Porcelain Pavers – The Perfect Outdoor Coverings

Porcelain pavers are a more durable form of ceramic tile used for both indoor and outdoor flooring. Stone Universe porcelain pavers are available in two different sizes - 24”x24”x¾” ( Squares ) and 12”x24”x¾”( Rectangles ) and a wide range of colors.

Are you looking for a manufactured yet durable product? Stone Universe Porcelain pavers combine almost all the qualities of natural stone along with the advantages of manufactured stone.

Besides natural stone collection, Stone Universe Inc - the paving stone supplier has stepped into the area of manufactured stone with the introduction of outdoor Porcelain Pavers.

Advantages of Exterior Porcelain Paving

Don’t compromise on the visual as well as physical characteristics when it's about outdoor paving. The outdoor area serves as a point of attraction.

Thus, the material used for its paving should also be appealing. Besides an alluring touch, the outdoor flooring pavers should also pose high-end physical properties. 

One of the numerous advantages of porcelain pavers is their adequate durability. Porcelain can survive for many decades, and in some circumstances, up to 50 years, if they are of high quality and are installed correctly with a good base. Extreme weather won't cause the porcelain to break, and it can easily resist harsh hot/cold cycles.


Another best quality of this SUI’s range is lighter weight. The lightweight makes porcelain paver installation easy. One can get it installed directly on the grass, gravel, or sand. 

Among the paving types with the least upkeep is porcelain, which is also one of the most hygienic. Porcelain has an extremely low water absorption rate as a result of its production process, making them resistant to stains, frost, and, to some extent, moss and algae growth.


As its physical features make it rough and tough to bear the climatic changes. Outdoor pavers are slip-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to manage. 

The material being dense in nature carries high resistance to heavy loads and traffic. It will not be going to fade and or deteriorate with time.


Wide Range of Application

SUI’s porcelain paver range offers various styles to create fascinating outdoor surroundings. The ¾” thick porcelain paver installation is durable which makes it an optimal choice for interior and exterior applications. Stone Universe porcelain pavers which mimic the look of natural stones are taking precedence over other manufactured pavers among landscapers, contractors, builders, architects, and even homemakers.

Bring this flooring collection to life while designing or redesigning the new project.

1. Pool Deck Paving

12”x24” and 24”x24” porcelain paver for pool deck with slip-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy-to-manage features make it an ideal choice for laying the swimming pool surfaces.

Since porcelain pavers are naturally non-slip, they are ideal for pool decks. Water naturally leaks out of the pool while your kids swim and play in it, settling on your pool deck.

In the humid environments at the pool decks, germs can be a problem. The non-porous nature makes Porcelain antibacterial and greatly resistant to bacteria, algae, etc.

If you have a high-traffic commercial pool deck that you need to maintain clean and are worried about kids or pets getting sick, or simply desire the most hygienic area - Porcelain is the one solution to all.

2. Front Yard Surface

Reflect the latest up-to-date style trends with enriching front yard floor design. Manufactured pavers give a graceful impact when applied on the yard surface.

3. Outdoor Patios

Paving stone provides immense options for laying an outdoor patio. The porcelain paver patio makes the surroundings beautiful and truly blends in with the entire landscaping. Every homeowner wants to update their outdoor living spaces instead of sticking with old-dated concrete.

Porcelain that resembles natural stone is readily available for a small fraction of the cost. Keeping a secure eye on your pocket.

4. Backyard

Enrich your backyard project with the application of high-quality paving material. These pavers are durable to handle foot traffic with ease while providing elegance to elevate the look of the overall landscape.

5. Garden Passage

Whether it’s a narrow passage or entire garden surface laying, the Stone Universe flooring range suits the best. The color variants available create a rustic to modern look in the project.

Porcelain patio pavers have a specialized manufacturing process that gives them good strength to withstand extreme heat which other pavers lack, the heat resistant feature leads it to keep it away from getting hot in the sun.

When you have to turn your ideas into reality, a combination of quality material and a variety of designs work well. Thus, outdoor porcelain pavers are the way to garnish