The natural stone bullnose is a term used to define smooth convexly rounded edges in masonry products quarried naturally. The rounded edge acts as an exposed edge adding texture and character to the design when chiseled or saw cut edges are not suitable. It is generally used as a perimeter for various designs that eliminate sharper angles and unfinished edges making it a safer environment.

SUI - the natural stone supplier in U.S.A are famous for their natural finishes edge profiles. Bullnose edge is one of the most demanding among all. Besides clean and safe, bullnose edge increases the durability of natural stone. With fully rounded or half-edge, this profile keeps the stone less vulnerable to chipping or breaking.


Various in-ground pool coping options are available nowadays. But nothing can beat the physical and visual features of real rock. Apart from providing various pros, it offers a wide room of applications.


Swimming Pools in general needs a coping which greatly enhances the appearance of the pool. Natural stone bullnose have a slip-resistant surface which makes it an ideal choice for swimming pool edges. If coping is installed correctly, splashed water from the pool should flow away from the pool into deck drains.


The smooth rounded edges of bullnose are used as the front edge of the steps to provide a safe environment.


The rounded edge provides a comfortable and relaxed setting for the posterior part of the knee. The bullnose is a popular choice for designing Benches and Seat walls


Bullnose edges are perfect for providing detailing to your kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Natural stone Bullnose can be used in any design that are only limited to the imagination of the designer. Stone Universe Inc - one of the best natural stone supplier offers bullnose coping in a wide range of colors, finishes and textures. Opt for limestone, sandstone or travertine bullnose coping collection which provides an optimal solution to match or contrast according to your design requirements.


  1. What is bullnose pool coping?

This pool coping style has a rounded edge finish. Bullnose provides a rounded edge rather than a sharp or square edge. This can be a great look with a softer appearance and feel. The rounded shape improves safety while also providing a smoother look and texture to your pool.


  1. What is natural stone coping?

A coping stone is basically a flat stone that is used to cover the edges or sides of a pool, free-standing walls, or border areas. When it is made of natural stone, it is regarded as natural stone coping.


  1. Square edge coping v/s bullnose coping

The square edge is a clean finish, whereas the bullnose is a flat surface with a rounded edge. Pool designers often prefer this pleasant, softer look, with a rolled edge finish that is flat and smooth, and the edge is turned up at the end.


  1. What is the best type of pool coping?

Natural stone coping with bullnose edges is an excellent material for a variety of reasons. The first reason is that it offers smooth finished edges. The second reason is that it is slip-resistant, making it safer for wet feet.


  1. What are the advantages of bullnose pool coping?

A bullnose can be completely rounded or half-rounded, with a rounded top and a shaped edge on the bottom. A bullnose edge detail improves the durability of the stone by making the smooth edge less susceptible to chipping or breaking.


  1. What is the thickness of bullnose coping?

Bullnose coping offered by SUI – the leading natural stone supplier varies from 1½” -2” ±. One can choose the required depending upon the project details.


  1. What is the appearance of a bullnose edge?

Edging of the bullnose coping is one long side of the bullnose. It is rounded on both the top and bottom edges. This edge style is similar to the letter "U". In terms of safety, a bullnose finish is ideal.


  1. What are the stone types available in bullnose coping?

Bullnose is available in limestone, sandstone, basalt, travertine, and slatestone.


  1. What is the difference between a concrete bullnose coping and a stone bullnose coping?

Concrete bullnose coping is made from manufactured stone whereas natural coping stone is made from real stone. Stone coping carries natural ingredients that make it a suitable choice for the long run.


  1. Where can we use bullnose coping?

Bullnose coping is an ideal choice for covering pool edges, boundary wall tops, stairways, or patio seat walls.