The column refers to a tall vertical structure or an upright pillar standing alone, whereas the cap is a head covering material. Collectively, natural stone column cap relates to a square piece of natural quarried stone available in a four-side rock face or snapped or chiseled edges which place on the uppermost part of a column. These are also popular with the name of Pillar Cap, Pier Cap, Post Cap, Column Cover.


Natural stone column caps are used to make a smooth transition for landscape walls serving as finishing touch for pillars, columns, and mailboxes. In general, they are used for decorative purposes to enhance the overall monotonous look of the landscape. Usually, they are larger than the dimensions of the column to allow overhang.

Enhance the age of your masonry pillars and crown them smartly by joining hands with pillar cap supplier!

Instead of the cast stone column cap which showcases a mundane look, choose a natural stone supplier that offers an extensive range of stone cap products. Well, natural stone is the one that drastically increases the beauty of your pillars, columns, and mailboxes.

These are larger than the width of a column as these are going to rest on the top surface and gives the finishing touch to the project by doing top most detailing of the constructed column. It is available in sandstone, limestone and slate stone bases. Limestone column caps featuring high durability are most liked by the designers, contractors and builders.


Give a final touch to your project by crowing it with the Stone Universe stone pillar cap! Along with providing an eye-catching impression on the lookers, this flat stone cap also proves useful in different ways.


Pillar caps enhance the appearance of your regular mailboxes. It adds the finishing touch. The thin veneer application gives it a prominent look.


These are just vertical structures that cannot last long without a protective layer on the top to tolerate climate conditions with an unappealing look, a stone column cap greatly enhances the look of the overall design. The natural stone protector also safeguards your retaining pillars and driveway columns giving it an aesthetic appeal. The limestone column cap in the outdoor area looks amazing.

Available in sizes of 30”x30”,29”x”29”, 26”x26”, 24”x24”, 22"x22" stone column cap, with the combination of natural ledgestone veneer gave a different look to the pillar. Limestone column caps applied on the top of the with natural stone wall caps on the boundary wall is trending in the industry. Driveway columns are the best way for outdoor accent surfaces. For more applications, switch to SUI - the natural stone supplier inspiration gallery.



  1. What is the function of the column cap?

Column cap serves a dual function. It acts as a decorative piece for the outdoor pillars on one hand. Column caps safeguard the free-standing pillars against normal weather damage.


  1. What are column caps made of?

Column caps or pier caps are made from natural stone. These are the square shape pieces generally designed to provide a finishing touch to the outdoor pillars, columns, and mailboxes.


  1. How thick is the column cap?

The thickness of SUI’s column cap varies from 1 ½” to 2”. One can choose the stone thickness as per the requirement. Customization can also be done as per the design demand.


  1. How much should a pillar cap overhang?

The average overhang on either side of the pillar top ranges from ½” to 1". However, the choice is totally yours.


  1. What are the available sizes of stone column caps?

Generally, a stone column cap is available in the dimensions 22”x22”, 24”x24”, 26”x26”, 29”x29”, and 30”x30”. SUI – the leading column cap supplier in the USA also accept customized order as per the requirement.


  1. What is the finish or edging of stone caps?

Stone pie caps show rock face edges from all 4 sides. They are snapped or chiseled to give a defined look.