Natural Stone Wall Cap

Natural Stone Wall Cap – Stone Capping is one of the ideal finishing touches to your wall, fence or pillar.  Your feature wall will not look the way you want if you didn’t add natural stones to the top of it. Being a top supplier of natural stone products, Stone Universe Inc offers a broad range of stone capping options for walls. Whether you want to match your existing or want to complement your landscape, here you can find your capping stones that can match your needs.

We have a team of experienced and professional Architects, Interior Designers. They will assist you to choose the best capping stone for your design. You can also explore our website to find out more or visit our showroom in San Lorenzo in the United States and even contact us if you have any questions.

Natural Stone Wall CapWhat is Natural Stone Wall Cap?

A natural stone wall cap is a unique masonry item that is specially designed to protect the top service of any kind of wall. The caping is installed to overhang a wall slightly to make a slope for water. Because it prevents the moisture from permeating into the structure and damaging the structure of the wall. In addition, these wall caps can provide an attractive finishing on your interior or exterior walls.

Actually, Natural Stone is a very attractive and durable material. It provides easy to install and low maintenance option compared to other materials. Its wall caps will not fade over time which is a common problem in wood trims and concrete.

Custom Wall Cap Features

Many properties have boundaries and retaining walls that install in decorative areas. Such as patios, outdoor kitchens etc. These wall caps are also referring as capping. When you are looking for natural stone wall cap products then you need to ensure that these are sourced from reputed suppliers. Wall Caping by Stone Universe Inc will change the way you finish your walls. Our Natural stones you can use to create an attractive aesthetic. Here you also get a precast that you can install on different types of walls and landscapes.


  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Maintain
  • High-quality material that doesn’t crack or fade for many years
  • Highly Attractive