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Thin Veneer – The Best Cladding Option

Thin veneer is a quarried natural stone cut into smaller pieces with a thickness of 1” (approx). Being a product of wall series and light in weight can adjust on the siding and cladding, suitable where there are weight restrictions, and massive stone cannot accompany your space. It is an ideal decorative material applies to the facade. It is not meant to be load bearing. SUI offers a wide color range of stone veneer. So, Develop wall design ideas with square rectangular, ledge, irregular or dimensional shapes.

Garnish your interior and exterior walls with this protective and decorative covering. Full bed veneer and thin veneer both fall in the category of nature’s stone. But are different from each other on specific factors. The former is quite tricky to install because of its massive weight and 3”-5”  thickness. Whereas, later can fit over brick or other rigid structures.

Manufactured/ faux/ engineered/ intimated veneer may look similar at first instance. But the quality of the natural thin stone veneer is unbeatable. Architects, homeowners, landscapers, constructors, can develop various design ideas using this natural stone. Reduce your cost as well as time by applying the best to your masonry wall. A natural exterior veneer comes in sandstone, limestone, quartzite base.

Advantages of Stone Veneer

Looking to renovate your landscape with a better product for wall cladding? End up your search here! The overwhelming pros like timeless beauty, green attribute, aesthetic appeal attracts people. Besides, frost-resistance, easy to clean, weather-resistant makes it an ideal wall stone.

Besides, frost-resistance, easy to clean, weather-resistant makes it an ideal wall stone. Being durable and real building stone, it lasts for centuries. As a product of nature, it has natural shades and hues. Thin veneer stone installation is simple and easy. 

Thin Veneer Stone - Applications

The look is the primary factor in construction or reframing the home or business place. So, create an eye-catching masterpiece with various uses of thin stone veneer. Ideal for wall cladding, column, pillars, seat walls, fireplace, chimney, facade, step riser. Give a final touch to your outer area with exterior stone veneer flats and corners!

  • Siding and Cladding:

    Natural veneer stone is perfect material for siding and cladding. Stone Veneer siding with wall caps makes your project extraordinary.

  • Fireplace:

    Fireplace with TV mounting area is an emerging trend. Apply the best-suited color from the broadest range of thin veneer to your cozy fireplace.

  • Pillars/ Columns:

    Masonry pillars and columns look incomplete until they decorate. This nature’s stone is ideal for dressing up freestanding pillars and columns.

  • Step riser:

    Stone veneer can also apply to the step risers with treads on the top of the stairs. These are most common for the outdoor staircase. Develop various stone entrance ideas to make your entryway more royal and unique.

  • Kitchen decor:

    Whether it’s an indoor kitchen or BBQ, a thin stone veneer is best suitable for both. Apply on BBQ counters, kitchen backsplash or chimney and develop various landscaping designs.

Want to know the best part? Front facing portray the structure of the place. Thin stone façade is appealing. Application of exterior veneer on the façade is the best way to use it. Contrasting color flagstone on the entryway creates a unique theme on its own.

Why Choose SUI Over Others?

As a wholesale distributor, Stone Universe Inc started its functioning in 1999. During this long journey, we earn a reputation of quality leaders of natural stone in the market. SUI has a team of professionals who visit to the quarries and extract the best quality natural stone. we have an extensive thin veneer color collection that compliments your surroundings. Stone Universe also gives priority to the quality of the product rather than its quantity.

As we import nature’s stone from the different regions of the world, the final product offer to the customers at the competitive prices. Silver Pearl was the highest demanding color of 2017.

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