A window sill is the decorative covering around the window's edge that protects where the window attaches to the wall. Window sills help in draining the water to protect the window from water-based damages. It also holds the window in place while elevating the aesthetic appeal of the place.

The window sills are tapered to facilitate the drainage of water and snow. They are a necessary part of the construction to prevent damages to the underlying wood structure. Window sills help hold a window in place.


Window sills or cover the small area of the construction project but its functionality is essential. The most important function is to keep water and snow from reaching the underlying wood structure.

Moisture expedites the formation of mold and can fester behind the painted walls. Window sills are used at the bottom and top of a window structure to expedite the drain of water. The window sill acts as a brace to reinforce the wall and helps hold the window in place.

A natural stone window sill elevates the look of the design. Interior window sills are also used for decorative purposes. Natural stone is a better alternative compared to the traditional inexpensive wood.

This makes it an ideal building stone for industrial, commercial and residential use. The sill stone protects and assures the longevity of the window structure. The assembly and fitting of the exterior stone sill are simple if carried out by an experienced professional.


Most of the time, people forget the hidden detailing of the house. Side nooks and crannies remain as it is. The same is the case with the sill. People often install stone still behind the window trim. But, they did not pay much attention to their decor. Sill only protects the frame from getting damaged.

But what about the visual interest? For that, one must adopt fascinating decorative ideas. Garnish it with adorable yet attractive ways!! A tiny garden will be a great addition. The fusion of green plants and flora gives an exotic look to the outer part of the window.

Either it’s a kitchen window sill or a room, this decorating idea will suit well. Moreover, some hanging material like wind chains glows on the outer frame. One can also opt for a stylish window trim exterior using hanging plant containers & primitive sill lights. So, develop several window trim ideas using stone sill.

Thus, opting for stone window sills is the best solution for comfortable living and weatherproofing.