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All About Paver Rectangular Pattern

Generally, pavers are the pieces of natural quarried stone available in various shapes, dimensions, and colors. But, regarding the rectangular paver pattern, pavers refer to the square or rectangular stone pieces commonly use for laying a floor.

Although this pattern includes both square and rectangular pavers, still it is known as a rectangular pattern because of its entire structure. When five dimensions, i.e., 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 12”x36”, 24”x24”, 24”x36” lay together on the surface, it depicts the shape of a rectangle.

Because of its five dimensions, it has also become popular with the name five sizes rectangular pattern. This flooring material comes in sandstone and limestone base with unique qualities, mineral composition, physical and chemical properties.

While developing creative flooring ideas for outdoor surfaces, one can opt among various choices in the paver patterns. Moreover, there are a lot of design options from traditional to contemporary which you can create with the help of flooring patterns.

These will work well even in the small space also. This pattern is available in loose sizes as well. So, one can create other patterns also:

Paver Jumbo Pattern:

From the above mentioned five sizes, one can also generate a paver jumbo pattern which consists of 4 dimensions, i.e., 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 24”x24”, 24”x36”.

Paver Random Pattern:

Like the jumbo pattern, laying three sizes (12”x12”, 12”x24”, 24”x24) random pattern will also be a good option.

Tip: Mix and match of paver patterns in different part of projects give it a unique look. Choose paver five size pattern for the patio, four size pattern for backyard or 3 sizes pattern for BBQ flooring.

Benefits of Laying Paver 5 Size Pattern

Among various materials, the choice of best flooring material is crucial. So, it’s vital to study the pros of product that you are going to buy for your project.

It’s worthwhile to say that the products of Stone Universe Inc offer all the benefits that a responsible place owner want for the place. The first and foremost feature that building material should pose is the physical properties.

It refers to any value with measure the strength of the product. When it about natural stone, it offers following physical properties:

  • The high compressive strength which is the proof of stability and hard-wearing nature of the rock.

  • Low bending rate depicts a high level of stiffness.

  • Property of slip-resistant makes the floor stone comfortable to walk.

  • Stone density is utmost important from dealers, builders, and contractors.

Besides, physical features, its visual appearance also play a significant role in the decision making process. What one needs in its landscaping?

The looks and appeal! So, are the natural stone pavers. These impart timeless beauty to your land that will last with you for centuries, and you will surely go to love it. The beautiful color variations and inclusion provide a seamless finish to the entire décor.

Applications of Paver Rectangular Pattern

When it comes the utility part, natural stones are famous for their versatility and immense applicability. One can create various design options by laying rectangular paver pattern on the walkways, patios, backyard/ front yard, garden sidewalks, pool surroundings and other outdoor surface coverings.

  • Walkways:

    A walkway is the passage area, whether in the front portion of the home leading to the main entrance or in the commercial location. Whatever the place may be, paver five size pattern is an ideal landscaping material.
  • Patio:

    While reconstructing or designing a new patio, there are some options available in the flooring patterns with different layout and sizes. The rectangular pattern is one among them that gives a contemporary flair to the patio with the help of natural color tones.
  • Backyard/ Front yard:

    Constructing a beautiful yard on the back or front of the pace is the best way to utilize the vacant space. It’s the place where one can chill with the family and friends in summers and can feel cozy by sitting in front of the fire pit in the winters. Thus, to add an extravagant appeal, this paving pattern on the floor and ledge stone on the fire pit are best suitable.
  • Garden Sidewalks:

    Gardens play a significant role in fascinating the appeal of the entire project. So, decorate it by laying paver pattern on the sidewalks along with fresh and green plants.
  • Pool Surroundings:

    The pool deck is a significant part of its surroundings and covering its floor by installing five size paver pattern give it a seamless finish. Moreover, its heat-resistant feature provides a cooling effect to the feet.

We can say that application of natural stone supplies gives a fusion of old + modern look to the overall project.

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