an interlocking pattern. Ideal for backyards, entryways, walkw [...]

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paver rectangular 5 size pattern_stone-universe-inc.

Paver Rectangular 5 Size Pattern

Paver Rectangular Pattern refers to 5 size pattern consisting of 12"x12", 12"x24", 12"x36", 24"x24", 24"x36" dimensions. Whether it's a patio, backyard, walkways, front yard or any other allied external surroundings, this paving pattern is a perfect option. Apart from its broad applicability, it provides various benefits like durability, modulus of rupture, slip-resis [...]

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paver versailles 4 size pattern_stone-universe-inc.

Paver Versailles 4 Size Pattern

The 4 size pattern, Paver Versailles Pattern is also known as French Pattern consisting of 4 sizes, i.e., 8"x8", 8"x16", 16"x16", 16"x24" available with tumbled as well as non-tumbled finishes and sawn cut sides. Natural stone immense features such as durability, hardness, longevity, high compressive strength, eye-catching appeal make it a better paving choice. Natura [...]

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The slab is a large flat-rectangular piece available with a thickness of 2" and sandstone, limestone, slate base. Natural stone slab widely uses in the interior and exterior of residential areas like BBQ/ grilling station, bathroom vanities, kitchen countertops, cabinet tops. Equally suitable for commercial sectors like laboratories, reception counter, restaurant tabl [...]

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stepping stone_stone-universe-inc.

Stepping Stone

Stepping stones are the mid-sized heart; round, irregular, square shape stone applies in a series on a muddy or garden area to create a pathway with never-ending design possibilities. Widely applicable to the backyard, gardens, lawns, parks, sidewalks to form a unique and fascinating crossway. Give your passage more exciting and fabulous look with these natural steppi [...]

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Steps are the cubic rectangular shape pieces dimensionally cut from the natural stone blocks perfect for the indoor as well as outdoor stairs. The horizontal part of the step is tread whereas its vertical portion is known as risers. This natural stone application provides a fascinating look to the entryway with features like eco-friendly, aesthetic appeal, frost-resis [...]

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thin veneer_stone-universe-inc.

Thin Veneer

Thin Veneer refers to the thin pieces (thickness of 1'') of square rectangular, ledge, irregular, or dimensional. It is a product of wall series, which is also known as an exterior veneer. Natural stone veneer flats and corners are suitable for the indoor as well as outdoor areas such as a backsplash, columns, chimneys, fireplaces, facade, pillars, seat walls, wall cl [...]

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A perfect solution for kitchen and bathroom flooring, SUI offers a wide assortment of tiles for indoor use which extracts from the natural stone quarries of limestone and slate. Each tile has unique color and texture, providing timeless beauty and most significant feature of slip-resistant. Natural stone tiles are suitable for both residential and commercial projects [...]

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tile versailles 4 size pattern_stone-universe-inc.

Tile Versailles 4 Size Pattern

Versailles Pattern is an arrangement of 4 dimensions, i.e., 8"x8", 8"x16", 16"x16", 16"x24" and also popular with the name French Pattern. Whereas natural stone paving tile is available with a thickness of 0.50" or 0.75". So, on the whole tile Versailles pattern is best suitable for both indoor surface coverings like rooms, lobby, hallways. It is long-lasting and dura [...]

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A rectangular piece with three side rock face and one side sawn cut, Treads are ideal for covering the top surface of a fireplace mantel, stairs, entrance. The durability of slate, sandstone, travertine, limestone base makes it perfect for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Available with numerous color options which one can choose as per the project [...]

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wall cap_stone-universe-inc.

Wall Cap

Wall cap is a rectangular piece widely used to protect the freestanding walls from efflorescence or deterioration. Thus, less likely to be harm by the expansion, which occurs naturally during freeze-thaw cycles Suitable for capping the walls of all types whether it is a boundary wall, planter, retaining wall, seat wall, waterfalls, and stairs. [...]

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window sill_stone-universe-inc.

Window Sill

The window sill is thin, long piece which slopes downwards to drain the rainwater efficiently and protect the bottom surface of the windows by acting as a barrier against moisture intrusion. Thus, it drifts water down, and front-facing remains clean. It's one side is rock face or chiseled, and the other three sides are sawn cut. [...]

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