Natural Stone Thin Veneer

Natural Stone Thin VeneerNatural Stone Thin Veneer – If you are in the construction or designing business then we are sure that you are always asking yourself how you can make your project even better. As we change ourselves with the time, in the same way, we have to change our home materials as well to make our home look better. However, Natural Stone Thin Veneer is not a new product in the market. If you are in the stone industry, then you already know about its benefits. If you are not from the stone industry, or construction industry, then there are probably lots of things you don’t know.

What is Natural Stone Thin Veneer?

Natural Stone Thin Veneer is one of the best cladding materials. It is a real cut stone that uses in the applications of the interior as well as exterior designing of the houses and other wall applications. The kitchen and Bathroom both are the most important area of residential construction and this thin veneer looks great on the backsplash when install correctly. Stone Universe Inc is one of the leading Wholesalers of natural stones that offers a wide range of natural stone thin veneer selections.

There are two types of Thin Veneer

Natural Stone Thin Veneer – It is a real stone that has been cut from natural stone quarries. It is available in prefabricated modular sections of approx. 1 square per foot and random pieces which allows more flexibility.

Manufactured Thin Stone Veneer – It is created with lightweight concrete moulds and precast.

Benefits of Natural Stone Thin Veneer

  • Affordable Cost
  • Idle for putting stone on a wooden structure
  • lesser weight
  • It is ideal for facing concrete blocks or for retaining wall construction as well as foundations
  • Low Maintenance

Uses of Stone Thin Veneer –

For Residential Projects – Fireplaces, Chimneys, Pillars, Staircases.

For Commercial Projects – Interior Accent Walls, Exterior Building Facades in Restaurants, Hotels, and other commercial structures.

Find the right material for your project with Stone Universe Inc

Stone Universe Inc is proud to be an industry leader in natural stone products. Our team is eager to work with you on your construction project.  Our Thin Veneer is a perfect addition to your interior as well as exterior features. Whether you are searching for a high-quality natural stone or searching for its product applications, Stone Universe Inc has all the options that will help you to make your project look shine. You can contact us anytime to learn more about us.