Ledge Stone Antique Scabos (West & East)

The fusion of various brown shades like cream, mud brown, cinnamon, beige forms Antique Scabos stacked stone. Non-cement backing and travertine base makes it an ideal choice for immense applications. Travertine being the oldest building material adds the strength of age and prestige to the project by enhancing the grace of overall living space.


Sizes Available in
Panel 6″x24″x¾”± East,  Northwest, West, South, Wisconsin
Corner 6″x18″x6″x¾”± East,  Northwest, West, South, Wisconsin


Sizes Pcs. / Box Boxes / Pallet Sq.Ft. / Pallet (Approx.) Pcs / Pallet Weight / Pallet (Approx.) lbs
Panel 6″x24″x¾”± 6 30 180 180 1650
Corner 6″x18″x6″x¾”± 6 24 144 144 1150