From sustainable sandstone to tranquil travertine, the leading natural stones supplier carries an array of natural stone collection that is beautiful yet functional. Choose whatever you wish from floor to wall, indoor to outdoor, and facade to the backsplash. SUI’s natural stone wholesale collection inspires you to design your project in a trending and ongoing way. Stone Universe Inc – being a natural stone distributor, it carries exquisitely designed products to fulfill residential, commercial, and industrial design needs.

Why Choose Natural Stones?

Natural stone is extracted from deep under the earth. Their formation process takes a number of years and involves extensive heat and pressure. That’s why natural stones are firm and stiff.

Natural stones carry physical as well as visual properties that make them today’s top choice.

Natural Stones are Physically Stable

Our Natural Stone suppliers bring you real building stones that carry a good amount of rich minerals and calcium carbonate. These properties made natural stone the strongest building product of all. They carry high compressive strength which is necessary to provide a strong base for the construction project. Moreover, natural stone products from our Natural stone suppliers have a low bending rate as compared to manufactured stone.


  • Durability
  • Hard-wearing
  • Heat resistant
  • Frost resistant
  • Break & chip resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Long Lasting

Natural Stones are Visually Appealing

Natural stones are mined from the quarries gifted by mother nature, each stone piece presents a unique look. That is part of its natural beauty. They carry fascinating color variations ranging from light to dark. The color of the stone depends on the presence of mineral in it. They are neither going to fade nor going to lose their beauty over time.


  • One-of-a-Kind look
  • Fade Resistant
  • Attractive Appeal
  • Natural variations in color and texture
  • Sealrs enhance their beauty over time

Much More!

  • Natural stones are an eco-friendly choice to build your dream project.
  • They are 100% real and free from any chemical composition
  • Their application is not limited to building construction. These can be used for decorative purposes as well.
  • Care & Maintenance is easy

Natural Stone Offerings by Stone Universe Inc

Natural stone suppliers give their clients the finest quality natural stone products that remain with you for ages. We the natural stone wholesaler have an extensive product range to upgrade each corner of the new project.


Flooring Collection –  Stone universe inc- the natural stone distributors offer a wide array of choices when it comes to floor covering. Our natural stone suppliers carry high-quality materials to give your flooring project a unique look. Each product, we carry is different from another in the terms of appearance, colours, and textures. So, give your flooring coverings an exotic look with the installation of tiles, flagstone, flooring patterns, and circles.


Wall seriesFrom indoor wall to exterior, and cladding to sidings, Our Natural Stone distributor’s wall series serve as the best-ever design solution. We - the natural stone Wholesale and Natural Stone suppliers serve a range of column caps, wall caps, thin veneer, ledge stones, and window sill to facilitate landscaping design ideas. Now, make your window frames appealing and coat the cladding with the eye-catching beauty of the stone.


CountertopsSui-The Natural stone wholesaler Make your kitchen countertops and vanity tops appealing with natural slab stone installations. Slab stone enhances its visual appeal by embedding fresh neutrals and the beauty of nature. Our natural stone distributors also make your BBQ tops functional by offering an easy cleaning process.


DrivewaysDriveways demand hardness and solidity. So, one can never go wrong with cobblestones and driveway pavers bought from our natural stone suppliers. These are meant to be load-bearing and can resist traffic pressure. They become the most popular driveway choice because of their hard-wearing nature. You can always feel free to contact Sui -The Natural Stone wholesaler.


Decorative Series- Our natural stone distributor can always help you in case your project needs an extra touch of grace and beauty. Our natural stone distributors carry a defined range of natural stone pebbles and stepping stones that offer seamless splendor to surprise visitors.


CopingsCoping stones are used to cover the masonry edges or corners that require a smooth finish. The Range of Bullnose and eased edge with our Natural stone suppliers are the top trending coping series used to provide a smooth finish to the pool edges or corners of the project.


Other Landscaping SeriesOur natural stone suppliers can always guide you for landscape series. Stairways are a vital part of any outdoor project. The application of natural stone steps and treads brings a unique charm to its overall look. In fact, treads can also be used to fulfill other landscaping purposes like the creation of garden benches, covering a small masonry wall, etc.


The stone which is extracted from the quarries is termed natural stone. It has been used as a durable building material for a long. Natural stone products are also a good source of decorative enhancements. Natural stones include sandstone, limestone, travertine, granite, quartzite, and many more. Each stone differs in the terms of color, composition, texture, and finish. All the range is available with SUI-The Natural wholesalers.

Natural stones are not man-made. These are gifted by mother nature and are composed of rich minerals and calcium carbonate. They truly depict the beauty of nature and spread its essence everywhere.

Natural stone is extracted from the quarries of nature. Natural stone is present under the earth's crust for a long which becomes strong and hard-wearing with time by natural actions.

Natural stones offered by natural stone wholesaler carry features such as durable, long-lasting, hard-wearing, high compressive strength, low bending rate, attractiveness, slip-resistant, environment-friendly, and attractive. Natural Stone Origin and Characteristics

The stone base of the building product lay its foundation. Natural stone comes in sandstone, limestone, travertine, quartzite, basalt, and slate stone base.

Natural stone is giving proof of its durability for a long. The durability of any building material depends upon a few factors such as – high compressive strength, low bending rate, and good flexural strength. Natural stones carry all these features.

Outdoors act as the attention-grabbing point and a true image reflector. Thus, the application of quality natural stone is a suitable option. Yes, natural stone products are an ideal choice for covering outdoor floors and walls due to their high durability, attractiveness, and affordability.

It is easy to clean stone offered by the leading natural stone supplier. lukewarm water, a mild neutral cleaner, and a soft cloth are all you required. Regular dusting and care will maintain its natural beauty. Do not make use of acidic cleaners, bleach, or lemon juice. Buy stone cleaner with neutral pH. Caring and nurturing the natural stones

To choose the best natural stone companies, one should take into account certain factors. Years of operation, product offerings, terms and policies, accessibility, and affordability are the top most points to consider.

Natural Stone offered by a natural stone supplier is an ideal option choice for indoor, outdoor, residential, commercial, and industrial applications. It includes floors, walls, countertops, backyard, front yard, patios, walkways, façade, fireplaces, and garden landscaping.

Natural stone products include pool coping, cobblestones, driveway pavers, slab, steps, pavers, window sill, ledge stone, thin veneer stone, wall cap, column cap, pebbles, porcelain pavers, and much more.