Column Cap California Gold (West & East)

California gold column cap depicts the fusion of various vibrant tones that accentuate its surface. Gray, reddish pink, soft golden brown, green and mud-brown with occasional hints of blue on the surface gives a seamless appeal. Slate base and four-side rock face make it one of the most trending colors.


Sizes Available in
24″x24″x2″± West, Northwest, East, South, Wisconsin
26″x26″x2″± South, East, Wisconsin
29″x29″x2″± West, Northwest
30″x30″x2″± East, South, Wisconsin


Sizes Pcs. / Box Boxes / Pallet Sq.Ft. / Pallet (Approx.) Pcs / Pallet Weight / Pallet (Approx.) lbs
24″x24″x2″± Loose Loose 80 20 2200
26″x26″x2″± Loose Loose 85 18 2300
29″x29″x2″± Loose Loose 105 18 3000
30″x30″x2″± Loose Loose 113 18 3100


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